LB Lavonte David Scouting Report

LB Lavonte David-Nebraska

Height: 6’0

Weight: 225 lbs.

Grade: 7.1 H (Grading Scale)

Projection:  Round 2


Is an explosive LB who does a good job playing bigger than his listed size…hits like a Mac truck in the open field…looks extremely fluid and athletic in the open field…does a good job staying with RB’s and TE’s when in coverage…very instinctive, he does an excellent job or reading the play both pre and post snap to figure what’s going to happen, where, and how to attack it…uses his size and speed to his advantage in the open field often beating blockers to the spot and making plays…will slip through tiny holes in the offensive line on his blitz…smart player who understands how to use angles to his advantage…rarely will be caught over pursuing.


His size will hurt him in some teams eyes…he struggles to disengage from blocks…there are questions about his ability to step out and cover TE’s in the slot…limited by his frame from adding much more size…can be knocked off the play by blocks…his footwork is a work in progress at times he can get his feet caught up underneath him…was an effective blitzer in college but his size may limit that ability in the NFL…likely to be stuck working in a Cover 2 43 system only.


David v. Wisconsin

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