Pick A Day: 1. Indianapolis Colts / 2. Washington Redskins

So who will it be for the Colts? Can RGIII over take him in our Pick A Day Mock?

This is a simple game meant to pass the time over the next 30 days as we count down to the NFL Draft. The premise is simple, every day we’ll post a new thread here, host a poll on Twitter, and on other Bills message boards asking you to simply give us who you would draft in the situation presented.

We’ll go pick by pick until draft day starting with the Colts and Redskins. If you’re wondering why we are starting with two teams it’s because both are widely considered to be locks and we are behind on time already.

To vote simply post a name in the comments below, or tweet @BillsDraft.

So who would to take if you were the Colts and Redskins?

1. Indianapolis-QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
2. Washington-QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Vote Totals:

Janoris Jenkins-1
Vontaze Burfict-1

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4 Responses to “Pick A Day: 1. Indianapolis Colts / 2. Washington Redskins”

  1. John says:

    1. Indianapolis: Andrew Luck, Stanford-QB

    2. Washington: Robert Griffin III, Baylor-QB

  2. NEPD says:

    1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

    2. RG3, QB, Baylor

  3. Peter says:

    1. Andrew Luck QB Stanford
    2. Justin Blackmon Wr Oklahoma St.

  4. Brad says:

    1. Indianapolis – Andrew Luck
    2. Washington – Robert Griffin III

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