Pick-A-Day: 5. Tampa Bay Bucs

Blackmon could add the top WR thread that the Bucs seemed to be missing last year

Our first RB is off the board as the Browns took Richardson is our closest vote yet. Richardson was definitely somebody that the Bucs could of been targetting. The question now is where do they turn? Do they go defense and try and rebuild what was once one of the most feared defenses in football, or do they go offense and try and continue to put pieces around their young QB in Josh Freeman?

1. Indianapolis Colts-QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
2. Washington Redskins-QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor
3. Minnesota Vikings-OT Matt Kalil, USC
4. Cleveland Browns-RB Trent Richardson, Alabama
5. Tampa Bay Bucs-ON THE CLOCK

“With the 5th Overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Bucs select…”

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2 Responses to “Pick-A-Day: 5. Tampa Bay Bucs”

  1. John says:

    With the 5th Overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Bucs select… Morris Claiborne, LSU-CB

    • MJP says:

      Claiborne has to be the pick. Not only does he play a position of great need for the Bucs but he’s easily the best overall player available, the Browns probably made a mistake at #4.

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