Pro Day Primer: UGA, UAB, Hawaii, Indiana, McNeese State, & Asuza Pacific

Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones will be two of the prospects on display on Monday

With the Pro Day’s kicking off last week we were able to keep track of the info as it came flying in. This week though things start to get crazy. Starting on Monday there are five pro days alone with lots more to come later in the week. As always we will have the most in depth and up to date information on the internet.

With many of the top teams taking part in the Pro Day process in the coming weeks we wanted to try our best to preview those teams as well as get some of the under heralded prospects some love as well. Here are the teams and the players who will be working out on Monday.

University of Georgia
PK Blair Walsh
P Drew Butler
OG Cordy Glenn
CB Brandon Boykin
OC Ben Jones
TE Orson Charles*
FB Bruce Figgins
TE Aron White
DL DeAngelo Tyson
OT Justin Anderson

The show here will be to see if CB Brandon Boykin is fully recovered from his leg injury to run and test and to finally see Orson Charles lay down a 40 yard dash after opting out at the Combine in Indianapolis. We expect both Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones to sit on the majority of the combine numbers. FB Bruce Figgins will look to show off his receiving skills since he is a former TE and watch for DL DeAngelo Tyson who was a very underrated DE in UGA’s 34 system.

University of Alabama-Birmingham
OT Matt McCants
DT Elliott Henigan
SAF Jamie Bender
CB TJ Ballou

The guy to watch is Matt McCants, he had a very good combine and we expect him to likely stand on the majority of his numbers from Indy. However McCants will likely take every opportunity he can to run positional drills and show scouts why he is a NFL caliber OT. DT Elliott Henigan is a guy who had much better junior tape than senior tape. He’s a first step DT who likes to hit the gaps and get into the backfield. He’ll need to test well to help repair some of the damage done by his 2011 tape. Finally two defensive back sleepers include safety Jamie Bender who was a tackling machine for the Blazers and CB TJ Ballou who is a CB with good size and solid ball skills.

DT Vaughn Meatoga
WR Royce Pollard
QB Bryant Moniz
OLB Aaron Brown
CB Asa Jackson-Cal Poly

Meatoga was Hawaii’s lone combine invite this year and he’s an intriguing prospect because of his size. Not many have seen him because he plays out on the big island. The best tester at the Hawaii Pro Day will either be QB Bryant Moniz or LB Aaron Brown. Brown is an athletic defender who played the ROV position for the Warriors and needs to learn the LB position but could have some value in a Cover 2 scheme. Moniz is a likely position change QB who will need to show off his athletic ability in front of scouts.

As is tradition from years past some FBS schools will allow FCS or lower athletes to work out at their pro days in order to get in front of as many scouts as possible.  Jackson is considered one of the top small school CB’s in this class and should throw down some nice times in Hawaii.

WR Demarlo Belcher
OT Jeff Pagan

Belcher was the long and athletic counter punch to Tandon Doss last year, with Doss gone Belcher’s numbers fell off dramatically. He needs to put together a good Pro Day and show scouts that he’s worth a second look.

McNeese State
DB Janzen Jackson
SAF Darrell Jenkins

Lastly we head down to the FCS level where former UT standout Janzen Jackson is still struggling to get career back on track. Jackson struggled to find consistent playing time on a very good McNeese State defense. He will hopefully look to run again at the Pro Day as he has been said to run in the 4.4’s before. Jenkins is an under the radar in the box SAF who will only benefit from the extra scouts Janzen Jackson will bring to the Pro Day.

Asuza Pacific

QB John van den Raadt

Some of you may be looking at this post and asking who this guy is and we didn’t just list him because he has a four part name. Instead we listed him because he has a Pro Day and he calls himself the Tim Tebow of the NAIA. Van den Raadt has thrown for over 6,500 yards and run for 2,600 in his career at Asuza Pacific and will look to impress scouts on Monday with his skill set. Many of us don’t get to see NAIA football but there have been more than a couple of players to come out of that level.

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