2012 UDFA Preview

Chase Ford would be an optimal TE target during the UDFA period Photo: US Presswire

As the Day 3 of the draft ends we head into the UDFA period which we call Day 4. This may be one of the craziest times for draft analysts and agents because everything is going at the same time. Teams are scrambling to grab the best players to fit their teams, and agents are scrambling to find teams for their players.

We know that after taking nine players in the NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills are sitting at a roster count of 79. The limit for training camp rosters this year is 90, so that leaves the Bills with 11 open slots which they can fill with UDFA. They can of course take more they’ll just have to be down to 90 by the time they enter camp.

Below are a few names at each position that we would target if we were in charge, and we’ll be tracking all the UDFA signings here, and all the Bills signings here;


QB Alex Tanney-Monmouth

Tanney is a guy we’ve been high on for years out of the Division III ranks. He has good size, athleticism, and played in a very unique super speed spread offense. That should allow him to come in and understand our offense very quickly.

QB Dane Simoneau-Washburn

Simoneau is another small school guy, this time out of Division II. Simoneau is a big armed athletic QB who knows how to buy time in the pocket and is a composed leader on the field.

QB David LeGree-Hampton

LeGree is actually a Syracuse transfer, he is built very much in the mold of Cam Newton coming in at 6’4, 249 lbs. He is as fast as Cam but he can move and he has a rocket arm. He suffered a shoulder injury late in the season so that will have to be checked out.

Running Back:

Darrell Scott-South Florida

Scott was a top level recruit coming out of HS but struggled to fit in at Colorado and made his way down to South Florida. He’s a strong back, who has great balance when he runs, and decent vision. He could become a good rotational back in time.

Jonas Gray-Notre Dame

Gray was really coming into his at Notre Dame before he tore his knee up.  If he is fully healthy he’s a big back with some speed, and wiggle. He can make you miss, or just run over you. He’s an ideal feature back with time.

Brandon Bolden-Ole Miss

Bolden struggled with injuries his entire senior year or else he would of gotten drafted. Bolden has that ideal size speed combination and does a good job of getting out of the backfield and catching the ball.

Wide Receiver:

Rico Wallace-Shenandoah

Big Division III target who tracks the ball very well down the field and knows how to go up and get it. Wallace attacks the ball at its highest point and isn’t afraid to battle with physical CB’s to go up and get it.

Aldarius Johnson-Miami

Now Johnson hasn’t played football in a year because of the Miami mess, but he was really starting to come into his own in 2010 and had high hopes for 2011. There is some character concern but Johnson is a huge target down the field.

Chris Summers-Liberty

One of the most dominant WR’s in the FCS the past couple of years, Summers has great size, decent speed, and terrific athletic ability. He’ll need to clean up his routes but you can’t beat his size and production.

Justin Siller-Purdue

Siller is actually a converted QB who is still learning the WR position. He runs very well and has lots of athletic ability. He’s still quite raw when it comes to running routes but if a team can put the time in on him, it could pay off big time.

Alex Tonukara-Brown

The Bills saw Tounkara at the Brown Pro Day, and we saw him live at the BSN Collegiate Showcase. He’s a smart and intelligent WR who uses his size extremely well and has massive hands.

Tight End:

Chase Ford-Miami

The former basketball player turned football player, Chase Ford had a very good showing at the East-West Shrine Game. He is extremely athletic and knows how to work the seam route to burn the defense. He could turn into another Jimmy Graham.

Derek Carrier-Beloit

Carrier is a former WR turned TE who is amongst the most athletic prospects in this draft. He has exceptional speed and leaping ability for the position but will need to add strength and weight in order to see much playing time.

Kyle Fiedorowicz-North Central

Back to Division III again with a TE prospect who is as tall as his last name is long. Fiedorowicz is 6’7 and around 250 lbs. He uses his size very well in the red zone and is an ideal threat for the fade pass to the back corner.

Offensive Tackle:

Mike Ryan-UConn

A power tackle who is best suited for the right side. Ryan knows how to move the man in front of him but needs some coaching on his technique so he can get better at dealing with speed rushers off the edge.

Elvis Fisher-Missouri

Was injured for all of 2011 but really came on in 2010 at LT for the Tigers. Light on his feet and does a good job mirroring rushers. The injury will have to check out but if it does, this could be a sleeper grab.

Tyler Hendrickson-Concordia St. Paul

Big, tall classic LT with long arms, Hendrickson is an interesting prospect because if he gets his hands on you and locks out its all over. He’s a little stiff, and plays too upright, but with some coaching that could be corrected.

Offensive Guard:

Wayne Tribue-Temple

We actually like Tribue more than linemate Dennis who is often rated higher. Tribue is very athletic and could be an asset pulling on outside running plays. Also very strong, and knows how to finish his blocks.

Austin Pasztor-Virginia

Big OG prospect who has very good technique but limited athleticism. There is some concern with where he’ll play because he is considered one of the top prospects for next week’s CFL draft.

Tyler Butzler-Wisconsin-Stout

A more developed prospect than you usually see coming out of Division III. Has a nice base technically speaking and solid footwork, the catch is that he must get stronger and bigger.

Offensive Center:

Garth Gerhart-Oklahoma State

Gerhart is a good OC prospect who has a nice snap out of the shotgun formation and does a good job getting out of his stance and ready to block.

Blake McJunkin-SMU

Ok this one may have just been because I love the name.

Defensive End:

Donta Paige-Moss-UNC

You’ll have to get over the character issues of course, but in 2010 Paige-Moss looked like a player who was about to come into his own.  He was a projected 1st Round pick in the preseason and has a ton of talent.

Josue Ortiz-Harvard

Ortiz is a DT/DE combo player who should fit our scheme perfectly. Has a very good first step and knows how to get into the B gap and blow it wide open.

Adrian Hamilton-Prairie View A&M

Led the entire country in sacks last year, and is an absolutely terror off the edge. Can rush from a two point or three point stance and shows plenty of burst and explosion.

Defensive Tackle:

Marcus Fortson-Miami

There is some serious injury issues here, but if he checks out healthy he’s a Top 3 Round talent. Fortson has displayed both speed and power in time at Miami.

DaJohn Harris-USC

Harris is a classic 43 DT who has a good first step and finally put it all together during his senior season. He does a good job getting into the gap and blowing it wide open but can he become more consistent?

Renard Williams-Eastern Washington

Coming into 2011 it was thought Williams would challenge to be the top Small School guy drafted in this draft, but has a very sub-par senior year. If he can get motivated, he could be a gem.

Outside Linebacker:

Nick Webb-Weber State

An uber athletic OLB who has sideline to sideline range and knows how to tackle. Not quite the same caliber of coverage LB’s we drafted but more of a downhill attacking LB who can blitz.

Dexter Heyman-Louisville

Heyman had a fantastic week at the Casino Del Sol game, and the Bills particularly took an interest in him. The Bills also watched Heyman a number of times this season.

Nigel Carr-Alabama State

Former FSU Seminole who got into a good bit of trouble and transferred down to Alabama State. Hasn’t played a ton of football in the past two years but he was a beast in the ACC.

Inside Linebacker:

Brandon Harvey-Delaware State

Elite level instincts, good athletic ability, and a knack for finding the football. Harvey was by far the best player on Delaware State the past few years.

Kadarron Anderson-Furman

A strong tackling MLB prospect who has above average athleticism, and a high Football IQ. Sees the play as it develops and reacts quickly.

Adrien Cole-Louisiana Tech

An athletic LB prospect who could play inside or outside, but we project him inside. Runs very well, and has some coverage ability.


Ryan Steed-Furman

Shocked he didn’t get drafted, Steed could become a stud CB for us. He was the only CB to ever lock down Brian Quick in a game during their careers.

Micah Pellerin-Hampton

Like his Hampton teammate, David Legree, Pellerin was a transfer down from the FBS. Pellerin came down from Southern Miss and may have the smoothest hips of any CB in this entire draft.

Jeremy Jones-Wayne State

Jones is a CB/SAF tweener who was an elite level defender at the Division II level. Has great instincts and utilizes them to get a good break on the ball. Not the best tackler, but he will give plenty of effort.

Buddy Jackson-Pittburgh

Didn’t start much at Pitt, but saw a lot of time out of the nickel and kept it on lock. Absolutely destroyed his Pro Day and has a very high ceiling for a team who can take a shot.


Janzen Jackson-McNeese State

Former Tennessee star Janzen Jackson’s career has been in a tailspin since his Sophomore year. Jackson has good size, speed, and athleticism but hasn’t really had a chance to develop too much over the last couple of years.

Matt Daniels-Duke

Daniels is one of the most secure safety valves in this draft. Daniels is a very good tackling safety who is underrated as an athlete.

Steve Peyton-Brown

The Bills saw Peyton the same time they saw Tounkara, Peyton is a SAF who loves to throw his body around. He is a big hitter in the middle who also has some ball skills.

3 Responses to “2012 UDFA Preview”

  1. Frank Rojek says:

    Great analysis. You make it appear that we should sign them all, which, of course, we can’t do.

  2. james b. says:

    anything on chris hart, qb from Webber international university with the cannon arm?????

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