DE Jack Crawford Scouting Report

DE Jack Crawford-Penn State

Height: 6047

Weight: 275 lbs.

Grade: 5.9 (Grading Scale)


Crawford is an athletic defensive end prospect who hails from the United Kingdom…he has had limited time playing organized football and is seen as a prospect who could potentially have a very high ceiling…He has ideal size with a good base and long arms…he does a good job getting his arms extended into the offensive lineman when trying to disengage…His most effective pass rush move is his club move, where he displays good strength and power as he tosses the OT with his club and is able to get away from the block and get to the QB.


While we spoke about Crawford’s high ceiling potentially in his strengths, he still has a long way to go in terms of fully developing as a DE…he lacks much of a pass rush repertoire, depending instead on his strength and natural athletic ability…He tends to get way too high coming out of his stance often giving the OT an easy target to hit with their punch…Crawford at times will play too fast and get close to being out of control, this causes him to lose his balance and easily get pushed to the ground, this especially occurs on his speed rush…We were not impressed by Crawford’s flexibility on tape, we thought he took too long to turn the corner on the OT, and could be too often be run out of the play…Looked more natural coming out of the two point stance, but lacks the flexibility and explosion to play the position.


Crawford v. Iowa

Crawford v. Alabama

Crawford v. Houston-Ticket City Bowl

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