Offensive Positional Rankings Updated

Where we have Bobby Massie in our new OT rankings will surprise you. Photo: US Presswire

This will be our 2nd to last update to our rankings, but it will be the last increase. We still will be breaking out some small school rankings and a couple of big boards, but for the most part what you’re about to look at will be it. The final update will be on April 23rd the Monday of the week of the draft. So without further ado we present to you, 405 ranked players by position.

Tomorrow we will be releasing our updated defensive positional rankings, Wednesday will bring a Top 750 Big Board, and Thursday will bring a new Small School Top 100, and Small School Positional Rankings! Check back again later this week!

NOTE: We scout and rank based on projection, not prediction. Our rankings are based on what prospects we feel either will have or already have the best NFL skill set. We grade our rankings five years later not based on where a player gets picked at the end of this month.

To view each set of rankings simply click on the header of each set of notes.

Quarterback Rankings:

Top Ranked QB: Andrew Luck, Stanford

Favorite Mid-Round QB: Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

Favorite Small School QB: Alex Tanney, Monmouth

No surprise at the top of the QB rankings as it goes Luck, and Griffin make up the clear top tier, behind them is a cluster of five to six QB’s that include Tannehill, Weeden, Cousins, Coleman, Osweiler, and Wilson. If we had to choose one of those guys who we think will have that most success we’ll go with Coleman, but we think Osweiler has possible the high ceiling. We find 15 QB’s in this draft to be draftable.

Our top small school QB behind BJ Coleman is Alex Tanney from Division III Monmouth, he is followed closely by Aaron Corp, Patrick Witt, and David Legree. All in all we rank 12 small school QB’s in our Top 40 QB rankings. They range from FCS to NAIA.

Running Back Rankings:

Top Ranked RB: Trent Richardson, Alabama

Favorite Mid-Round RB: Terrance Ganaway, Baylor

Small School Favorite: Nic Cooper, Winston-Salem State

-Not much has changed in terms the top of our RB rankings. We still rank Polk above Martin for the time being which we know many disagree with.

-We only see two first round RB’s in Lamar Miller and Trent Richardson.

-We do think this class will be one of the thinnest in terms of RB drafted overall. While we grade  24 backs as draftable we expect far less to be drafted.

-Some great talent in the 20’s with RB’s like Michael Smith (Utah St), Jason Ford (Illinois), Jewell Hampton (S. Illinois), Bryce Brown (Kansas St), and Nic Cooper (Winston-Salem St)

-If RB’s like Bryce Brown, Michael Smith, Jewell Hampton, or Jonas Gray are ever able to put it all together they will be the steal of this draft class.

Fullback Rankings:

Top Ranked FB: Chad Diehl, Clemson

Favorite Late-Round FB: Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin

-Not much changes in our FB rankings

-We did move Jermaine Robertson into the top 10 and believe he could be a good FA pickup the day after the draft.

-Rashaad Slowley is a power based back who has a good frame at 6’0 but needs to add plenty of muscle to make the transition. He’s a long term developmental back who reminds us of Greg Jones.

Wide Receiver Rankings:

Top Ranked WR: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

Favorite Mid-Round WR: Tommy Streeter, Miami

Favorite Small School WR: Dale Moss, South Dakota State

-We did end up moving Floyd over Blackmon on this update and we’ve been over hours of their film now so we don’t see it changing. The main reason we made the move is because we believe Floyd can take over a game with his size and speed, while we never see Blackmon as more than a good  #1 or great #2.

-Dwight Jones must do something quickly to try and repair his stock, I’m just not sure he has the time in which to do it.

-We refuse to put Stephen Hill (GT) in the top 15 like many other analysts are doing. His film doesn’t lie and it tells you he’s not close to a first round pick and he’s not even where Bebe Thomas was two years ago when he came out.

-Ryan Broyles may be ranked 18th but he’s a top 4-5 WR in this class when fully healthy. That may cause him to go higher than expected despite the injury.

-It seems everybody is talking about him now but allow us to throw our hat into the we love Devon Wylie camp. He is by far the smoothest route runner of any in this class.

-While speaking about ideal slot guys, watch out for T.Y. Hilton in Day 3. He has explosive ability and if he can just add some weight and take care of the durability concerns he could become everything the Bills hopes Roscoe Parrish would become.

-Greg Childs finally looks to be back in form and we are worried we have him too low at 26.

-The name in our top 30 you probably don’t know but need to, Rico Wallace. He’s from D3 Shenandoah and he has big time potential. He may go undrafted but we expect his FA activity to be very high.

-Lots of great FA talent in this deep WR class. We really feel good about how deep this class is and its loaded with small school talent late.

-A super sleeper to watch who won’t get drafted but is one to watch Charles Gilbert from Division II Southwest Baptist.

Tight End Rankings:

Top Ranked TE: Dwayne Allen, Clemson

Favorite Mid-Round TE: Chase Ford, Miami

Favorite Small School TE: Kyle Fiedorowicz, North Central

-We continue to move Orson Charles down and it’s not because we don’t like him we just worry about him having limited upside.

-We are not as high on TE’s Evan Rodriguez (Temple), Matt Veldman (North Dakota State), or Emil Igezawu (UMass) as others. We feel guys like Kyle Fiedorowicz (North Central), Derek Carrier (Beloit), and Adrian Robinson (Cincy) all offer more upside and versatility.

-There are a couple of position changers to watch in this class as guys like SMU’s Taylor Thompson will move from DE to TE, and Mississippi State’s Chris Relf moves from QB to TE.

-A super sleeper to watch is TE Juan Redmon of Mid-American Nazzarene. He didn’t run as well as he wanted as his pro day (4.84) but he’s a dominant athlete with better playing speed than timed speed and has better numbers than almost every other TE in this class.

Offensive Tackle Rankings:

Top Ranked OT: Matt Kalil, USC

Favorite Mid-Round OT: James Carmon, Mississippi State

Favorite Small School OT: Tyler Hendrickson, Concordia St. Paul

-Alright so everybody seems to agree that its Kalil at one but after that nobody can agree on if any of the next consensus three (Adams, Reiff, and Martin) are even OT prospects let alone whose #2. Let us clear it up for you, none of them are LT prospects and none of them are #2. That spot belongs to Bobby Massie from Ole Miss and we’ll get into that more in a second.

-Tom Compton, just remember that name, he’ll go much earlier than you would think.

-The gloves are off, we honestly sat on our OT rankings for a while and put out more standard ones because we wanted to wait and see if anybody else saw the class the way we did, nobody has and that makes us very happy.

-We’ve given first round grades to only three OT’s with Martin, Compoton, and Adams all getting 2nd Round grades from us. We think the OT value is there in Round 2 and 3 for a team like Buffalo who needs an OT but may not want to get caught reaching at 10.

-After 17th for us the quality in this class becomes scarce and you’re going to have a lot of teams taking players for depth that may struggle to make rosters. This is not a good OT class overall.

-The one player we can’t seem to gauge right now is Donald Stephenson, his stock is everywhere from the people we have spoken to.

-Alright back to Massie, we know what many of you are thinking, and besides “who?” the obvious question is how or why? We went back and reviewed Massie three more times in the past month and were blown away by his ability despite being at RT. His combine was the most impressive for an OT not named Kalil and his tape is much better than we initially graded it. Our friends over at DraftBreakdown have a great video on Massie v. LSU’s Barkevious Mingo. Watch below as Massie locks Bingo out with his long arms, beats Mingo off the line and to the spot. Mingo at times does get under him and drive him back but he recovered before the pocket was completely collapsed. Massie is our #2 OT without question.

Offensive Guard Rankings:

Top Ranked OG: David DeCastro, Stanford

Favorite Mid-Round OG: Brandon Washington, Miami

Favorite Small School OG: Chuck Burton, Montana

-If you were wondering where Cordy Glenn was when you looked at OT’s, he was always right here at OG where he belongs. We don’t see Glenn as an OT in the NFL, he has elite level OG skills.

-We kicked Silatolu to #3 because we think what he lacks in polish he more than makes up for in brute strength and nastiness.

-Washington, and Brooks could become good starting OG’s in a short period of time as 3rd or 4th round picks.

-Not a ton of depth to this OG class but watch the duo from SMU in Josh LeRibeus and Kelvin Beachum. LeRibeus has good strength and technical ability while Beachum is a converted LT who can move and has good footwork.

Offensive Center Rankings:

Top Ranked OC: Peter Konz, Wisconsin

Favorite Mid-Round OC: Quenton Saulsberry, Mississippi State

Favorite Small School OC: Jason Slowey, Western Oregon

-Not much to this OC class, outside of the top four we don’t grade any others as draftable.

-Some nice FA targets in Petrus, Garner, Cloy, and Slowey.


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5 Responses to “Offensive Positional Rankings Updated”

  1. NFL Eye says:

    Not as high on TE/H-Back Rodriguez? You’ll be eating those words in a year. And you might want to alert NE, who has his highlights on their official website’s prospect page.

    • Matt Elder says:

      I hope so, we root for every prospect. We wont do a re-eval for five years so we shall see. In terms of a pure TE prospect we like others more.

  2. MaoSayTongue says:

    How can you ignore the fact that Michael Floyd is a DRUNK. He is not just a kid who has made a few mistakes with alcohol; he is a snotslinging blackout drunk who has no intention of ever not drinking.

    He may have a good two or three years, but he will end up in jail. Any self-aware drunk (like me) who has seen Floyd’s interviews can see what is really going on inside the guy. Hopefully, the Bills have at least one self-aware drunk on thier scouting staff to spot this kind of stuff.

  3. Great call on Tyler Hendrickson.
    He’s been training at my gym since January. He is definitely ready to go.
    Another small school OG to look at is Tyler Butzler from UW-Stout. (Hendrickson’s training partner)
    At Wisconsins Pro Day Butzler posted the following numbers;
    6’4 315
    5.10 40YD
    8’6″ BJ
    4.44 Pro Agility
    7.4 3-Cone
    32 reps at 225lbs (will hit over 40 tomorrow in training, I’ll send you the video if you would like)

  4. donovan says:


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