OPEN THREAD: NFL Draft 1st Round

In just a few hours the NFL Draft will kick off the 2012 NFL Draft and the Colts will shortly there after take QB Andrew Luck, followed by the Redskins takes QB Robert Griffin, and then we have no idea what will happen.

What happens next though will define the rest of the draft and specifically define what happens for the Bills at the 10th overall pick? With all the rumors floating around could they move up, move down, or stand pat? Are they really looking at Mark Barron or are they trying to compel another team to move up?

What do you think our divisional rivals will do? We’ll be here all night long talking about the Bills and the draft and we want to hear from you. We want to know;

-How do you think we SHOULD pick and who do you think we WILL pick?

-What position do you think is the highest priority?

-Who is your favorite and least favorite first round prospects?

-Will the Bills make a trade?

-Who and what will be the first shocking draft pick?

Buckle up ladies and gents, its going to be one long and fun night!

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One Response to “OPEN THREAD: NFL Draft 1st Round”

  1. Tim N says:

    First, you guys have been doing a fantastic job bringing us information about the Bills scouting and draft preparations. Thank you.

    Regarding the Bills draft. While 95% of the message boards focus on the 1st round pick, I am looking forward to all 10 picks the Bills have this year. Hopefully we find 2 or 3 gems.

    First round pick? I would prefer to trade down. The whole get more picks theory. Just not likely. @ 10 I would be okay with Stephon Gilmore, Mark Barron, Fletcher Cox, and Ryan Tannehill. A trade up to 5 or 6 for Matt Kalil would be a nice option.

    No WR. No Riley Reiff. I don’t want a LB.

    Go Bills

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