Pick-A-Day: 7. Jacksonville Jaguars

While there was no doubt that the Jags were probably hoping Justin Blackmon would fall to them, he instead goes to St. Louis at pick number six. That leaves Jacksonville in an interesting scenario where they have a number of holes to fill and a number of potential options to take. Will they try and fix their line? Add some defensive depth? Or add some playmakers on the outside?

1. Indianapolis Colts-QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
2. Washington Redskins-QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor
3. Minnesota Vikings-OT Matt Kalil, USC
4. Cleveland Browns-RB Trent Richardson, Alabama
5. Tampa Bay Bucs-CB Mo Claiborne, LSU
6. St. Louis Rams-WR Justin Blacmon, Oklahoma State
7. Jacksonville Jaguars-ON THE CLOCK

“With the 7th Overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…”

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One Response to “Pick-A-Day: 7. Jacksonville Jaguars”

  1. Pat Wright says:

    Courtney Upshaw for the love of God!

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