QB Ryan Tannehill Visiting

Tannehill will be the 4th QB to visit the Bills

If there is anyone out there still questioning the Bills interest in having another QB option, let these offseason visits serve as a lesson to you. The Bills are dead serious about figuring this QB thing out finally. The Bills will host yet another QB next week in QB Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M.

No prospect may be more hotly debated than Tannehill who it has been argued is either a top 10 pick or a 2nd Rounder depending on who you talk to. He has good size, a strong arm, and solid fundamentals. He is a very athletic QB and was a former WR in college before taking over for Jerrod Johnson last season.

Tannehill does come with plenty of his own questions though specifically related to his ability to read complex defenses and his 2nd half performances in a number of games. His film is inconsistent and because of that we rated Tannehill as the #34 overall prospect in this draft. We do think he’ll go in Round 1, but that will be a product more of his position being so valuable than because of his current talent set.

So the question becomes what does this all mean? Does it mean the Bills are going QB at 10? Well we wouldn’t quite go that far yet. The Bills have looked at the following QB’s at either pro days or visits this offseason; Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Weeden, Cousins, Coleman, Osweiler, Wilson, and Lindley. Those QB’s range anywhere from the 1st overall pick to somewhere early on Day 3. For the most part the Bills appear to be simply doing their job and scouting the QB class.

Now we do think they will take a QB and we don’t think it will be in Round 1. Will it be a guy like Weeden or Osweiler in Round 2? Maybe Cousins or Wilson in Round 3? Or will it be Coleman, or Lindley in Round 4 or 5? Who knows but we feel pretty comfortable saying the Bills are going to take one at this point.

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