Rounds 2 & 3 Grades

If you missed Round 1 you can check it out here, we are breaking down every pick on Day 1 and 2 and grading it based on our board and our rankings. Here are the Day 2 Grades!

33. St. Louis Rams – Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State, Pos: 7, BB: 41, Grade: B

Quick may be a bit of reach at this point but he has tremendous upside and could become a top flight WR in just a few years.

34. Indianapolis Colts – Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford, Pos: 2, BB: 39, Grade: A

You take your QB in Round 1 so why not take his favorite target in the 2nd? Good value and fits a big need.

35. Baltimore Ravens – Courtney Upshaw, ILB, Alabama, Pos: 1, BB: 12 Grade: A+

Finally we see Upshaw goes here and it’s a great fit! Upshaw is great value to GM Ozzie Smith and no team is a better fit for what Upshaw does than the Ravens.

36. Denver Broncos – Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati, Pos: 29, BB: 296, Grade: F

Really don’t like this pick, you have Devon Still, Jerel Worthy, and many many other DT’s still on the board and you go for the rather unathletic Wolfe? Worst pick of the draft thus far. Inconsistent technique and has some weight concerns.

37. Cleveland Browns – Mitchell Schwartz, OT, California, Pos: 12, BB: 107, Grade: C-

Another reach here by Cleveland who passes on RT prospect Bobby Massie for Schwartz who had a good offseason but his film is just meh. He’s limited athletically but when able to get his hands on the defender he usually finishes the block.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars – Andre Branch, DE, Clemson, Pos: 3, BB: 25, Grade: A

I like this pick for the Jags who need to continue to add pass rushers to their defense. Branch will remind some of Derrick Harvey but he is a more accomplished and complete player.

39. St. Louis Rams – Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama, Pos: 3, BB: 24, Grade: A

I love this pick and the value Janoris Jenkins brings to St. Louis. Yes there is some risk with his drug issues but when he can stay on the field he may be the best pure cover guy in this draft.

40. Carolina Panthers – Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State, Pos: 2, BB: 29, Grade: A

I love Amini Silatolu, he is prototypical nasty interior OL who has great strength, athleticism, and feet. Silatolu is the kind of OL who will try and pick you up off your feet and literally slam you down into the turf.

41. Buffalo Bills – Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia, Pos: 2, BB: 16, Grade: A+

The Bills may have gotten the steal of Round 2 as they grab the versatile OL from UGA. Glenn was a highly heralded OT and OG while at UGA and the Bills think he can be a LT for them.

42. Miami Dolphins – Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford, Pos: 4, BB: 32, Grade: A

The Dolphins go right behind Buffalo and take the other falling OT in Jonathan Martin. Martin will probably step in to the RT spot and be an athletic OT who can help move the pocket and work with a mobile QB in Ryan Tannehill.

43. New York Jets – Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech, Pos: 16, BB: 110, Grade: D

The Jets traded up to grab Hill who we are not high on. Yes Hill has great size and speed but he only runs one route and has extremely inconsistent hands. This pick was a full round too early especially with Reuben Randle on the board.

44. Kansas City Chiefs – Jeff Allen, OG, Illinois, Pos: 10, BB: 94, Grade: C-

Kansas City takes Jeff Allen who we like as a RT but was announced as an OG. He’s strong at the point of attack and does a good job sitting in his stance and anchoring.

45. Chicago Bears – Alshon Jeffrey, WR, South Carolina, Pos: 7, BB: 48, Grade: B

Alshon Jeffrey has taken a lot of flack from people who say he can’t separate or play football but they are all wrong. Jeffrey, when motivated, is only a tick below AJ Green and has tremendous potential.

46. Philadelphia Eagles – Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California, Pos: 7, BB: 124, Grade: C-

The Eagles take a LB here who we aren’t that high on. He’s another one of those later rising prospects whose film doesn’t match the hype. He’s a solid MLB prospect but its just too early.

47. Seattle Seahawks – Bobby Wagner, OLB, Utah State, Pos: 8, BB: 92, Grade: C

Now this is a LB we like a lot more and we think we probably have him too low. Wagner has very good instincts and is really athletic. Went under the radar playing at Utah State but this kid can make plays.

48. New England Patriots – Tavon Wilson, SAF, Illinois, Pos: 31, BB: 452, Grade: F

Wow…we trust Bill Belichek but wow. Wilson has some range, decent athleticism but he doesn’t have great ball skills, isn’t a great tackler, and can be looked off routes by the QB rather easily.

49. San Diego Chargers – Kendall Reyes, DT, Uconn, Pos: 15, BB: 147, Grade: C

The Chargers tried this last year when this took Corey Liuget and kicked him outside. They are hoping it works out better with Reyes this year. Reyes tape is a bit inconsistent in terms of his ability to control the middle but at the very least he should be able to set the edge.

50. St. Louis Rams – Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati, Pos: 6, BB: 71, Grade: B

The Pead pick here is interesting because he may be the best fit in terms of what they needed to compliment Stephen Jackson. Pead’s quickness and athleticism should help add some versatility to the Rams offense.

51. Green Bay Packers – Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State, Pos: 6, BB: 57, Grade: B+

While we didn’t really consider Worthy a good 34 fit initially we do like him in Green Bay as they will probably move him around a good bit to line him up at multiple positions.

52. Tennessee Titans – Zach Brown, OLB, UNC, Pos: 1, BB: 13, Grade: A+

This was the highest rated player remaining on our board. We love Zach Brown and his play making ability. He is the most athletic LB in this class and is a really good coverage LB.

53 Cincinnati Bengals – Devon Still, DT, Penn State, Pos: 3, BB: 18, Grade: A+

The Bengals get great value here in Devon Still who should fit in nicely next to Geno Atkins.

54. Detroit Lions – Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, Pos: 18, BB: 118, Grade: C

The Lions reach a little here to take Ryan Broyles who is graded lower due to injury. If he’s 100% healthy he’ll become a very dangerous #3 WR in this league.

55. Atlanta Falcons – Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin, Pos: 1, BB: 26, Grade: A+

The Falcons selected the top OC in this draft with their first pick. Konz will probably kick over to OG to start but may be the eventual replacement for Todd McClure

56. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State, Pos: 6, BB: 42, Grade: A

The Steelers have shown that smoking a little weed won’t stop them from taking you. They combine Adams with DeCastro and have almost completely rebuilt their OL.

57. Denver Broncos – Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State, Pos: 7, BB: 94, Grade: C+

The Broncos get their QB of the future in Brock Osweiler here who is going to a fantastic situation in Denver where he can sit, learn and refine his mechanics. He can do all of that while learning from one of the best QB’s to ever play the position.

58. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Lavonte Davis, OLB, Nebraska, Pos: 4, BB: 68, Grade: B

The Bucs take Lavonte David who is a perfect Tampa 2 OLB. He flies to the ball like a missile, he can blitz, he can cover, and he can play the run.

59. Philadelphia Eagles – Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall, Pos: 6, BB: 55, Grade: B+

The Eagles add another pass rushing DE to their wide 9 scheme in Vinny Curry who absolutely dominated the C-USA during his career.

60. Baltimore Ravens – Kelechi Osemele, OT, Iowa State, Pos: 9, BB: 91, Grade: C-

The massive OT prospect may kick inside for Baltimore to replace Ben Grubbs. He has long arms, a thick frame and can really move for a big man.

61. San Francisco 49ers – LaMichael James, RB, Oregon, Pos: 11, BB: 158, Grade: D

The 49ers continue to add speed to their offense in James but the question if where does he play? The 49ers have Gore and Hunter already.

62. Green Bay Packers – Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt, Pos: 5, BB: 27, Grade: A

The Pack move up and get a great CB in Casey Hayward who we like a lot. He’s got great ball skills and loose hips.

63. New York Giants – Rueben Randle, WR, LSU, Pos: 4, BB: 28, Grade: A

Randle was the lone remaining player in the green room and he goes to close out Round 2. Great potential outside WR with good hands and athleticism.

Round 3

64. Indianapolis Colts – Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson, Pos: 1, BB: 37, Grade: A

Value wise this is a great pick but two TE’s back to back?

65. St. Louis Rams – Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana, Pos: 11, BB: 72, Grade: B

Johnson may end up being a SAF in the NFL because his hips are a little stiff. Great range and cover ability though.

66. Minnesota Vikings – Josh Robinson, CB, UCF, Pos: 6, BB: 46, Grade: B+

Robinson is a play making CB who we graded higher than many others. Attacks the ball in the air and knows how to come down with it.

67. Denver Broncos – Ronnie Hillman, RB, San Diego State, Pos: 16, BB: 216, Grade: D-

Hillman killed the combine with a great 40 time to go along with a highly successful career at San Diego State.

68. Houston Texans – Devier Posey, WR, Ohio State, Pos: 23, BB: 189, Grade: D

The Texans may have reached a little here going for Posey over talents like Sanu, Wright, and a number of other WR options.

69. Buffalo Bills – TJ Graham, WR, NC State, Pos: 57, BB: 469, Grade: F

The Bills then go a step further and take Graham who we thought would probably go undrafted. He does have sub 4.4 speed and dynamic return ability.

70. Jacksonville Jaguars – Bryan Anger, P, Iowa, Pos: 2, BB: 275, Grade: F

The Jags took a punter in Round 3 and not even the best punter in this draft.

71. Washington Redskins – Josh LeRibeus, OG, SMU, Pos: 33, BB: 556, Grade: F

Lots of more complete and more talented OG’s on the board still. We saw LeRibeus as late round pick at best.

72. Miami Dolphins – Olivier Vernon, DE, Miami, Pos: 13, BB: 145, Grade: C-

Really like this pick from the Dolphins as they grab a very good potential pass rusher who only needs to put it all together.

73. San Diego Chargers – Brandon Taylor, SAF, LSU, Pos: 16, BB: 254, Grade: D

We never really saw the love affair with Brandon Taylor that some have. He’s a solid tackling SAF who has decent athleticism but isn’t very aggressive in going after the ball.

74. Kansas City Chiefs – Donald Stephenson, OT, Oklahoma, Pos: 14, BB: 138, Grade: D

Stephenson is a guy we liked a lot in the preseason but never really saw him dominate on tape. He did do well in workouts.

75. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin, Pos: 8, BB: 105, Grade: C-

The Seahawks take maybe the perfect backup to Matt Flynn in Russell Wilson who should come in and push Flynn immediately as well as showing great leadership and skills.

76. Houston Texans – Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (OH), Pos: 7, BB: 80, Grade: B

Brandon Brooks is a guy who has really been rising since late in the season. He’s big, strong, and moves really well.

77. New York Jets – Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas St, Pos: 19. BB: 244, Grade: D-

The Jets continue to add to their defense with this pick as they add another pass rusher to the team.

78. Miami Dolphins – Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri, Pos: 5, BB: 86, Grade: B-

Egnew is an interesting TE because he is big and athletic but doesn’t always use his size advantage the way he should.

79. Chicago Bears – Brandon Hardin, SAF, Oregon State, Pos: 15, BB: 253, Grade: D-

Hardin was injured all of last year so his rank was lower but he can make plays when healthy.

80. Arizona Cardinals – Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma, Pos: 12, BB: 75, Grade: B+

Fleming is a physical CB who we took a while to come around on. We think he’s a little stiff in the hips but he presses really well.

81. Dallas Cowboys – Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State, Pos: 22, BB: 218, Grade: D

Crawford was overlooked a bit at Boise because of guys like McClellin but he is a very good pass rusher in his own right.

82. Tennessee Titans – Mike Martin, DT, Michigan, Pos: 9, BB: 96 Grade: B

Mike Martin is one of our favorite prospects because of how hard he works. There may not be a player in this draft that works harder than Martin.

83. Cincinnati Bengals – Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers, Pos: 6, BB: 36, Grade: A+

We couldn’t believe that Sanu last this long. He’s a very versatile WR who has strong hands and runs solid routes.

84. Baltimore Ravens – Bernard Pierce, RB, Temple, Pos: 7, BB: 73, Grade: B+

The Ravens snag RB Bernard Pierce here who should compliment Ray Rice well. Pierce can run and catch the ball and may have a little more speed than Rice.

85. Detroit Lions – Dwight Bentley, CB, UL Lafayette, Pos: 25, BB: 194, Grade: C-

Dwight Bentley is an under the radar CB who is a pest to any WR he’s covering. He can run with most WR’s and will stick in your hip pocket.

86. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sean Spence, OLB, Miami, Pos: 6, BB: 85, Grade: B

We saw Spence as an ideal fit in a 43 Cover 2 scheme but he goes to Pittsburgh and the 34 here. We’ll be interested to see how that will work.

87. Cleveland Browns – John Hughes, DT, Cincinnati, Pos: 55, BB: 632, Grade: F

Bit of a reach here for Hughes as we liked a number of DT’s like Brandon Thompson and Billy Winn more.

88. Philadelphia Eagles – Nick Foles, QB, Arizona, Pos: 11, BB: 185, Grade: C-

Another QB goes here in Nick Foles. Foles has all the physical tools you want but he at times absolutely refuses to pull the trigger.

89. New Orleans Saints – Akiem Hicks, DT, Regina (Ca.), Pos: 12, BB: 125, Grade: C-

Our first Canadian sighting as the Saints make Hicks their first pick. Hicks has great size and athletic ability.

90. New England Patriots – Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas, Pos: 15, BB: 150, Grade: C-

Bequette is a tenacious pass rusher who never stops charging and could become a very good strong-side DE.

91. Atlanta Falcons – Lamar Holmes, OT, Southern Miss, Pos: 37, BB: 372, Grade: F

We are not sure why Holmes here, he’s a RT only and has very heavy feet. For a team that need to protect Matt Ryan better not sure Holmes offers that.

92. Indianapolis Colts – T.Y. Hilton, WR, FIU, Pos: 19, BB: 136, Grade: C

The electric speedster from FIU, Hilton when healthy is one of the most dynamic and dominant prospects in this draft.

93. Cincinnati Bengals – Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson, Pos: 5, BB: 56, Grade: A

We were shocked that Thompson lasted this long, he’s a great fit in a 43 scheme and should give Cincy a very deep DT rotation.

94. New York Giants – Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech, Pos: 8, BB: 53, Grade: B

Hosley was a ball hawk two years ago despite being limited in size. He has some red flags with weed that likely caused this drop.

95. Oakland Raiders – Tony Bergstrom, OT, Utah, Pos: 36, BB: 363, Grade: F

Oakland uses their first pick on a guy we thought they’d be able to snag in the UDFA period. He’s got a finishers mentality but is an older prospect.


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