UDFA Profile: OLB Garrick Williams – Texas A&M

With the Bills move to a 43 front this year there is a big need for the team to the team to add 43 OLB’s. Garrick Williams is a classic style 43 OLB and he was known for making big plays while in College Station. Williams is an ideal Cover 2 style fit in that he’s slightly undersized but he knows how to avoid traffic and get to the football.

Williams is able to get to the football quickly thanks to very good athletic ability. He is a converted WR which helps him when asked run in the open field or change direction quickly. Despite his frame Williams is not afraid to throw his body around or take on bigger players. On tape he plays like a missile shot out of a cannon and crushes opponents when given the opportunity.

Being an undersized LB though does come with some disadvantages, for instance he doesn’t have the proper strength to take on blocks and disengage in order to make a play. He’s also kind of stuck in a one scheme type role in Cover 2. He’s not going to be the guy who you ask to blitz or cover very often because it’s not what he does well. Williams is also still working to developing his LB instincts, as of now he has to sit back and wait to see where the play is going as opposed to just knowing.

For Williams to make this team he’ll need to show he can fight through the traffic, locate the ball and make the play. He’s got an uphill battle with Tank Carder and Nigel Bradham already on this but there is still plenty of opportunity for Garrick to make this roster.

Measurements: 6017, 241 lbs.

Testing: 1.68 10 Yd, 2.94 20 Yd, 4.99 40, 20 Bench, 31 ½” Vertical, 9’05” Broad, 4.72 Shuttle, 7.43 3 Cone


2011-48 Tackles, 0.5 TFL

Career-230 Tackles, 12 TFL, 1 INT, 2 FF, 1 QBH, 1 PBU

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