Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Idaho State v. Northern Arizona (2011)

We came to see WR Rodrick Rumble and left impressed with QB Kevin Yost Photo: US Presswire


Alright before you decide not to click on this game and read the notes below, just know you’re missing out on what may be one of the best kept secrets for the 2013 NFL Draft. Idaho State may have won only two games last year but they have a WR on their team who is absolutely on NFL radars with his big play ability and we have your first glance at him right here!

Northern Arizona

94 DL Jarrett Bilbrey
-Rotational pass rusher
-Good stunt move on OT to let the DT clear the OG and then circle back underneath for an easy sack
-Got caught cheating up field on his rush, allowed for the draw play to easily get by him
-Consistently getting upfield pressure and forcing Yost to step up in the pocket

Overall: Bilbrey was used as more of a rotational pass rusher in this game, he came in and provided good pressure on Yost and gave the OL fits. He should be able to move into a starting role next season and could replace star DE Isaac Bond. Look for a potential break out year from Bilbrey.

35 RB Zach Bauman*
-Good speed, is able to bounce dive run outside and turn the corner with ease
-Looks to have good balance and vision
-Some shake to his running style
-Keeps feet moving through contact
-Open field vision
-Cutback ability
-Some receiving ability
-Needs to secure the ball better, was ripped out from behind

Overall: We don’t traditionally scout junior prospects when it comes to small schools but we’ve decided as we move forward we will highlight some of the top guys to get a jump start on the next years draft. Bauman was the first one we were really able to get a long look at and there is lots to like. He’s well built RB with good speed, and balance. He seems to have a good feel for how his blocks are set up and he does a very good job hitting the cut back lane.

Idaho State-

15 QB Kevin Yost
-Working out of pistol formation
-Good lead on pass to fit it between CB and SAF
-Ball does not always come out of his hand cleanly
-Athletic ability to escape the pocket and make something happen in the open field
-Good over the shoulder throw to rumble
-Very effective hitting his WR’s in stride
-Not as good throwing on the move
-Under lots of pressure, has to constantly reset his fer
-Solid Mechanics, over the top motion, with a quick release
-Does not always set his feet, sometimes makes throws falling off
-Great escapability, will make people miss in the pocket
-Not afraid to take a hit to deliver a pass
-Turned back to defense, sold play action fake, saw blitzing CB and identified open man
-Forced the ball over the middle into quadruple coverage
-Pass sailed on Yost because he was off balance and was intercepted
-Carries the ball out with one hand while running, needs to tuck it away
-Too quick to leave the pocket and runs right into backside pressure

Overall: Yost came in 2011 as a JUCO transfer, and was asked to run a no-huddle spready system that would make most QB’s gasping for air by the 2nd Quarter. His ability to control the offense, call the plays, and get guys set is almost as impressive as the dual threat ability he displays with his arm and legs. While want to see him do more in the pocket Yost has the early makings of a potential project QB with pleny of upside.

13 WR Rodrick Rumble
-Great catch in traffic
-Uses body positioning well to shield smaller DB from making a play on the ball
-Effective on bubble screen
-Has the ability to make you miss
-Dangerous YAC player
-Body catches the ball too much, needs to extend his hands out away from his body
-Broke off his route into a hitch once he saw the his CB blitz, gave his QB a big target to see
-Lining up all over the field
-Not one CB on the field has been able to stay with Rumble
-Very quick and sudden with his movements
-Dangerous coming off bubble screens and slants when he’s given space to make you miss
-Not a physical runner, seems to go down a little too easily, doesn’t fall forward

Overall: This was the guy we wanted to see coming into this game. He may not quite be the 6’2 he’s listed at online but he’s as advertised in terms of his ability. He catches everything and does a great job after the catch with the ball in his hands. Want to see him more routes from the route tree along with doing a better job catching the ball out away from his body but that’s all coachable.


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