Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU v. Alabama – BCS National Title

Mathieu's coverage issues were never more apparent than v. Alabama in the BCS National Championship Photo: US Presswire


When you have two great and deep teams like LSU and Alabama play in the BCS National Title game it almost has to be one of the first games you take another look at in order to stat scouting for 2013. What we found in our very early opinion is that while Alabama may actually be better in 2012, so could LSU.

The only reason we say could is because while Alabama has proven players at just about every position where they lost somebody, LSU has a massive question mark at QB where they pray rising junior QB Zach Mettenberger can fit the bill. While Mettenberger didn’t play in this game plenty of his 2012 teammates did.

RB 11 Spencer Ware*
-Mis-aligned in pistol formation
-Hung out to dry by Jefferson on option pitch

Overall: Didn’t get may carries and has no receptions. Was a complete non-factor in this game. This game showed us almost nothing in terms of Ware’s skillset and ability.

RB 42 Michael Ford*
-Similarly to Ware, Ford is hung out to dry by Jefferson off option

Overall: Didn’t get may carries and has no receptions. Was a complete non-factor in this game. This game showed us almost nothing in terms of Ford’s skillset and ability

TE 88 Chase Clement
-Gives a decent shove but never engages on his block

Overall: A non-factor in the LSU passing attack, Clement saw some time as a blocker but for the most part Jefferson was locked on to only a couple of WR’s all night long.

OT 76 Chris Faulk*
-Good clear out block on the DT
-Sets up quickly
-Looks fluid in his kick step
-Allowing Upshaw to get around him on his speed rush but pushing him far upfield

Overall: Not a ton to see on Faulk because of how little LSU had the ball and how little they were able to do with it. You see some nice potential but for still need to see more.

OT 72 Alex Hurst
-False start
-Going up against DE’s for the most part and doing a good job fighting them to a stalemate
-Gets beat outside when the OLB rushes
-Not very fluid, but is able to block what’s in front of him

Overall: It was easy to tell why Hurst was a RT as opposed to a LT, struggled with the speed rush on Montgomery. When he got his hands on a player he did a good job locking his arms out and controlling them.

OC 64 P.J. Lonegran
-Bad shotgun snap too low
-Doing a good job inside v. a combination of Square, Gentry, and Williams
-Having to make up for some really help out his OG’s

Overall: Really had to make up for some really poor interior line play from the OG on both sides of him. He was asked to spend a lot of time combo blocking either the NT or DE in order to help the OG not give up the POA.  Also probably a large contributing factor into why the LSU running game suffered.

DE 99 Sam Montgomery*
-Beat Jones on speed rush up field
-Spin move to get past Jones and comes back down field to get pressure on McCarron and take him to the turf
-Getting held a lot, no calls thus far
-Gets back down field
-Tries to rush the B gap and blows by Jones who was leaning outside

Overall: Easy to see why Montgomery almost came out as a RS Sophomore this year. He has a very good speed rush to go along with plenty of athleticism. Really took advantage of Jones heavy feet and Jones held him a lot. To Montgomery’s credit he never lost his cool out of the field and kept working. As he continues to develop he should become one of the most fearsome pass rushers in the SEC this year.

DE 49 Barkevious Mingo*
-Trying to bull rush Barrett Jones, and getting stone walled
-So quick with his first step on his slant rush
-Dropped into zone coverage
-Reading plays well when in coverage, very fluid in his movements
-Appears blocked by TE but easily disengages and makes a big tackle for no gain on a 3rd and 1
-Beats Jones inside and is able to disrupt a play enough that is goes down for a loss

Overall: Mingo opposite Montgomery is going to be the duo everybody wants to see next year. Mingo may be the more complete DE as he has a little more power and discipline to his game along with the ability to hold up blocks and then disengage when he needs to. He needs to get stronger though because his efforts to bull rush Barrett Jones did not go anywhere and at times he was pushed around on running plays.

DE 89 Lavar Edwards
-Standing up as a Nickel DE
-Drops into coverage off Mathieu blitz
-Gets no push v. Barrett Jones

Overall: Should see only limited time next year but with Kendrick Adams graduated his chances should be more often. Has some pass rush skills but is not nearly as talented as Mingo or Montgomery.

DT 77 Josh Downs
-Easily moved by Warmack
-Gets not pressure on slant rush
Overall: With Brockers gone Downs will need to step up and fill the void. He played last year around 277 and will need to add weight and strength if he is see any more time than he did last season. He really struggled to do much of anything on this night.

DT 93 Bennie Logan*
-Came around DT (Brockers) and Mingo on stunt, never picked up
-Beat Warmack with his first step into the A gap
-Does a good job to get up into the passing lane and deflect a pass

Overall: We were impressed by Logan overall in this game, he’s not the prospect that Brockers was on the line but he has plenty of potential. He’s not a quick twitch DT who is going to consistently beat you with his first step but it is very good. He has some strength that is still developing and that may be his beat weapon in combination with his plus athleticism to make big plays happen in 2012.

LB 46 Kevin Minter*
-Good coverage v. Maze coming across middle
-Ranges over from Mike LB spot to make play on screen pass
-Good tackle in the open field v. WR

Overall: Very much in the mold of Ex-Tiger Kelvin Sheppard, Minter does a good job reacting to what he is seeing happen in front of him. The issue is that he’s just not quite instinctual enough to make bigger plays.

CB 7 Tyrann Mathieu*
-Working as a gunner on Punt coverage, first man down and makes the tackle
-In Nickel situations slides down to cover slot WR
-Sold out on the blitz pre-snap and was met by Barrett Jones
-Again the first man down on punt coverage
-Uses poor technique trying to tackles Hanks on an out route, is able to grab jersey to prevent a big play and make the tackle
-Again beaten on a corner route, appeared to have no idea where the ball was
-Can’t avoid open field block by Hanks and allows Bell to get up field for big gain

Overall: This was the first time we’ve really been able to sit down and watch Mathieu’s coverage abilities and we have to say it wasn’t that impressive. He is a better coverage corner when he doesn’t have to turn his back to the ball. He often failed to locate the ball when in man coverage, and even when blitzing he continually tipped off the Alabama offense of his intention. His punt coverage skills are top notch though.

SAF 1 Eric Reid*
-Got sucked in on PA pass but recovered to track down the TE
-Closed like a lightning bolt on Darius Hanks for a strong tackle
-Touchdown saving tackle on Bell

Overall: Reid is probably the best returning player in the secondary for next season, he is all over the field and makes plays happen whenever he’s around the ball. His speed and athleticism will make scouts drool and we hope to see him take on an even bigger role in the defense next season.

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2 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU v. Alabama – BCS National Title”

  1. Jmpasq says:

    This game was such a complete drubbing. U basically got zero feel of what the LSU skill players could do. Jefferson could not throw the ball vertically. Poor Reuben Randle U dont even notice if he is on the field.

  2. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    Eric Reid would look great in a Patriots uniform.

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