Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU v. Alabama – BCS National Title

Can Stinson be the next feared Crimson Tide defensive monster? Photo: US Presswire

QB 10 A.J. McCarron*
-Well executed PA fake
-Looks calm and cool in the pocket
-Delivering the ball very accurately
-Steps up in pocket and evades pressure, delivers good pass
-Looks in control of this game
-Stays on the balls of his feet
-Does a good job resetting his feet when he has to step up
-Plants his front foot and drives the ball down the field when he needs to
-Rolls right and delivers a ball from a sidearm motion
-Not really all that athletic but is able to move around and escape trouble in the pocket
-Delivers his best pass of the game to Hanks, on a corner route
-Puts very nice touch on his deeper passes, shows the ability to drop the ball in the bucket

Overall: It was quite the impressive game by McCarron on quite possibly the biggest stage. He looked completely in control and acted like it was another regular game for him. He delivered the ball on time, with good pace and most importantly with pinpoint accuracy. His ball placement was phenomenal all night long and he did a good job handling the LSU pass rush by maneuvering around in the pocket. He could be the best Alabama QB in quite a while in terms of pro ability.

WR 83 Kevin Norwood*
-Good corner route v. Mathieu to open up plenty of space for McCarron to throw the ball into
-Elevates above Mathieu and makes a very nice catch
-Find soft spot again zone coverage and just sits down in it
-Makes a sideline catch with both feet in bounds while falling out of bound

Overall: Well after what he was able to go in this game it’s probably safe to say we’ll get to know Kevin Norwood really well next season. Probably a slot guy for the Tide next season Norwood showed off good hands, precise route running, and great recognition skills. While Maze and Hanks were two very talented WR’s the Tide may not see much fall off with Norwood helping to bridge the loss.

WR  7 Kenny Bell
-Takes slip screen and is off to the races up the field
-Takes advantage of poor angle by Taylor and great block by Hanks to pick-up big yardage
-Good speed

Overall: He may have only made one play in the BCS National Title game but he is the Tide’s leading WR amongst those returning and his speed and size could give SEC defenses lots of trouble. He recently tore it up in the Alabama Spring Game. He’s right now slated to be the #1 target for the Crimson Tide next season.

TE 89 Michael Williams
-Playing in backfield out of shotgun
-Does a good job coming across QB to put block on Mingo off draw play
-Good job sitting down in soft spot v. zone coverage

Overall: Williams is a big body TE who moves much better than you think when you first see him on the field. He has good athleticism and some still developing blocking ability.  He catches the ball well out away from his body and has the size to run over smaller DB’s.

OT 76 D.J. Fluker*
-Saw Mingo for the first time and got caught looking outside as Mingo ran right in front of him to press the B gap and get pressure on McCarron
-Good job getting to 2nd Level and blocking Mathieu
-Really struggling with the Mingo slant rush, beaten now twice by it
-Great job by Fluker to help combo block Brockers to the ground and then move on the 2nd level and engage the LB
-Gets to 2nd level by ducks his head when going for the block and misses
-Can’t get over to block Mathieu on a blitz but he goes dive and gets a glancing blow on him to slightly deter him

Overall: Another prospect we were really getting our first long look at and it was impressive. Fluker has better feet than most RT’s you see and was able to get to the 2nd level with ease. He has plenty of strength at the point of attack and dominated his opponent when he got his hands in the proper location. He has some technical flaws that he needs to work out (hand placement, knee bending) but he has potential elite ability on the right side.

OT 75 Barrett Jones
-Saw Mathieu cheating to blitz and picked him up easily
-Combo block on Montgomery with Warmack, may have pulled him down as he fell
-Jones using veteran technique and some holds to try and help him neutralize Montgomery’s speed rush, not penalized yet.
-Got caught cheating outside v. Montgomery who beat him inside on a straight rush
-When he gets his hands on the defender he is dominating them
-Gets to the 2nd level well
-Has made adjustment and now easily handles Mingo on an inside slant rush
-Locks out arms and stone walls Mingo

Overall: This game was a clear example of why Jones was always going to move inside when he gets to the NFL. His feet are just too heavy to play LT and both Mingo and Montgomery exploited that. He’s kicking inside to OC in 2012 to take over for William Vlachos. Jones is a dominating run blocker who controls his opponent well and looks to finish blocks. That should make an already amazing Alabama rushing attack nearly unstoppable in 2012.

OG 65 Chance Warmack
-Combo block on Montgomery with Jones
-Cleared out Josh Downs and opened the lane up for 1st down run
-Really winning the battle v. Bennie Logan early on
-Good job pulling over and getting a trap block to open a cutback lane for Lacy
-Leading way on screen pass

Overall: Possibly the best OL of the group that played in this game, Warmack was able to do it all. He dominanted his opponents in the running game, he did a good job winning his blocks and then getting into the 2nd level to make his next block. Did a very good job v. Brockers, Logan, and Downs to stand them up on their bull rush and give up almost no push.

DE 54 Jesse Williams
-Staying low off snap and getting under OT Alex Hurst pads
-Continually got push into the pocket but was not able to drive the OL all the way back
-Didn’t disengage from blocks as well as we had hoped for

Overall: Williams is going to move to NT next season to replace Josh Chapman and he should be more than capable at taking up blockers at that position but we need to see him become a more dominant player. He needs to get more push and work to collapse the pocket around the QB.

DE 49 Ed Stinson*
-Good job disengaging from block and making a play v. Hilliard
-Chases Jefferson out of bounds for minimal gain on naked bootleg

Overall: Stinson is expected to be the starting RDE if the season opened tomorrow and his ability in the BCS National Championship game flashed why it is he is expected to start and contribute a lot next year. Stinson who came in as a OLB prospect has added weight and strength to his frame to go along with his athleticism. He’ll be a prospect to definitely keep an eye on.

LB 32 C.J. Mosley*
-Reading the QB the whole way, comes up to make sure Jefferson doesn’t scramble and he gets a gift from Jefferson of a poorly thrown shovel pass
-Mosley picks it off but is tackled awkwardly by Jefferson and is injured

Overall: The Dont’a Hightower replacement in the middle, Mosley showed off plenty of ability last season. The hip dislocation Mosley suffered after his INT is now fully healed and he will need to show that his instincts and tackling ability are on par with Hightower for next year.

SAF 37 Robert Lester
-Cleans up a tackle after Kirkpatrick fails to wrap Randle behind the line of scrimmage

Overall: Lester and Barron were never really tested in this game, both were playing deep in coverage but both made plays when they presented themselves to the duo. It will be interesting to see how Lester reacts to not having Barron next season.

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2 Responses to “Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: LSU v. Alabama – BCS National Title”

  1. Jmpasq says:

    This game was such a complete drubbing. U basically got zero feel of what the LSU skill players could do. Jefferson could not throw the ball vertically. Poor Reuben Randle U dont even notice if he is on the field.

  2. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    Eric Reid would look great in a Patriots uniform.

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