UDFA Profile: OG David Snow – Texas

An All-Conference OC for the longhorns, Snow was a highly regarded prospect who has a strong all-around game. He played the pivot in college but will likely move outside to OG for Buffalo as they have Eric Wood cemented into the OC spot.

Snow is a technically sound blocker, he does a good job getting his hands on the defender in the proper position and shows almost no flaws in the way he maintains his blocks. He is athletic enough to get to the 2nd level and a good job releasing and locating on screen passes and draw plays. He finds his 2nd level targets quickly and is able to engage on the move. Snow has also already spent some time playing OG so his transition should be a relatively smooth one.

The biggest issue we saw with Snow was his lack of finishing mentality. Too often we would see Snow hold a block only to not finish the block and let his player get away and make  a play. You want mean and nasty OL who want to put defenders on the ground. That’s just not Snow’s mentality. Snow also has questions about his strength at the point of attack. He didn’t face a ton of really big DT’s in the Big 12 and never really showed a ton of functional strength for the position.

Snow needs to show the Bills that he means business when it comes to playing offensive line. Having great technique is fantastic but if you can’t finish a block or hold up against a NFL caliber lineman then you have bigger problems. Seeing Snow get bigger and stronger would be a great start for him.

Measurements: 6037, 303 lbs.

Testing: 23 Bench, 26” Vertical, 8’04” Broad, 4.82 Shuttle, 8.31 3 Cone

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