UDFA Profile: RB Chris Douglas – Missouri State

Can Chris Douglas crack the Bills RB rotation? Photo: US Presswire

The Bills have quite possibly one of the best one-two punches in the NFL so why the need to add another back? Well two reasons; one you dont want your star backs taking too many hits in camp or the preseason. RB’s have only so many hits they can take before they hit the wall, so you need to save them as much as possible. Secondly while Jackson and Spiller are dynamic neither is a bowling ball who can power through the line for that one yard you may need on 4th and Goal.

Douglas is a similar runner to Fred Jackson in the way he keeps his legs churning and never gives up on extra yardage. He does a really good job utilizing his small stature to give defenders very little to hit. He has a very good built with his weight well distributed, and powerful looking. He runs with good vision and isn’t afraid of contact, often breaking through arm tackles. Douglas does a good job running behind his pads and can deliver a blow to an unsuspecting defender if they give him the chance.

Where Douglas may struggle is with the speed of of the NFL, he also did not have a very good senior season after Missouri State lost their best run blocking OL in David Arkin. Douglas doesn’t have great top end speed and may struggle with his burst when trying to get to the 2nd level of the defense. When you watch Douglas he’s very much a North and South style runner. He’s not going to make a lot of players miss with his lateral quickness.

The Bills have four RB’s already on the roster in Spiller, Jackson, Johnny White, and Tashard Choice. If Douglas wants to unseat one of them he needs to show that he continue to be that pinball style RB that he was in 2010. He needs to answer the questions about his speed and quickness along with proving to this coaching staff that he can in fact be the guy to get the tough yards when called upon.

Measurements: 5084, 212 lbs.

Testing: 1.58 10 Yd, 2.64 20 Yd, 4.56 40, 21 Reps, 36″ Vertical, 10’03″ Broad, 4.34 Shuttle, 7.19 3 Cone


2011-146 Carries, 511 Yards, 3 TD

Career-370 Carries, 1,887 Yards, 18 TD

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