2013 NFL Draft Positional Rankings: Offensive Guard

Barrett Jones will again lead the way for the Alabama rushing attack Photo: US Presswire

Yesterday we profiled the Offensive Tackle class and in doing so we said that the 2013 class wasn’t one that blew us away or really had us sold on any one prospect. With that being said, the OG class is entirely different. From 1-10 and even a little beyond our 10th player it’s impressive. If you need an interior OL prospect this may be the year to grab one or two.

1. Barrett Jones-Alabama

Jones played LT at Alabama last year and this year will kick all the way inside to OC. He has now spent time at all three of the OL positions while in college and we still think his best fit is at OG. He’s not the fleetest of athletes so the move inside makes sense. Jones has great technique and is able to generate incredible power out of his stance.

2. Chance Warmack-Alabama

Back to back Alabama players? You better believe it, Warmack may end up being the better OG long term because he has such a high ceiling but for now his technical ability is still developing and that puts him below Jones. With Jones and Warmack now playing side by side the running lanes should be massive for 2014 RB Eddie Lacy (BBD’s #2 2014 RB).

3. Larry Warford-Kentucky

Back to Back to Back SEC interior lineman lead off this class, and are there still any questions about where the top talent plays? Warford is a massive prospect who could be ideal for a team who spends a lot of time playing v. 34 defenses. He has the ability to anchor down and shut down the bulrush along with the ability to explode out of his stance and create a running lane.

4. Jonathan Cooper-UNC

Well we aren’t in the SEC anymore but we are still in the geographic area. Cooper and fellow UNC OG Travis Bond probably rank as the top OG combo in the entire country. Cooper leads the way with his brute strength and athleticism. He’s able to get outside and lead the way on screen passes or toss plays.

5. Omoregie Uzzi-Georgia Tech

It’s not often you see Triple Option based OL prospect ranked very highly but Uzzi is an exception to that rule. He isn’t as light in the backside as most Triple Option OL but he does have the athleticism that they all must have. Putting Uzzi into a system where he can trap and pull consistently will maximize his ability and potentially create huge plays by his blocks in the open field.

6. Braden Hansen-BYU

While everybody wanted to talk about Matt Reynolds for the last few years its actually been Braden Hansen whose been locking people down. Hansen is the most advanced OL on the team from a technical stand point and he has the strength and mass to hold up at the point of attack.

7. Lane Taylor-Oklahoma State

Taylor is an often overlooked prospect who could rise once the lights go on this fall. He has solid athleticism, good power, and really does a good job staying balanced in his base. He’s faced some pretty good Big 12 DT’s in his career and has more than held his own. If he can start going from just winning the battle to dominating it, his stock will go way up.

8. Chris Jacobsen-Pittsburgh

We aren’t sure if Jacobsen and Pitt RB Ray Graham are best friends but they should be because they make each other look good. Its Jacobsen who works to blow holes open in the defense for Graham, and its Graham who gets through the hole so quickly that at times it makes it look bigger than it is. Jacobsen has some pass protection concerns but those can be worked on.

9. Blaize Foltz-TCU

For whatever reason despite TCU’s wild success their OL has often been overlooked. That should change this year as Blaize Foltz is a hot name among draft analysts and not just for his cool name. He’s got great size, does a good job with his punch, and really seems to lock on once he gets his hands on you.

10. Chris McDonald-Michigan State

Michigan State always seems to have a stable of backs in their system and that stable cannot be as productive as they have been without the kind of blocking guys like McDonald provide. McDonald has a bit of a nasty streak to him and isn’t afraid to mix it up with any defender. He knows how to finish his blocks and is very efficient at it.

2014 Top 5 OG’s

1. Alvin Bailey-Arkansas

Is anybody else sensing a trend along the OL yet?

2. Andrew Rodriguez-Nebraska

The key guy this year for Taylor Martinez’s success, Rodriguez is good both inline or when blocking in space.

3. Travis Frederick Wisconsin

Wisconsin always has talented OL and some compare Frederick to recent first round pick Kevin Zeitler.

4. Gabe Jackson-Mississippi State

The big man from down south is a road grading type who may not have the greatest athleticism but he’ll move his man.

5. Josh Williford-LSU

An absolute mountain of a man at 6’7, 320 plus we need to see Williford take that next step and finish more blocks this year.

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