QB MarQueis Gray Scouting Report

QB MarQueis Gray-Minnesota
Height: 6’4
Weight: 245 lbs.
Grade: 5.8M (Grading Scale)

+Among the elite caliber athletes at his position in the entire NCAA, has also spent time at WR
+Is a danger to score every time he takes off with the ball, has great speed and agility in the open field that make him hard to bring down
-Is at times too quick to run or bail out of the pocket, longer routes rarely get a chance to fully develop
-Mostly a straight line runner whose not going to offer a ton of wiggle to make you miss

+Every year Gray seems to be given more control in the offense and thus far he’s handled it very well, rarely looking over matched or outsmarted
-On the other side of that same token, Gray is not asked to do too much and the system he plays in is still predicated on making a singular read and then either throwing or running the football
+Gray does have a knack for feeling pressure and understanding when he needs to either escape the pocket or get rid of the football, he’s really improved in regards to knowing when he shouldn’t force the ball down the field and just throw it away

+Gray is without question the biggest star, the best player, and the leader of this entire team and his team knows that, they take their cues from him because they know they’ll only go as far as he can carry them

Arm Talent:
+Extremely strong arm, Gray will be among the top prospects when it comes the how far he can throw it and the amount of velocity he can put behind those throws
+Throws extremely well on the move because of his arm strength, can deliver a pass while rolling left or right and has the necessary to strength to throw back across his body if he needs to
-Struggles with accuracy, particularly on the deep ball, more often than not his deep passes are pop flys that are up for grabs rather than properly gauged passes with the necessary touch
-Struggles to deliver the ball in stride, passes are often high or off target causing the receiver to lose his stride or slow down to adjust to the ball
-Has too much faith in his arm and will try and squeeze balls into windows that he shouldn’t

Pocket Presence:
+Has that extra sense that QB’s need to know when he’s under pressure and that he needs to get out of there
+Has the athleticism and speed to easily get away from pressure and does a good job buying extra time for himself
-When under consistent pressure Gray has a tendency to break the pocket early and put himself in a bad position
-Does not always reset his footwork after moving around in the pocket, often throwing passes from off balance or unset base
+Started to show more of a commitment to staying in the pocket toward the latter half of last season

Command of Offense:
+Runs a somewhat simple spread option offense, though Gray makes key reads on nearly every play
+He runs the zone read play with great efficiency keying on the DE or OLB when determining whether he should hand the ball off or keep it himself
+Has a key read on every pass play where he must determine if the route called is going to work v. the coverage the defense is showing
-Does not take the time to cycle through many reads past the first one, Gray often makes his initial read and if it’s not there he often starts looking for his dump off option or he looks to bail out
-Does not often audible out of plays or take advantage of mismatches on the field, may have too much faith in his own ability to make things happen

2011 was Gray’s first full year as a QB since he was in High School. There were absolutely some serious growing pains for the Gophers program as he got reacquainted with the position and with the style of offense Jerry Kill wanted to run. There were however some big time flashes of ability, like the game he had v. Michigan State where he threw for three scores and completed just under 60% of his passes on the day. There were also some red flags like the fact that he only twice threw for more than one TD in a game and in both of those games he also threw two INT’s. People will point to Gray’s success as a WR in 2010 (42-587-5) and say that’s his future in the NFL, but we think that Gray is a QB and that with more time and development he has the ability to elevate himself into a draftable QB prospect.





Cmp Pct.


































  Attempts Yards YPC TD
2009 47 265 5.6 0
2010 23 110 4.8 1
2011 199 966 4.9 6
Career 269 1341 4.9 7



  Catches Yards YPC TD
2009 6 58 9.6 1
2010 42 587 13.9 5
Career 48 645 13.4 6