Scouting the ACC Sleepers

Junior DB Tre Boston is one of our ACC Sleepers to watch Photo: USPresswire

When you’re looking at sleeper prospects its important to try and define what it is you’re looking at. For the most part the guys below currently sit with stock that would get them drafted in Day 3 or not drafted at all. These are prospects with loads of potential and who have the ability to make their stock jump drastically this season because of that potential. So here are 28 ACC sleeper prospects that you need to know!

Florida State

WR Rodney Smith

6’6, 219 lbs.

Coming out of HS coaches and fans were drooling over the potential of having a 6’6 matchup nightmare playing in their offense for the next four years. Thanks to some consistency issues at QB and some development issues for Smith those plans haven’t exactly worked out. Smith has been a pretty typical run of the mill WR for the Seminoles. He does a good job using his large frame to extend his catch radius, he has above average athletic ability but he’s never been a dominant WR. He needs to polish up his route running, and really concentrate on cleaning up his footwork coming into and out of breaks. If he does that and continues to catch the ball well he could become a very good WR.

OT Daniel Glauser

6’6, 322 lbs.

FSU has a plan in mind when it picked up Glauser out of JUCO last season. They knew that in a year’s time both starting tackles would be gone and that they would want a battle tested option to come in. Glauser was on recruit that Jimbo Fisher was specifically excited about last season because of his versatility and skill set. The swiss born player has a high ceiling if he can continue to develop his technical ability.


TE Brandon Ford

6’4, 235 lbs.

Ford is taking over the now departed Dwayne Allen who left early for the NFL draft. He came to Clemson as a highly touted 4 star WR who had good hands, great size, and was thought to be developing into a fearsome red-zone threat. Three years later Ford has yet to really leave his mark on Death Valley and has moved from WR to TE. As a WR Ford lacked the necessary speed to work in the Tiger offense but as a TE he offers a mismatch problem for most defenses.

OG Tyler Shatley*

6’3, 295 lbs.

Shatley came into Clemson as a FB prospect and then spent last year playing on the Defensive Line. He’ll transition to OL this fall and hope to finally find his place. Shatley has good athleticism for the position but will have to work on most of the fundamentals one needs when it comes to playing offensive line. He is a little light in the rear for some of the big DT’s he’ll see this season but hopefully his technique will improve enough to help him out.

North Carolina State

OT Rob Crisp*

6’7, 312

If you read Mike Loyko’s article from Monday (If not click here) you would have read about Crisp’s line-mate R.J. Mattes. Crisp will start on the right side this season and will look to help give plenty of protection to QB Mike Glennon and this high powered offense. Crisp is the only new starter to a very experienced offensive line so his technique and skill level will need to be up to his line-mates challenge.

DT Deylan Bishop*

6’4, 330 lbs.

Coming out of high school, Bishop was an unheralded DT prospect who was 6’4 and weighed about 285. Bishop determined to make it headed to New Mexico for JUCO and put on about 45 pounds of muscle. According to Bishop all he did was lift, run, and workout when in JUCO. If he can put his new massive frame to work for the Wolfpack then NC State may have just found a true steal.

SAF Brandon Bishop

6’2, 205 lbs.

Bishop is a SAF prospect with good size that moves well and is a proven playmaker for this defense. Bishop will be counted on to contribute even more next year with the loss of LB’s Audie Cole and Terrell Manning. Bishop who will play back stop to star CB David Amerson will be looking to take advantage of any QB foolish enough who tries to beat Amerson over the top.

Boston College

WR Colin Larmond

6’3, 202

Boston College fans were hoping to see the high flying Larmond last season before a season ending knee injury took him down. Larmond is back and finally healthy as he hopes to remind Eagles fans what it feels like to have an even half decent aerial attack. Larmond who had great leaping ability and good speed before the injury will need to show that he’s regained form if he hopes to have a NFL shot.

DT Dillon Quinn

6’6, 312

When Quinn signed with Boston College it was considered a major coup considering the other offers he was receiving. Since then it’s been a roller coaster ride for the program as Quinn has been suspended twice (drug use, and fighting) and has yet to produce as many hoped. Despite all of that Quinn enters his senior year with hopes of putting it all behind him and focusing on one thing and that’s playing football. Quinn was considered one of the strongest players coming out of HS in 2008 and will look to put that strength to good use as part of BC’s DT rotation this season.


WR Kevin Dorsey

6’2, 210 lbs.

Dorsey may very well be the best player left at Maryland after the program experienced one of the largest exoduses ever. Many have high hopes for Dorsey to follow the path of fellow Terp WR’s Darius Heyward-Bey and Torrey Smith into the NFL. In order to do that though Dorsey must first become a reliable target for new QB CJ Brown who is a better known runner than passer.

DT AJ Francis

6’5, 305 lbs.

Widely considered one of the leaders of this Terps defense this year Francis will be looked at to anchor a run defense that allowed 220 rush yards per game last year. In order to improve the defensive line play Francis will need to return to his 2010 self which saw him become a more consistent presence in the opponent’s backfield.

CB Dexter McDougle*

5’11, 190 lbs.

Last year we targeted Cameron Chism to be a breakout star in the Maryland defensive backfield. Instead it was then Sophomore Dexter McDougle who made his presence felt by being the most consistent performer against opponent’s passing attack. He was able to consistently get his hands on passes last year picking off three passes and breaking up six others. If he can continue to challenge QB’s with his ball skills then watch out for his stock.

Wake Forest

OLB Joey Ehrmann

6’4, 220 lbs.

With Kyle Wilbur now gone to the NFL, the Demon Deacons will now look to Ehrmann to help pick up the slack. Ehrmann who may be better known for his coverage skills is a long bodied LB with plus athleticism and the ability to find the ball through traffic. He’ll need to prove that he can do more than just cover though if he hopes to make 2012 a big year.

WR Micheal Campanaro*

6’1, 190 lbs.

With Chris Givens gone to the NFL somebody is going to need to pick up the slack for QB Tanner Price and that somebody may just be Campanaro. Campanaro finished only 2nd behind Givens last year in receptions and yardage, he was a very good option both on the outside and in the slot. He’s has good speed, soft hands, and runs tough with the ball in his hands. Look for his numbers to grow this year and for him to have a big junior campaign.

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  1. PatriotsDraftGuru says:

    Do you think Moses could be a better pro than Aboushi?

    • Matt Elder says:

      Not sure if Moses could be better. He doesn’t quite have the footwork Aboushi has. I think Moses could become a very good RT, and decent LT.

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