Training Camp Battles: Third-String RB

Can last year's 5th Round pick RB Johnny White survive the challenge from veteran Tashard Choice? Photo: US Presswire

By BBD Staff Writer Eric Samulski

Third- String RB

Johnny White/ Tashard Choice

CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson are locked in as the number one and two running backs on the Bills roster. With the Bills also a lock to carry fullback, and special teams ace, Corey McIntyre, it seems likely that only one other back will make the roster.

Logic seems to be on the side of Johnny White. He’s only in his second year in the NFL after being the Bills 5th round pick in 2011. He runs hard and showed some skills in 2011 pre-season action. Meanwhile, Choice has failed to impress consistently with the three teams he’s spent time with during his five-year career and only averaged three yards a carry serving as Spiller’s back-up towards the end of last season.

However, the Bills brought him back, and I think no small part of that is the relationship that Choice has with Gailey from their days at Georgia Tech together. Gailey seems to think highly of Choice, and I think that will enable him to win out over White.

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