LB Larry Lumpkin Scouting Report

The former Alabama A&M Bulldog later transferred to Carson Newman

LB Larry Lumpkin-Alabama A&M/Carson-Newman
Height: 6’0
Weight: 240 lbs.
Grade: 4.6 XM (Grading Scale)

Pro Day Testing Results:
4.69 40 Yard Dash
27 Bench Press Reps
9’10″ Broad Jump

+Good range as he moves laterally, seems to be able to get to the corner before the ball carrier can turn it
+Closes with a nice burst on the ball carrier
-Stiff in the hips and he struggles to change direction and stay with the shiftier RB’s coming out of the backfield

+Mostly a seek and destroy style LB, seems to understand his assignment in the basic way that his job was to find the ball carrier and tackle him
-Didn’t see a ton of diagnostic ability in him, would bite on some play fakes and over commit to making a play only to be taken completely out of it
+He does have the speed and versatility to probably move outside in a 3 man LB crew which will give him some bump in stock

-Per his coaches at Alabama A&M Lumpkin was routinely late for meetings and practices and appeared not to care at all

+With his athleticism he was able to cover some TE’s and even WR’s in zone based assignments, we don’t think he has the hip flexibility to turn and run in man coverage
-Got his hands on a couple of passes but hasn’t done much in the way of intercepting the ball, more adapt to let the WR make the catch and either dislodge the ball or bring the player down

+ An effective blitzer who shoots the gaps well and can come from a number of different angles and positions, at his best when allowed to run the A and B gaps
+When he hits you he’s looking to make your pads pop, closes fast on the QB and isn’t afraid to go for the big stick

Run Defense
+Downhill LB who made a name for himself with his ability to get behind the line of scrimmage and make plays
+Does well to slip blocks and get free
-Doesn’t show a lot in terms of his reaction time or instincts he comes forward with reckless abandon at times and can get caught filling holes that were never intended to be used

Lumpkin is an intriguing prospect because so many have never seen him. When reports came out that 19 teams were potentially interested everybody was got on the internet to find out what they could on him. The results haven’t been positive and people have learned about Lumpkin’s troubles throughout his career, his former coach maybe doing the most damage by saying “Larry was a play-maker for us, but he had a lot of issues. He was constantly late for meetings and would miss practice at least one day a week”. That’s the kind of headache a NFL team will not stand for, to Lumpkin’s credit though he spent last season at Carson Newman had his best year to date statistically, was named to the All-Conference team, and didn’t have any reported incidents. Lumpkin will have to prove to teams both in his workout and in subsequent meetings/interviews that the Alabama A&M days of acting out are behind him. Lumpkin is not a prospect we think should be selected in the Supplemental Draft but we expect him to have a number of choices as a free agent.


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