One Year Anniversary

Thank you fans for one great first year! (Photo: US Presswire)

One year ago today the lights officially got clicked on at BBD. The last year has been one of the most intense, exciting, and at times nerve wracking rides of my career. When this site began we had a general vision and goal. We spelled it out in our first ever post on the site, we wanted to be your leading source for Buffalo Bills news and analysis as it relates to the annual NFL Draft. Did we accomplish that? Well we’d like to think so, no other Bills source covered the pre-draft visits, the actual scouting of prospects, or the development of draft theory like we did or at least that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves.

We weren’t perfect and we certainly had some moments where we missed on a report or got poor information. However in exactly one year we’ve gone from an internet site that didn’t exist to a site that has been linked to by most major sports media outlets, had it tweets read on ESPN’s NFL32 show, and has been looked at and clicked on 750,000 times. For some that number may seem small or trivial but you better believe we are proud of that.

For the 2012 draft we were literally flying by the seat of our pants on how to actually do all of this. We had a general direction but no specific ideas about what you wanted to read or even discuss. Now exactly a year later we may not always write what you want to read but we have discovered and began cultivating our voice. A voice that has in large part been shaped by you the reader.

For 2013 we have a direction, we have some key partnerships that are forming, and we are excited to make 2012 seem like small potatoes. Let us share with you just a few small things about why 2013’s Draft coverage will be better than ever.

For 2012 our plan was to begin to make our presence known and begin to create our digital footprint. For 2013 we plan to firmly plant that first foot into the ground and take a giant leap step with the next foot. Want to know how? We have already put in more work in the preseason than some are able to do while in season. Did you know that to date we have already scouted 28 games from the 2011 college football season with an eye towards 2013? Did you know that we have already covered the majority of the major conferences this preseason in previews? Through these pieces, we already have scouting notes up on roughly 200 prospects.

In addition to our draft coverage, we have added a fantastic Bills reporter in Eric Samulski who will be with us throughout the 2012 Buffalo Bills season and also will have an embedded reporter at Bills Camp giving you the latest from camp and who is showing out and who may be shown the door.

In the end we want to thank you all for one hell of a first year, it’s meant a lot to us to see such an outpouring of support and encouragement. We thank you for that and we promise you that we will be bigger and better than ever before.

Before I close this note out there are some people I want to recognize who have been invaluable in their help to me and BBD.

James Christensen was the guy who approached me with this crazy idea and now here we sit. He’s become more than just a business partner or colleague and more of a friend.

Eric Galko-I’ve worked with Eric for a few years now on different projects and knew he was the guy to bring in to help run the Dolphins site. He pushes us to be better on a daily basis.

Mike Loyko and Doug Kyed-Doug and Mike owned Mobile for NEPD and BBD, there help and expertise has been invaluable to me and BBD.

Thank you again and let’s all get ready for some football!

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.”

-Robert F. Kennedy


Matt Elder

Editor and Scouting Director


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  1. BillsFan says:

    Thanks for your hard work – love the Bills and the Draft.

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