Training Camp Report – Day 2

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a strong day on Friday at Bills Camp (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Camp Reporter: Chris Hooker

Day Two of Buffalo Bills training camp came to a close this afternoon as Gailey and Co. look towards tomorrow when “real camp starts.”

Tomorrow, of course, is the first practice teams are allowed to start practicing in pads. While today had some interesting story lines, tomorrow is when things really should start to get serious. The LT and CB battles will actually mean something, instead of just reps for the sake of reps.

Today, however, Gailey sent out some interesting schemes.

First off, I began my day watching the defensive line and linebackers. They were split up into two groups, but I spent that time watching Mario Williams workout. It was just your basic blocking drills, but I can say that it seems Mario is fitting pretty well with those guys. They were laughing and talking between sets, particularly between him and Mark Anderson. In the grand picture, it doesn’t really mean much other than he looks comfortable here and I think that is something that could be seen as somewhat important.

After that, I walked back over to the offense where they were participating in 2-on-1 drills (QB/WR vs. DB). Good news: in both short and long routes, Fitzpatrick and Young were pretty much perfect, Fitz being the clear winner of the two. I wish I could say the same for Thigpen and Smith, but I guess that’s why they decided to bring in Young. The #1 and #2 QB’s had sharp, accurate passes, with Fitzpatrick looking particularly solid in the lob throws, and even more so with Donald Jones. Thigpen and Smith just looked sloppy, but that could of been exaggerated considering the different caliber of ¬†wide outs they were throwing to.

7-on-7 was next up and that was highlighted by a big Ryan Fitzpatrick pass to TJ Graham, where Graham just straight-up out ran Aaron Williams. Fitz talked about that throw right after practice and joked that he only threw him that ball because it was his birthday.

Starting first team defensive backs for 7-on-7 were Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin, Aaron Williams, Justin Rodgers, Da’Norris Searcy and George Wilson. This was likely a sneak peak at how our dime package could potentially look at time.

11-on-11 was next up and the biggest story there was that Cody Glenn was starting at left tackle. He did okay, but right now it’s just tough to tell, especially without pads. That was a statement Coach Gailey echoed afterward, and he said they are going to continue to switch up Hairston and Glenn until they know what they are working with.

Stephon Gilmore had another “Welcome to Camp” moment today during 11-on-11′s when Corey McIntyre — yes, Corey McIntyre — flew by him and caught a sure deep TD pass. I can’t imagine that ever happens again.

The D-line mixed it up on the first team and Chan was trying out a few different combos, so it was tough to tell exactly who the “first” team is right now. However, having too many guys able to play first down is anything but a bad thing. Between Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, Chris Kelsay, Mark Anderson and Dwan Edwards, there is a lot of depth. Kelsay even said after practice that this was the most depth he’s played with on the line since the Sam Adams days.

Few more notes:

Prince Miller had a big interception on Tyler Thigpen during 11-on-11′s.

Leodis McKelvin left practice around 4:30. He was apparently “sick,” which I will assume means “dehydrated.”

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@chrishooker9) all throughout camp. I was answering questions/comments all throughout practice, so if that is your thing, be sure to hit me up.

Editor’s Note: We won’t have a camp report tomorrow as Chris has the day off, we will post a link to a few different reports though as they come up.

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