WR Josh Gordon Scouting Report

WR Josh Gordon is the top prospect for Thursday's NFL Supplemental Draft (Photo: US Presswire)

WR Josh Gordon-Baylor/Utah
Height: 6031
Weight: 224 lbs.
Grade: 5.2 X, M (Grading Scale)

Supplemental Pro Day numbers:
4.52 40 Yard Dash
36” Vertical Jump
10’01” Broad Jump
13 Bench Press Reps

+Has elite speed for his size, runs very fluidly with long strides that help to eat up cushions and create separation
+Accelerates very quickly despite longer stride, really explodes into his routes from the snap, wastes little time getting up the field
-Saw some stiffness in his hips running sharp cutting route (cross, slant, and hitch), that’s to be expected to some degree with a guy his size, but he is not the smoothest of athletes
+Phenomenal size and frame that is well filled out and developed, the term NFL read body fits Gordon well

-Did not show a ton of awareness in terms of scheme recognition or adjustments in limited tape viewing, ran through some soft spots in zone coverage that could of led to easy completions, seemed to focus on what the route call was and not adjust
+Can run a number of different routes from different positions on the field, very versatile in his ability to get out there and create mismatch issues

-Off the field concerns centered around a Marijuana arrest when he was at Baylor is a red flag for teams, he was suspended from Baylor and eventually left for Utah where he never played
-Left Utah and entered the NFL Supplemental Draft due to family issues revolving around money, very little detail is known about what the situation is
+His coach at Baylor vouched for him and did not want to dismiss him for his arrest, most people who have spoken about Gordon have done so in a very positive light

+Does well to extend his arms out away from his body and secure the ball with his hands
+Utilizes excellent athletic ability to go up over smaller DB’s to bring down jump balls, makes it look way too easy
-Didn’t see him make a ton of spectacular catches in traffic because he was often so wide open, in the NFL his windows will be far smaller and his concentration will be tested

Route Running
+The routes he runs best are the 9 (fly) route and 2 (slant), these routes best allow him to utilize his size and speed to overmatch the defender and get open
-For the most part he is underdeveloped on the rest of the route tree, seems to drift on a lot of his crossing routes making the throw much more difficult on the QB, does not snap off the 0 (hitch) route enough to sell a defender in zone coverage
+Does give some head fakes on his 9 route so the CB or SAF coming over the top, he knows that they fear his speed and have to account for it
-For as big as he is, he didn’t beat press as well as we hoped, he also didn’t see a lot of it either. Looked uncoordinated with his long frame trying to handle the close pressure of the defender

+Gave more effort than some bigger WR’s do when it comes to blocking, showed a willingness to get after it and try his best to help out his teammate.
-Like more spread style WR’s though he does not have a lot of technical skill in this area, more often he more gets in the way then engages in a block

Our scouting director said earlier today that this workout for Gordon was all about showing that he was more Stephen Hill and less Tommy Streeter. We’re sure that he did that, and there are just too many questions still about Gordon that we don’t know the answer to. For example we know he’s been out of Utah since March but some Utah fan sites are saying he never returned from Winter Break. So why was that? Why not enter the 2012 NFL Draft early at that point, why wait? Other questions revolve around the off the field concerns. Just taking what Gordon does on the field you have a guy with remarkable talent and a great skill set. He’s an unpolished gem that will need time and lots of technical instruction. In a regular draft we’d say 3rd or 4th Round pick but in a Supplemental Draft the most we’d be willing to wager at this point is a 5th.

Bills Related
It was confirmed by James Walker of ESPN.com that the Buffalo Bills were one of the 21 teams in attendance at his workout on 7/10.

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