2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Tennessee v. NC State-LIVE THREAD

NC State
QB Mike Glennon 8
6’6, 225 lbs.
-Rolls left, doesn’t look all that coordinated on designed rollout
-Finds TE between zone coverage and fires a strike for a big first down, pass undone by penalty
-Scanned field effectively and went through his progressions rapidly
-Scrambles from pressure and finds wide open WR
-Really has zip on his passes over the middle, throwing into windows with ease
-Throws dangerous pass over the middle and its nearly picked off
-Wonderful touch to put the ball over the LB’s head and right into Carter’s hands
-Good dump off to Palmer on 4th down who was on a crossing route
-When he has time and a pocket he’s shredding the Tennessee zone defense, hitting huge voids in the defense
-Picture perfect touch to intermediate zone to beat the Vols D, Glennon is on fire right now
-Risky throw while backpedaling away from trouble, could of been a pick
-Stared down WR target and got baited into making a throw by Waggner who promptly picked it off
-Back to back mistakes by Glennon who holds onto the ball and takes a big sack where he then fumbles the ball into the end zone for a safety
-Very much a rhythm passer right now, when he hits a couple of big throws he’s ready to roll on a big drive
-Very limited mobility, you do not want to see him running at all
-Sticks with a screen pass that was never there and it ends up being a negative play, he’s got to throw that one away of come off the pass
-When Glennon does run he always slides properly and avoid the contact
-Bad, bad throw over the middle, never looked off the safety and forced it on a play that looked rushed from the snap
-Ball was way under thrown as well, but even a well thrown ball was going to be picked
-Glennon has lost all composure in the 2nd half, trying to force the issue and it’s not there for him
Summary: It was an up and down night for Glennon, he looked good in the first half but in the second half when his team fell way behind his pushed the issue and forced mistakes on the field. When Glennon was in a rhythm he was by far the best QB on the field but when things didn’t go well he took too much on and tried to do things that only hurt his team.

WR Tobias Palmer 4
5’11, 175 lbs.
-Great catch and run after the catch to shake a tackle and get more yardage
-Slippery play to get out of tackle
-Good vision on kick return, find seams and gets through them quickly
Summary: It was a quiet night for Palmer as a receiver, he struggles to get open and was a near non-factor. He did have a couple of good returns where he showed his speed and vision but he’ll need to show more as a receiver is he hopes to follow in the footsteps of TJ Graham.

TE Mario Carter 87
6’4, 262 lbs.
-Great catch over the defenders shoulder
-Impressive concentration while backpedaling
Summary: Ended the game with a team leading five catches but most of his it was non-memorable. He did show some solid hands and could be a weapon down the line this season as he and Glennon get more comfortable with each other.

OT Rob Crisp* 78
6’7, 312 lbs.
-Moving feet well, stayed in front of his man effectively
-Get out and engages LB on the second level but can’t remain on block and Smith gets off to make the play
-Completely clears out his side of the line on a goal line run for an easy TD
-Just plain nasty in pass pro with his punch
-Deploys his long arm and holds the DE off with ease, using only one arm literally
-Devastating punch that literally causes the DE to fall back some
Summary: When he wants to move his man, he does so at will. He has ideal length, strength, and technique. Does well to stay bent at the knees and does not get over extended. Slides his feet exceptionally well and when he deploys his long arms its good night and game over for the pass rusher.

OT Andrew Wallace* 64
6’5, 293 lbs.
-Really running behind Wallace and the right side, getting great push early
-Getting arms extended in pass pro and forming a good pocket for Glennon
-Heads up play to get back and recover fumble in the endzone to limit the damage of Glennon’s fumble
-Runs extremely in the open field.
-Stupid penalty to hit a defender late and ruin a good first down play, will cost NC State 15 yards
Summary: Appears to be a better run blocker than a pass protector, does a good job to stay in front of his man initially but does not do enough to maintain his blocks and allows his defender to get free too often. Most of the pressure on Glennon came off the right side.

OG RJ Mattes 79
6’6, 303 lbs.
-Phenomenal work blocking in pass pro for Glennon, he often has a clean pocket to step into
-Just physically dominates his man to allow for the easy TD run for the Pack
-Is moving his man now after spending most of the first half in a stalemate battle
-Big holes opening up off the left side of the line
Summary: Story of two halves as Mattes was just so so in the first half but really turned it on in the 2nd combing with Crisp to blow big holes in this Vols defense that led to some nice gains. In pass pro he held his own but got a lot of help from Wentz when blocking McCullers or Sentimore.

OC Camden Wentz 53
6’3, 296 lbs.
-Doing well picking up blitzes as Tennessee turns up the pressure
-Keeping head on a swivel nicely
-Not engaging enough on running plays, more getting in the way than getting his hands on a defender
-Chipping a lot on the DT to help out both Mattes and Allen in pass pro
-Uses his arms effectively and does a good job sitting back in his stance and anchoring v. the bull rush
-Snaps have good pace and are very accurate
Wentz was as advertised tonight, his OG’s didn’t give him a ton of help when in pass pro but he did what he could. He was the leader out there calling out defensive shifts and alignments. Also got right on Wallace as soon as he knew the personal foul was against him. Outside of Crisp he was the Wolfpack’s 2nd best lineman.

DE Brian Slay 55
6’3, 274 lbs.
-Got hands up and into the passing lane for a pass deflection
-Is trying to fire off the ball low but is allowing Thomas and the LG to easily just put him into the ground
-His jump looks very quick off the line but he’s got little to not balance as he comes forward to contact
Summary: Mostly ineffective tonight, didn’t do enough to beat his man off the snap or to get off blocks. Made some tackles in run defense but offered nearly no pass rush consistently and it really hurt this defense to let Bray sit back in the pocket and scan the entire field.

DE Darryl Cato-Bishop* 92
6’4, 278 lbs.
-Working through blocks and getting some pressure on Bray but nothing that he cant step away from
-Cuts through the gap to make a tackle in the backfield on fourth down for a turnover.
Summary: Flashed here and there with quickness out of his stance and ability to hit the B gap effectively but overall his night was similar to Slay’s as he also struggled to put any pressure on Bray. More and more often late in the 2nd half it was a redshirt freshman out there as a DE as oppose to Cato-Bishop.

MLB Sterling Lucas 7
6’2, 231 lbs.
-Good job filling the gap and making the play on running attempt
-Swallowed up by James easily never even got a chance to make a move toward the ball carrier
Summary: Reminds me too much of former Auburn MLB Josh Bynes and that’s not a good thing. His reaction time is slow and he allowed the UT offensive line to get to him before he even moved. Struggled to pick through traffic and find the ball. Was decent on coverage when taking on the TE.

CB David Amerson* 1
6’3, 194 lbs.
-Has switched from Justin Hunter to covering Patterson
-Bites on Patterson’s double move, thought it was a post route before Patterson broke it back outside led to a TD.
-Allowed Tennessee WR to blow by him for a TD, looked like a confusion on coverage call
-Did well to shed block on bubble screen and affect WR who was trying to get upfield
-Strong wrap up tackle on WR
-Comes up in run support and up ends the RB trying to turn the corner
-Got blocked on the play but is playing fast and loose now, getting very aggressive and looking to make a play
Summary: Solid but not a spectacular night for Amerson, he was complaining a lot about push offs but I’ve seen him fight through those before. He got aggressive when the game got a bit closer in the middle but was unable to make a huge impact. Despite doing some ST warm ups before the game he never took a return, a lot of the scouts appeared to want to see that tonight.

SAF Brandan Bishop 30
6’2, 210 lbs.
-Almost over pursues tackle on short pass but has the strength to hold on and bring ball carrier down
-Strings play out to minimize gain
-Saw Bray trying to come over the top of the pile on a second attempt on a goal line situation and knocked the ball out of his hands. NC State recovers the fumble.
-Allows play to happen right in front of him on a hitch route for a first down, has to get more aggressive and attack the ball
You have to be more aggressive if your Bishop, I lost count of how many plays happened right in front of him. Tennessee was clearly attacking the middle of the field and he either needed to lay a hit on somebody or he needed to make a play on the ball. Neither happened tonight and Tennessee victimized NC State’s safeties.

SAF Earl Wolff 27
6’0, 201 lbs.
-Tracked running play down from his safety position to make a big tackle
-Comes up strong in run support to get a tackle for loss on a run that tried to bounce outside
-Almost makes a diving INT
-Wraps up ball carrier but does have the strength to bring him down on contact and RB wiggles forward for a first down
-Getting run through and over for extra yards, he’s allowing the hit to be delivered to him as opposed to delivering the blow himself
-Run over at the goal line for a TD
Summary: Wolff’s issue had far more to do with run support than it did with pass coverage. He’s not a small guy by any means but he looked timid and at times unwilling to hit the Tennessee RB square. He often got run over and while he made the tackle he gave up key yards by falling to his back and allowing the RB to fall forward. Was better in pass coverage where his speed was more evident but nowhere near enough to cover up his issues in run support.

We’ll be back tomorrow night with the second half of the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic as Auburn takes on Clemson!

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