Camp Report – Day 13, 8/13

WR Derek Hagan had another big day, has he done enough to beat out players like Marcus Easley? (Photo: US Presswire)

With a practice left, the Buffalo Bills offense showcased just how far they’ve come in the two minute drill.

I say this every time, but I can’t help but think back to the first two minute drill when ever the Bills run this. Today, the two minute offense was an absolute showcase and the first and second team ran it beautifully. The defense has stepped up in recent camps, but today it was the offenses turn to shine.

Vince Young kicked things off and threw a bomb to Ruvell Martin to get started. He then made some completions to David Clowney and TJ Graham before hitting Naaman Roosevelt on fourth down, and downed the ball with a spike about 20 to 25 yards in front of end zone. He then hit Ruvell Martin again for a TD with time left on the clock.

Young was poised in the pocket and had great practice. I’ve thought Thigpen outplayed Vince the last few practices, but Vince definitely got the better of him today. He had tremendous control of the offense as he led them down the field at the end of practice.

Ryan Fitzpatrick also had a great two minute drill. He started it off by dumping the ball off to Spiller who nearly broke free and scored a TD on the first play, but was wrapped up around the 40 yard line. He hit Chandler (who had a case of the drops earlier, but that’s another story) and then Spiller again to move the ball closer to the end zone. Completions to Donald Jones and Stevie Johnson put the unit at the one-yard-line before the spike.

Here’s where the one’s really showed their true colors. After a blown snap by Kraig Urbik — who was playing center during the drill — moved the Bills back about fifteen yards, Fitz quickly lined the offense and got a quick snap off where he hit a wide open Scott Chandler for a TD.

It was quite a recovery for the Bills offense and turned a crowd full of “oh-boy-groans” to cheers.

Of course going up against the Bills defense is probably much easier than an unknown defense, but I thought Ryan Fitzpatrick displayed an unbelievable amount of confidence and didn’t appear rattled or pressured at all throughout the two minute drill. He simply has a command of the offense and they are looking more and more polished with every practice.

In 7-on-7 and 11-on-11, Fitzpatrick, Young and Thigpen all had great days. Ruvell Martin and Derek Hagan both made some impressive catches in those drills and they are definitely fighting for spots to make the team. In my 53-man prediction, I had Easley making the team ahead of Martin, but this practice, Martin took more reps than Easley — who barely even saw the field — and I’m wondering if this means that the Bills are thinking of going in a different direction.

As far as that left tackle battle goes, Chris Hairston was out there with the one’s, as well as Cordy Glenn. The tally was pretty even down the middle. Erik Pears also practiced with the one’s at right tackle, as well as Hairston. Kraig Urbik was also playing a little center during the two minute drill like I mentioned earlier, but I after the bad snap, I’d be surprised to see him do that again.

Mark Asper filled in for the released Michael Jasper and took second team left guard reps.

Well, tomorrow is the Bills last training camp practice, and I’m expecting to see some high energy and impressive offensive showings. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @chrishooker9 if you have any questions!

Go Bills!

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