Final 53 Man Roster Prediction

Did Easley find a final spot on our last roster projection? Photo: USPresswire

By BBD Editor: Matthew Elder

Well this is it the final preseason game as been played and its time to focus on what this teams final roster will look like. Our focus in crafting this roster was that we are worried about depth specifically in regards to injuries and how they have plagued us for years now. We put more people into both the offensive and defensive lines than other projections have and because of that some fan favorites got cut. The final cut of this roster was KOS John Potter.

Make sure you scroll all the way down for our Practice Squad projection as well!

QB (3)
Fitzpatrick, Ryan
Jackson, Tarvaris
Thigpen, Tyler
With Jackson’s recent acquisition it became clear that the Bills are not happy with their backup QB situation, but what is still an issue is the fact that Jackson doesn’t really know our playbook yet and that’s why you have to keep Thigpen I think. Granted I don’t like it, you don’t like it, nobody likes it but that’s the reality of the situation.

RB (4)
Jackson, Fred
Spiller, C.J.
Choice, Tashard
McIntyre, Corey
No surprirses or shocks here, Johnny White gets the axe after failing to show much of anything since being drafted by the Bills.

WR (6)
Johnson, Steve
Jones, Donald
Graham, T.J.
Nelson, David
Hagan, Derek
Smith, Brad
As much as I don’t understand this coaching staffs allegiance to Brad Smith, Im smart enough to know they probably won’t cut him despite his obscene salary and minimal impact. That being said Smith offers versatility to this team and his willingness to play ST allows him to keep his spot.

TE (3)
Chandler, Scott
Dickerson, Dorin
Smith, Lee
Dickerson finally got around to making the kind of plays we have become accustomed to him making last night v. Detroit. That earned him the spot and bumped another guy off the roster. Smith is the 3rd TE who can block and work to overload a line in running situations.

OT (4)
Pears, Erik
Glenn, Cordy
Hairston, Chris
Sanders, Zebrie
No surprises here as Pears and Glenn start with Hairston as the backup at both positions. Our concern is that behind Hairston we only have Zebrie Sanders and thus far he has struggled mightily to adjust to the speed and strength of NFL DE’s.

OG (4)
Urbik, Kraig
Levitre, Andy
Rinehart, Chad
Asper, Mark
I went with Asper here because I think this line may need the extra depth and given how unlucky we’ve been with the injury bug as of late its more precautionary than anything else. I did the same at OC keeping Brown just to have the depth.

OC (2)
Wood, Eric
Brown, Colin
Wood is expected to be a full go for Week 1 but with his history I can’t feel good about not taking his primary backup for this team. I don’t think I want to ever see Brown starting a game but I can’t go with only one true OC.

DE (4)
Anderson, Mark
Williams, Mario
Moore, Kyle
Kelsay, Chris
The cream of the crop here as this group of four should be the stars of this team. Kyle Moore made this team with a very good camp and preseason kicking Shawne Merriman off the roster. He adds some needed size and power to the 2nd team defensive line.

DT (5)
Dareus, Marcell
Williams, Kyle
Johnson, Spencer
Edwards, Dwan
Gilbert, Jarron
Spencer Johnson and Dwan Edwards have done better than I anticipated in the new 43 look and both remain on the final roster because of it. We like Gilbert because he can play DE and DT depending on the play call and could give the offensive line some trouble with his versatility.

LB (7)
Barnett, Nick
Sheppard, Kelvin
Moats, Arthur
Morrison, Kirk
Bradham, Nigel
Carder, Tank
Scott, Bryan
Not many surprises at the LB spots, the rookies played well enough to earn their keep and this group will have enough veteran leadership to get through any growing pains. Moats v. Morrison may be a story all season long to watch as the SLB.

CB (5)
Williams, Aaron
Gilmore, Stephon
Brooks, Ron
McKelvin, Leodis
Rogers, Justin
Terrance McGee you were a warrior for this team and we will miss you. Your inability to stay healthy recently though led to your release and Leodis McKelvin you are on warning that you could be next. Brooks and Rogers both look primed to take over the nickle and dime roles.

S (3)
Wilson, George
Byrd, Jairus
Searcy, Da’Norris
Only three safeties? Yes only three safeties because we went with extra depth on both offensive and defensive lines. Howell and Saenz are both among the last cut and are hopefuly practice squad guys.

ST (3)
P Moorman, Brian
K Lindell, Rian
LS Sanborn, Garrison
Same specialists as before and try as I might I could not find a spot for Potter on this roster. Maybe its the multiple years or multiple injuries but Im just worried that the bug will strike again and I’d rather have players in place already than go FA fishing.

Practice Squad (8)
DE Eddins, Robert
Showed some pass rush ability the last two camps, would be worthwhile to hold on to him for the time being.
K Potter, John
9 for 9 on kickoffs out of the endzone, I wish we had an active roster spot to put him in.
SAF Howell, Delano
Was one of the best reserve players consistently, could be a quick call up to the active roster in case of an injury.
SAF Saenz, Nick
Smart player who tackles well and takes good angles, could be a future ST ace.
OT Carmon, James
Massive OT prospect with lots of raw ability and power, would be a great stash prospect for at least a year.
WR Easley, Marcus
Shockingly Easley has some PS eligibility left and it may be worth it to have him practice for a year and see what he can do when healthy and doing football activities.
LB White, Chris
Still like White as a MLB prospect who can stuff the run and play ST, think he has some upside.
OT Young, Sam
Showed me more than I ever saw when he was at ND, moved well for a RT and has developed some power to his punch.

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