QB Tarvaris Jackson Scouting Report

Read what our Seahawks Expert says about the Buffalo Bills newest QB (Photo: US Presswire)

One of the many benefits of being part of a network of sites (see top right corner of this webpage) is that you get to know fans and experts on other teams. We happen to have recently added an awesome Seahawks Draft site to our team recently so I asked their editor Derek Stephens to give us the skinny and what kind of QB Jackson was in Seattle, here is was his report;

Extremely tough. Isn’t afraid to step up in the pocket in the face of pressure. Will extend plays by fighting through contact in the pocket, and keeps his eyes downfield on the run. Has an absolute canon for an arm. Can put the ball outside the numbers from the far hash, on deep outs and comebacks, with ease. Good loft on the bucket tosses, and displays good anticipation and location on the deep post. Good accuracy out to 30 yards when on the run to either side, and exhibits knack for being able to lead receivers nicely on crossing patterns when throwing on the move. Highly respected in the locker room, primarily for his ability and willingness to play through pain. You’ll never hear him complain. He played 8 games with a torn pectoral muscle last season, and lead SEA to a 5-3 record during that stretch. Doesn’t make a lot of bad throwing decisions in terms of trying to force the ball.

Locks onto his primary target too often. Holds the ball too long and lacks decisiveness on quick, timing plays (i.e. 3-step drops, slant routes, quick outs, etc.), often resulting in a pocket flush and unnecessary improvisation. Despite possessing athleticism and mobility to escape the pocket, he lacks a strong feel for pressure around him, and takes sacks too easily. Needs play action or shotgun to put together any kind of consistent passing rhythm, as these plays allow him to see the field better and buy more time. Slow through progressions, and can’t be counted on to consistently get the ball out on time when asked to lead his target. Will abandon footwork and mechanics under pressure, and too often throws off balance leading to a sail on the stick routes, or excessive loft and underthrow on vertical routes. Went into the 4th quarter of several games with a chance to win in 2011, but couldn’t finish with winning drives.

There’s a lot to love about Tarvaris Jackson’s toughness, leadership and even-keeled approach to the QB position. He’s a great locker room guy, who’s sure to bring a respected veteran presence to the QB group and team as a whole. If called upon, he’ll need to rely heavily on the Buffalo run game to set up play-action, rollouts and bootlegs whereby he has ample time to scan the field and can utilize his mobility and accuracy on the move to make plays. He should also flourish in a shotgun system where he can keep his reads to one side of the field, and will rely heavily on TEs and slot WRs sitting down underneath in space. He started 14 games for Seattle in 2011, and was pretty badly injured for a good chunk of them, yet never made an excuse, and performed much better than he should have considering the torn pec was on his throwing side.

Definitely plenty to like and definitely plenty to not like in our new QB. What do you think of the trade?

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3 Responses to “QB Tarvaris Jackson Scouting Report”

  1. Frank Rojek says:

    I was thinking the Bills might go after Colt McCoy but perhaps the
    asking price was too high.

    • Matt Elder says:

      Hmmm…never really thought of this after signing Vince but its certainly a possibility that we could of explored. In the end though I think they probably wanted a stronger QB for the winds of the Ralph.

  2. Bob says:

    I like this pick-up. He is a backup and with the QB coach we have, a lot of his flaws could be corrected!

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