Scouting the Big 12 Sleepers

Kansas State
LB Justin Tuggle-6’3, 227 lbs.
Now you did not read that wrong, former BC QB Justin Tuggle is now a LB at Kansas State University. And yes he is in fact the son of former Atlanta Falcon great Jessie Tuggle. Justin will play outside for the Wildcats this season and they hope he can key off what star MLB Arthur Brown does and help make big plays. With his athleticism and size the Wildcats are hoping to use Tuggle in passing situations to both drop into coverage and rush the passer so his learning curve will be quite steep. Can the former QB adapt to a new side of the ball? We will certainly find out very quickly in 2012.

DE Meshak Williams-6’3, 245 lbs
A pass rush threat off the edge, Williams may have had the quietest seven sack season you’ve ever heard of. He does a really nice job getting out of his stance and does well to bend around the corner and get to the QB. He’s got better hands than given credit for and he does well to fight off blocks and work his way into the pocket. He’s not quite the threat some of the premier DE’s in this class are, but he certainly has the ability to rise very quickly.

Texas Tech
LB Terrance Bullitt-6’3, 215 lbs.
Terrance Bullitt plays the game like he has been shot out a cannon. Bullitt flies to the ball and consistently is able to make plays all over the field. He is a bit of a tweener at his size and will need to bulk up and make a commitment to being a LB at the next level. With his athleticism and playmaking ability he could be an ideal fit in either the 43 or 34 defense.

WR Alex Torres-6’0, 200 lbs.
Torres has overcome a lot in his career, he transferred from Air Force to the Red Raiders, he tore his knee up and now he’s one of the most productive WR’s in the Big 12. Torres plays in the spread system and should be good for another 50+ catch, 600+ yard season. However if Torres wants to prove he has what it takes to become a player at the next level he needs to show more in his route running and making plays to pick up yards after the catch.

DE Gary Mason-6’4, 275 lbs.
While much of the excitement that surrounded Waco is now gone after RGIII left there are still plenty of players to watch for the Bears. DE Gary Mason is a strong side DE who does well v. the run and is still developing as a pass rusher. Mason does a good job anchoring down at the point of attach and holding up his block in order to get off of it and make a play. He has good athleticism for a 275 lbs DE, and could intrigue some teams in a 34 set as a DE.

CB Ahmad Dixon*-6’0, 205 lbs.
With RGIII getting all the glory last year many people didn’t pay attention to the Baylor defense, and for the most part the bowl game v. Washington showed why we shouldn’t have. However CB Ahmad Dixon will give you a reason to watch the defense this year. Dixon who made an impact as a physical tackling DB last year will be counted on to do more in coverage this season. His athleticism is still a bit unknown and we have questions about his hip fluidity to play on the outside but all those questions should be answered in 2012.

Iowa State
OT Carter Bykowski-6’8, 303 lbs.
Just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger than Kelechi Osemele, the Cyclones go and introduce you to yet another LT with massive size. Bykowski is actually a more athletic prospect than Osemele and obviously quite slimmer. He is a converted TE who has good feet and long arms. He’s not quite as strong as you would want your LT to be at the moment but he’s a hard worker who has a high ceiling.

SAF Jacques Washington*-6’1, 213 lbs.
Overshadowed by SAF prospects like Vaccaro (Texas) and Tony Jefferson (Oklahoma), Washington doesn’t really get the credit he deserves in the conference. Heck on his own team he’s over shadowed by Iowa State’s two star LB’s in AJ Klein and Jake Knott. However Washington is as much a playmaker as any of the four above and starting in 2012, and continuing into 2013, he will show you exactly how big of a playmaker he can be. A dual threat safety who can play in the box or back in zone, Washington has good athleticism and does a really nice job patrolling the middle of the field and reading the QB’s eyes.

WR Kale Pick-6’2, 205
We’re not quite sure what it is exactly about former Kansas QB’s turning into WR’s, but we do know that the Atlanta Falcons Kerry Meier has made a NFL career out of it thus far. Pick is a bit smaller than Meier but has nice athletic ability and solid hands. He’s entering his second year of playing WR and with new coach Charlie Weiss he’ll have every opportunity to blossom. Pick needs lots of repetition and routes and he has a solid QB in Dayne Crist who he can work with.

LB Darius Willis*-6’2, 245 lbs
The heart and soul of this Jayhawk defense, Willis is the player you’ll routinely see around the ball. He does a good job crashing the lie and making plays from his MLB position and is athletic enough with his range to make plays sideline to sideline. The questions with Willis are about what else he can do. We know he’s a tackling machine but can he take that next step and become more aggressive or show off some pass rush or coverage skills we haven’t seen yet?

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