Around the AFC East – Week 3

Bills DE Mario Williams finally got in on the action in Week 3 v. Cleveland (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor: Mike Watkins

Every week BBD Editor Mike Watkins will give us his thoughts about the Bills and the rest of the AFC East from the past weekend’s action. So make sure you check back weekly to see what Mike has to say along with following him on Twitter!

-The Bills didn’t make it easy on themselves but they came away with a road victory against a team they should beat. Any time you can win on the road in the NFL you’ll take it no matter how ugly it looks at times.

-I’m sure nearly the entire Bills fan base let out a collective gasp when they saw CJ Spiller down on the ground in obvious pain. The severity of Spillers injury is still yet to be determined but the early reports are that it isn’t as severe as it looked. While he may miss next week Spiller has clearly become an important part to this offense and any extended injury would hurt the Bills in the long run

-When Spiller went down I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt like the air was taken away from the Bills sail at that point. The Bills up to that point were on their way to what looked like a dominating win. Then post injury the Bills allowed the Browns to get back in it and gain some momentum. In the past the Bills had not been able to stop this momentum shift but today they started to separate themselves from the past Bills teams that would have likely folded in the same situation

-I said before the game that I wanted to see a #2 WR take the job and while we didn’t see someone completely stake their claim to that spot we at least saw some life from the position. D.Jones had a good game and TJ Graham scored his first NFL touchdown and finally looks to be gaining some confidence. Neither is close to being considered the long term answer across from S.Johnson but at least they are heading in the right direction now

-Did Fitzpatrick have the very good game I was looking for against a suspect Browns secondary? No, but much like Jones and Graham he seems to be heading in the right direction. The accuracy issues are still there and he has yet to complete a deep ball but he did toss 3 TD’s passes and most importantly no Interceptions

-The Bills have quietly put together one of the better offensive lines in the NFL. Their pass protection has been good so far and their run blocking has been absolutely stellar to this point. They are big, physical, and they can move.

-It’s becoming clearer every week which starting CB opposing teams want to attack and that player is A.Williams. Outside of one miscue on the TD pass the Browns largely stayed away from Gilmore and instead chose to attack A.Williams especially deep.

-Mario Williams notched his first sack as a Buffalo Bill and overall had a pretty good game, as did the entire Bills DL. It’s important that all these players keep getting into the backfield because it makes it difficult for opposing teams deciding whom to double team. The DL seems to finally be finding its grove and they were a big part of closing out the game in the 4 quarter

-One thing the Bills really need to shore up this week is that for a good stretch of this game the Bills had real problems with Quick slants and outs. This needs to be shored up before the Patriots because those patterns are a huge part of their offense and I’m sure this week they will take note of it.

-Why is J.Potter still on this roster and taking up a game day spot? For a guy that was supposed to be a touchback machine he doesn’t seem to be getting many. We led the NFL in opponents return last year and we are now 18th and a full 4 yards worse through three weeks. If there is not a drastic improvement in the next couple games he needs to go or at the very least left off the game day roster

AFC East
-The Jets stole a win in Miami and are likely not feeling real great about how they won it but like I aid with the Bills, any time you can get a win on the road in the NFL you take it. This compounds itself when it’s a win on the road against a division team.

-The Revis injury is a huge loss for the Jets. A lot of what they do is because they can isolate him on one WR for the game and basically forget about that side of the field in the passing game

-I’m not really sure what the Jets are doing with Tebow. They are not fooling anyone with the packages he is in, making him run out patterns in the passing game is a waste of time and space, and when they do let him play QB it always seem to break any rhythm the offense had. His best place is as a glorified FB in a run option play yet the Jets seem more focused on proving how smart they are by putting him in anything but that most of the time.

-I’ll give the Dolphins credit, they fought the whole way against a tough divisional opponent but eventually youth and inexperience cost them. They are going to be a tougher out than most people thought heading into the year

-The R.Bush injury could be a real killer for their offense because he looked to be off to the best start of his career. They have some depth behind him which is good but neither will have his impact. Keep an eye out for L.Miller, he dropped a lot farther then he should have in this past draft

-Through three games the Patriots still have a big problem that they had last year and that’s in the secondary. Fact is they just have a lack of talent in that spot and it’s going to be an issue all year

-The Patriots pass rush has improved from last year but it’s sporadic to this point. Against the Ravens they need much more than they got out of the pass rush

-The Patriots inability to run the ball is going to hurt them this year in the long run. Is it a passing league now? Yes with out a doubt, however this doesn’t mean you can just abandon the run. Now I am not real high on their RB’s as is but they have to start getting more out of that position then they are getting.

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