Losing A Bet Sucks…

Mark Sanchez torched the Bills on Sunday which made us lose a bet… (Photo: US Presswire)

This is the part of the day that I was dreading, I made a bet with our partner site NYJetsDraft.com and let’s just call that a mistake. We bet straight up on the winner of the game and unfortunately for me I took the Bills because I’m a homer and the Bills honestly had me believing they would win this game. Needless to say the Bills lost, no let’s be honest the Bills got a molly whopped, yesterday and now I have to post this video as a tribute to the Jets and their victory. I’m truthfully embarrassed right now…

I’d like to thank Ryan Fitzpatrick and his not one, or two INT’s, but rather his three INT’s including the pick six to Cromartie. I’d like to thank the Bills LB’s for their effort, I can’t name them because I’m still not sure they were actually on the field on Sunday since they didn’t make a single play. I’d like to thank a whole lot of things that led to me have to put up this video but let’s just suffice it to say we got beat handedly and now I have to take my medicine.

Congratulations to the Jets, good win, and we’ll see you in Week 17…HAIL TEBOW!

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