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Mike takes a quick look at South Carolina’s junior RB Marcus Lattimore who many consider to be one of the top backs in the country. (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Every Week BBD Editor Mike Watkins breaks down college football film and every week he’ll be posting his extra points about the games he watched and some of his thoughts on specific prospects. This week Mike talk about the myth that is Landry Jones 1st Round QB status, along with just how good OT Taylor Lewan is from Michigan after watching him v. ND. Also make sure you scroll to the end for some great notes on South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore and Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins!

-Clemson and Florida State was a great game and now Florida State has a great shot to run the table with the only trip up game left is with Virginia Tech

-I agree with the polls LSU deserves to be dropped. I think Oregon is better and a very strong case can be made that Florida State is better.

-Alabama has been playing lights out but the best team I’ve seen so far is Oregon. The speed and talent they have on both sides of the ball is amazing. If you haven’t seen them play yet I would tune in.

-I’ve been saying it since last year and I’m going to continue saying it, Oklahoma QB L. Jones is not a first round QB. Right now in my opinion he’s a mid to late second rounder

-D.Robinson is never going to play QB in the NFL but he is going to make a GM look smart when he takes him and moves him to WR.

-Geno Smith continues to stake his claim to being the top QB in the country and the NFL draft but he is going to have to do it
against some ranked teams. Texas is the first game where he should really make a statement

-Outside of a very clutch catch late in the Michigan game Notre Dames Tyler Eifert has been pretty underwhelming this year

-Have I mentioned yet how much I like UL Monroe QB Kolton Browning yet? Still a better shot he stays than he goes at this point

-The more I watch Kansas States LB A.Brown the more I like him. He plays all over the place and is a tough kid. Against Oklahoma he suffered what looked like at least a game ending ankle injury but toughed it out and returned to the game

-Taylor Lewan from Michigan often gets compared to Jake Long but those comparisons should stop. While Lewan is a good player he is not the dominant force Jake Long was at Michigan or is in the NFL. There is a lot to like about him but he still has a ways to go on consistency and technique

-Player that caught my eye this weekend: Jake Ryan LB/DE from Michigan. Every time Michigan made a play on defense he seemed to be involved in it one way or another. He takes great angles and is non-stop from start to finish. He also looks comfortable playing with both his hand in the ground or standing up

Quick Looks
Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina*
-Very good size at 6’1 225
-Well built
-Shows good balance
-Make strong decisive cuts
-Good receiver out of the backfield
-Cannot be arm tackled
-Needs some work on his pass protection but overall not bad
-He’s more quick than fast
-He doesn’t really have the breakaway gear that you look for in upper elite RB’s
-Right now the first thing Lattimore had to do this year was show that the knee was no longer a problem. Thus far he has shown that. Right now he is the top RB on the board and a top 15 pick in my opinion. As long as he remains steady he should retain that status through the rest of the year

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
-At 6’1 200 pounds he’s a little shorter than you would like at WR
-Good but not great speed
-Can get real sloppy on routes
-Avg route runner
-Excellent hands
-Very big receiving radius
-He attacks the ball when it’s in the air
-Physical for his size
-S Watkins is the Clemson WR that most people talk about but to date in the 2012 season Hopkins has been the WR that has caught my eye more. I’ve got him in the mid to late second round now but he could move up into the first if he keeps up the production

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