2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia v. Florida

Jarvis Jones is healthy, and ready to finish terrorizing the SEC (Photo: US Presswire)


In what was another classic cocktail battle the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Florida Gators in Jacksonville, FL to wrestle away control of the SEC East from the Gators and put the Bulldogs firmly in control of their own destiny. Here are how the prospects faired;

RB Mike Gillislee 23 (#4 2013 RB)
-Struggling to find holes for UGA defense that is flying to the ball
-Showing decent acceleration through the hole when he has a chance to get through it
-Takes screen pass and does a good job following his blockers for a nice gain
-Finally gets a clean running lane and shows some speed to get through and inside the five yard line
-Makes Ogletree miss with a quick juke move in the open field and is able to get another 5-7 yards
-Showing a little shake that we hadn’t seen previously in this game
-Tries the right side but its stuffed up, so cuts it back left and gets about six yards
-Would have been a lot more had Brandon Smith not cut him down
-Soft hands out of the backfield
Overview: Gillislee was frustrated for most of the day by how fast UGA’s defense swarmed to the ball. It was also a bit concerning how willing Florida was to get away from the run, but that’s a coaching call. This was not Gillislee’s best game and his draft status is one of those that still eludes me.

FB Trey Burton* 8 (#2 2014 FB)
-Runs out route from slot WR position
-Makes good catch on route getting separation from Ogletree
-Good concentration on tipped pass to make the catch and get the first down
-Playing Wildcat QB, he is a former QB
-Was wide open in the end zone but a bad snap and then bad throw by Driskell cost him
-Works back to QB and is again open in the endzone but Driskell misses him
Overview: Burton may be Florida’s most dynamic player offensively. He runs the wildcat, he runs the ball, he lines up in the backfield, he lines up on the line, and he lines up in the slot. He’s an impressive prospect with good athleticism and who would of won UF the game has Driskell been able to hit him in the endzone.

WR Andre Debose 4 (Not Ranked)
-Used mainly as a kick returner now
-Shows plenty of speed and acceleration but has been drilled on consecutive returns attempts
-Muffs first punt return on a fair catch signal, UF does recover
Overview: It’s sad how far Debose has fallen since coming to Florida. He’s still got blazing speed but he rarely sees the field out of returns and when he is out there he’s often the 4th or 5th progression.

TE Jordan Reed* 11 (#2 2014 TE)
-Shows solid athleticism on hitch route to secure ball and get up field to get a first down
-Becoming a featured target as Florida attacks the UGA’s LB’s in coverage
-Gets his hands extended when catching the ball, doesn’t let it get into his body
-Takes pass over the middle and head up field, looks like he’s going to score and give UF a chance to tie the game
-Unfortunately Reed elevates to try and go over a defender, in doing so he allows the ball to come away from his body and Jarvis Jones hits him and forces a fumble UGA recovers
Overview: Reed has to do a better job securing the ball effectively, there wasn’t a big need to elevate the way he did and in doing that he cost himself and his team. Reed is still a stellar prospect who can really abuse a team in the middle of the field that is either slow to react or that lacks discipline in their coverage zones.

OT Xavier Nixon 73 (#6 2013 OT)
-False start
-Does good job using his punch to slow down Jones on rush
-Recovers on Jones power rush that seemed to catch him off guard, gave up a yard or two but anchored and stopped him
-Gets beat on a dip and rip move by Jones who came full circle around him to get a sack and strip on Driskell
-Missed blocking assignment inside the red zone, takes outside most rusher allowing inside guy to rush Driskell untouched
-Driskell does throw ball away to avoid the sack
-Recognized Jones attempt at an inside rush and neutralizes it
Overview: When he was able to keep the pass rusher in front of him he did a good job getting his arms extended and stopping the rush. I even saw him re-anchor a number of times after getting moved back off a power move. Where Nixon did struggle was when he tride to slide and stay with the smaller Jones on his speed rush. Nixon got himself over extended a good bit and ended up bending at the waist to try and get to Jones who simply dipped and ripped right past him.

OC Jonotthan Harrison 72 (#3 2014 OC)
-Getting beat consistently by Geathers who is throwing Harrison around like a rag doll
-Finally gets better of Geathers on a running play, drives him 3-4 yards off the ball to create running room for back
-Good lead blocking on screen pass
-Forgets where his QB is and snaps ball that is off target and ruins the timing for what would have been a touchdown play
-Controlled John Jenkins one on one, moved him out of the way and prevented him from getting near the ball carrier on the cut back
Overview: When Harrison went up against Jenkins it was what I was used to seeing from Harrison, he controlled the POA and really did a phenomenal job blocking Jenkins 1 on 1. Against Geathers though it was like a nightmare that wouldn’t stop for Harrison who couldn’t deal with Geathers first step and the power he generated off of it.

DE Dominique Easley* 2 (#4 2014 DT)
-Limited size on the outside is giving him trouble v long armed OT’s
-Quickness really is starting to show in the 2nd half, playing inside against Burnette and he’s beating him with his first step
-Is across the line before Murray can get the ball in shotgun and Burnette does not have time to react
-Seems to have really come alive in the 2nd half, Florida going to a four man line and kicking Easley inside is paying huge dividends
Overview: It’s clear to me that Easley is miscast in the Florida defense, he’s so quick off the ball and is so effective shooting gaps and getting into the backfield that asking him to take on the OT and shed is just hurting him. Florida’s defense is a lot more frightening when they allow Floyd and Shariff to line up at DT and terrorize the offense.

DE Shariff Floyd* 73 (#2 2014 DT)
-Sheds block on the inside and swallows Gurley in the hole
-Beating Theus off the ball when going up against him
-Beats Theus inside and nearly gets to Gurley in the backfield for a big loss
-Playing inside in the nickel package and is able to shed block and make play on RB
-First step is just too fast for RT as he beats him inside and gets to RB for a TFL
-Tosses OC to the side as he attempts to cut Floyd, quick hands to neutralize attempt
-Getting off blocks in the middle of the line and making UGA RB’s make extra cuts in the backfield
Overview: Floyd was probably the most impressive UF defender on the day for me, he was tearing through the UGA line consistently. He was able to beat just about every UGA interior lineman and didn’t seen the least bit deterred by any of them. I do think at times Floyd lost awareness of where the ball was with his focus on getting through the line and that will need to be corrected but all the tools are there.

OLB Jelani Jenkins* 3 (#5 2014 OLB)
-Misses tackle on Gurley on TD run
-Gets hand in on Murray throw to deflect it up and let Josh Evans pick it off
-Left game with injury
Overview: Left the same with an injury and did not return, was active early and did get the tip that led to one of the three INT’s

ILB Jonathan Bostic 1 (#7 2013 ILB)
-Blows up pulling OT in the backfield to force RB to change direction and into waiting defenders
-Has to do a better job getting off blocks and picking through traffic
-Plenty of athleticism to get outside, chase down Gurley and knock him out of bounds
-Avoids block from Gates to get to RB for a tackle
Overview: Bostic is an extremely active MLB who I think has a lot of NFL potential but he seemed more willing to run around blocks than through them in this game and that game RB’s like Gurley too much time to get past him. When he was aggressive and attacking he limited the running attack of UGA and was a strong tackler.

SAF Matt Elam* 22 (#3 2014 SAF)
-Gets off block from Brown trying to hold the edge and brings down Gurley for no gain
-Playing deep CF coverage, Murray throws the ball right to him
-Misses tackle on RB in the flat on a screen pass
Overview: I came away from this game a little flat on Evans, I was really him on him after the LSU game but here I found myself wondering where he was on the longer runs that UGA sprung into the secondary. He appeared to get sucked in and caught in bad angles too often and as a safety he knows he has to go better. He does desrve kudos for the INT though where he was in the right place at the right time.

SAF Josh Evans 9 (#15 2013 SAF)
-Comes up from SAF spot to hit Marhsall in the hole
-Jumps the route based on watching Murray and gets the pass deflection that leads to the INT
-Cuts down Gurley in open field but not until after he converts a first down
-Gets the gift from Jenkins who tips the ball up and Evans completes the INT
Overview: Evans had a solid but not spectacular game for the Gators. He was active in run support but at times took poor angles and was left exposed to cut backs from the UGA RB’s. Evans did show good awareness

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