2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia v. Florida

QB Aaron Murray* 11 (#6 2014 QB)
-Doing a good job taking what D gives him early
-Good placement on back to back throws to Mitchell
-Showing nice arm strength to get the ball outside the hash with pace
-Flushed outside by rush and throws the ball high and out of bounds
-Forces pass over the middle and its deflected and picked off
-Locked on to target and decided regardless of the coverage he was going to that target
-Poor decision making after starting off with strong throws to open up the game
-Has a clean pocket but over shoots Brown in the endzone
-Feels pressure so tries to buy time but forces throw sidearm again into coverage and its again picked off
-UGA was inside the 10 yard line and up only one score, no need to force that throw
-Feels pressure coming from Bostic on a blitz, so he steps up in the pocket and skys a pass down the middle of the field right to Matt Elam
-That was Murray’s third pick in three straight drives
-Each pass was either based on a bad decision or based on poor mechanics
-Forgets where he is on the field in relation to the line of scrimmage and completes an illegal forward pass that ends the drive
-Still off target as we start the 2nd half
-Stares down target and DB makes a break to get a hand on the pass, does not look at all comfortable throwing the ball right now
-Good patience to let WR get off block and past defender for an easy touch throw, badly needed a completion
-Escapes pressure and throws ball away on third down, holds FG position though
-Has no touch on deep ball down the sideline
Overview:A friend of mine who does some draft evaluation texted me during the game and said ‘Is the only thing holding UGA back really Aaron Murray right now?’ and the answer for this game was yes. Murray missed a number of throws, threw into coverage, and often times looked confused by the blitz packages and coverages. This is not necessairly something new from Murray either which is something that should bother those projecting him to the next level.

WR Marlon Brown 15 (Not Ranked)
-Takes WR screen for 10+ yards
-Needed better field vision as the backside cut had a huge opening and potential for more yardage
Overview: Rarely targeted and when he was the ball was not accurate, Brown has overtaken King as the most dangerous upperclassmen WR on the team and Murray needs to find a way to get him the rock.

OT Kenarious Gates* 72 (#8 2014 OG)
-Clears out Shariff Floyd on Gurley TD run, created cut back lane for Gurley to get into endzone
-Gets out in front of WR screen to block Bostic and give Brown some more yardage
-Has moved inside to LG on this drive late in the 1st Quarter
-Anchors down v. Easley on his power rush and locks him out
-Good 2nd level block to bury Bostic and put him on his back
-Again inside at LG
Overview: This was a much better game from Gates and we still like him better on the interior than outside. Gates was able to go enough v. Florida’s speed rusher to run them out of the play, however it was when he was allowed to use his power and athleticism that he flourished. Gates at LG where he could pull and trap could be a dominating prospect.

OG Chris Burnette* 68 (#3 2014 OG)
-Blows DT off the ball to create running lane for Gurley on 1st and 20, run goes for 18 yards
-Stayed low off the snap, got into defenders chest plate and moved him like he wasn’t even there
-Struggling with Easley’s speed and hands early on the 3rd Quarter
Overview: Burnette is a classical OG who when he gets set in his stands and gets his hands on you it’s basically game over. I found his struggles with Easley when he was at DT to be a bit surprising because Burnette is a typically athletic prospect but there wasn’t much he was able to do in that matchup.

DT John Jenkins 6 (#1 2013 DT)
-Shoots through line quickly
-Powers through Florida OL to get good push into pocket
-Stunts on a blitz call and appears to see the screen getting set up but has no chance to get there in time
-Gets hands up and bats down Driskell pass on third down, forcing FG
-Struggling to get much push even when being blocked one on one
-Controlled and dominated by Harrison one on one
Overview: Jenkins is our top rated DT in the 2013 class and I couldn’t be more disappointed in this game and I imagine Big John Jenkins shares in that disappointment. He was unable to generate much of a pass rush all game long and when line up as a true NT he was owned by Harrison consistently. He’s got to get better if UGA is going to win the SEC.

DT Kwame Geathers 99 (#6 2014 DT)
-Started out on DL with Jenkins in 34 look, was at DE
-Absolutely blows Harrison off the ball and forces RB to stretch play from the start
-Tosses Harrison around and forces Gillislee to change directions in the backfield
-Speed off the snap is giving Harrison fits
Overview: If you only watched this game you would probably be shocked to learn that Geather is considered the secondary DT prospect to Jenkins. Geathers showed speed and power that I honestly didn’t even know he had. It was an impressive game for a DT prospect who may soon be emerging from Big John Jenkins shadow.

DE Cornelius Washington 83 (#10 2013 DE)
-Uses power move to drive right through OG and flushes the QB
-Powerful hands to just shove the OG out of the way
-Shoves Nixon into the backfield but can’t get back to make a play on cut back run
-Stays low off the snap and drives RT back into Driskell who flutters a pass into the defensive backfield that is easily picked off
-Good chase on Driskell scramble to get him down
-Crashed down on QB read and lost backside contain, penalty negated big gain
Overview: People have started giving the ‘are you crazy’ looks when I talk about Cornelius Washington in glowing terms but as I continued to say he’s such a horrible fit for this defense that UGA is hurting him in the scheme. You saw just how good Washington is when he stays low, uses his length, and over powers the OT. He’s an ideal 43 LDE prospect who can control the POA and give RT’s nightmares.

OLB Jarvis Jones* 29 (#3 2014 OLB)
-Flying off the edge in the 1st Quarter, looks like Florida RT is going to struggle with his speed rush
-Finds RB off the edge and sheds block to take him down
-Crashing down off edge and taking down Gilislee for small gain
-Dips his shoulder and rips past Nixon to the outside
-Never gives up on the play and even though Driskell moved up in the pocket he still gets the sack and strip
-Throws Jordan Reed’s block off of him and tackles Gillislee for no gain
-Showing power that may have been lacking due to previously nagging injuries
-Trying a lot of inside stunts and rushes that aren’t working effectively was having more success just getting up the field and after the QB
-Allowed OG to run right up and block him, was supposed to have backside contain on Gillislee run
-Spins right off block and tackles RB in the backfield
-Has been all over the field all night but made no bigger play than chasing down Jordan Reed and forcing a fumble to save a touchdown for UGA.
Overview: Jarvis Jones is healthy and that should scare the crap out of every other team on UGA’s schedule, because when this kid comes to play he’s an animal. He showed a little more power in this game than we have seen before but he still struggles to disengage from blocks consistently which could make him a liability in the run game, but with that pass rush few are going to care.

ILB Alec Ogletree* 9 (#1 2014 ILB)
-Sifts through traffic to get outside tackle box and meet Gillislee after only a yard of positive gain
-Trailing play at Driskell scrambles, sees the throw to the WR and even though its complete he nails him with a big hit
-Good job trailing pass play to Dunbar to take him down and avoid big play with safety blitzing
-Jumps inside route by Dunbar and nearly has a pick six, instead just a pass deflection
-Former safety instincts definitely came out as he undercut the route
Overview: The transformation from SAF to ILB is nearly complete for Ogletree who was always near the ball and in on many tackles. He finally appears to be learning how to get through traffic without trying to avoid blocks and isn’t afraid to get physical. The way Ogletree hits though is so violent (and clean) that it makes you excited to watch him play the game.

SAF Bacarri Rambo 18 (#10 2013 SAF)
-Comes up on draw play and pops Gillislee after four yards, good open field tackling technique to wrap and drive
-See QB take off the outside and comes from opposite field SAF spot to get to the edge and take down Driskell after a small gain
-Coming up quickly from safety spot and cutting down ball carriers, seems more aggressive here than I’ve seen him before
-Rolls with the QB and watches his eyes to tell him when to break on ball to make the INT in the end zone to close out the half
-Times blitz perfectly and sacks Driskell after being un-touched
Overview: It’s well established I’m not a Rambo fan in terms of being prospect but man did he have a good game v. UF in this one. He was active in coming up as a run defender and definitely stuck his nose in there plenty when it came to making tackles. I had Rambo labeled as a pile jumper but he wasn’t doing that in this game at all, also that INT was by far the best pick of the day as he followed Driskell and his eyes before making his break.

SAF Shawn Williams 36 (#13 2013 SAF)
-Gets to the edge and takes down Patton before he can turn the corner on 4th and 1
-Tackle was high but clean and violent
-Tackle forces a turnover on downs
-Comes off block to get Driskell who kept it on a Zone Read
-Touchdown saving tackle on Gillislee
-Hits RB in the backfield on the very next play
Overview: You talk a big game, you better back it up and Shawn Williams certainly did that. I was skeptical prior to this game of ranking Williams because I wanted to see something more from him than just being a solid tackler but he showed the aggression and instincts I was waiting to see from him. He now sits as our #13 overall Safety in the 2013 class.

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