2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: UGA v. South Carolina

It was just one of those nights for UGA v. South Carolina (Photo: US Presswire)


In one of the most heavily anticipated match-ups of the month two top 5 teams met in Columbia, SC on Saturday, but only one looked like a legitimate contender. Both QB’s struggled for South Carolina and UGA in a game that was dominated by UGA’s inability to block Sophomore DE Jadaveon Clowney, and their inability to contain Connor Shaw on the run. The Gamecocks are most certainly for real, and LSU may want to watch out. 

QB Aaron Murray* 11
-Throws INT on a deflected pass, tried to knock it down but was beat to spot by Holloman, not much he could do
-Next pass looks rushed and comes out of his hand very high
-Does a great job to recover bad snap and maintain composure
-Overthrows sideline route to Mitchell
-Struggling to communicate audibles to offensive players
-Play-action roll out gets Murray into space and he delivers his best throw yet
-Good throw to King over the LB zone coverage to King on in route
-Off target screen pass falls incomplete as WR can’t make diving catch
-Really thriving in hurry up tempo
-Delivers an in stride throw to Mitchell over the middle
-Find Mitchell again with a nice back shoulder toss down the sideline
-Has to get the ball further to the back shoulder on that pass into the endzone, defender got a hand on it and that shouldn’t happen
-Good throw by Murray on 4th and goal to get WR to the goalline but the defense stepped up and made a play for the turnover
-Under throws deep ball, which allows DB to catch up and make a play on the ball
-Reads are delayed, seems to be hesitating way too much
-Overthrew a wide open Marlon Brown who could of taken the ball for a touchdown
-Pressure has Murray rattled
-Murray continues to struggle with inconsistent release, his throws are all over the place
-Has little to no faith in his offensive line, nor should he
Overview: Murray had one of his worst games in his UGA career, he threw the ball wildly and was hit on nearly every drop back. Murray struggles when the pocket is not clean and UGA’s refusal to try and move the pocket for Murray was interesting. The concerns about Murray’s arm strength and deep ball touch are still evident as he continues to lack the consistency in those throws when his team badly needs them. UGA has a bye week and UK coming up which should give Murray plenty of opportunity to get back before they take on Florida.

WR Tavarres King 12
-Has to get hands out in front of body, could of made the catch before the DB could have had a chance to knock it away
Overview: Had only one catch and only a few targets overall. Really not sure what to make of King’s draft status, I don’t believe he’s a #1 WR in the NFL, but can he continue to work on his game and become a capable #2? He’s at his best running deeper routes, and having a QB with more consistent touch will help him.

WR Marlon Brown 15
-Good block on bubble screen to spring Wooten
-Great job getting his hands up to haul in the high pass
-Bad drop on screen pass
Overview: Brown is finally developing into the player UGA thought they were getting four years ago when he signed out of HS. His impact on this game was minimal but he’s a more complete route runner than King and has a better catch radius. The issue with Brown is that he still struggles with some drops.

OT Kenarious Gates* 72
-Named one of the captains for this game
-Has to do a better job getting to the 2nd level and making the block on the OLB
-False Start penalty
-Gets eaten up by Clowney’s swim move, doesn’t extend his arms
-Lined up almost off the line of scrimmage, full half step behind OG
-Executes good cut block on blitzing LB
-Beaten inside again by Clowney
-Not sure what that was, but allows Clowney to run by him and then hurdle the RB before hitting Murray
-Beaten by Clowney and straight speed rush, RB also missed chip
-Is getting help inside and out v. Clowney
-Goes low on Clowney and he simply hops over
-Looks like he’s out of options v. Clowney
-Being asked to get straight to the 2nd level near the goal line, leaving Clowney unblocked
-Another failed cut block on Clowney, Gates looking to hit the ground rather than Clowney
-Continues to try different things with Clowney but is beaten time and time again
-Punch seems to have no power left
-Looks tired and is laboring
Overview: Well it’s pretty clear that Gates is no Cordy Glenn, Gates is a former OG who kicked outside just like Glenn but Gates struggled badly with Clowney’s speed and quickness. In the 2nd half Clowney was able to use his power to simply move Gates despite being 50 pounds lighter. UGA has big problems with the left side of their line if Gates can’t get it together quickly.

OG Chris Burnette* 68
-Pulls to the inside to sell play action pass
-Focused too much on getting to the 2nd level, lets DT fire right through the line
-Showing good strength one on one v. South Carolina NT
-Not getting a ton of push when run blocking but also not giving up any ground
-Has the athleticism to pull, trap, and get to the 2nd level
-Used as a lead blocker to the outside a good bit
Overview: Burnette was an intriguing prospect and he was not the offensive player I expected to be the most impressed with coming out of this game, but he was. He showed good athletic ability and power for the OG position and really did some technical things really well. His real test will come in three weeks v. Florida and their interior rush.

DE Cornelius Washington 83
-Playing more OLB than DE early on
-Gets off block and makes tackle on Lattimore down the line
-Great power rush to move OL into the backfield and force Shaw to take off
-Stayed low and exploded into the OG
-Playing some DT in the nickel package
-First step is incredibly quick
-Looks like a man without a position
-Has freak like athletic ability with his size and strength
Overview: In the UGA 34 Washington plays just about everywhere and against South Carolina he did just that. In the NFL I envision Washington as a 43 DE using his long arms and athletic ability to wreak havoc on opposing QB’s. He seems out of place in the 34, not quite big enough to be a full time DE, not quite fast enough to be a OLB. As the 43 DE he could actually slim down some and add more explosion. He’s a sleeper to watch for on Day 3 of the draft, as some team could get a steal.

DT Kwame Geathers* 99
-Lining up next to Jenkins in nickel package, takes at least three OL to even try and block them
-Stuffs run at the line of scrimmage, good power move while being blocked one on one
-Seeing lots of time with Jenkins needing series off to catch his breath
-Not quit the same first step as Jenkins but brings similar power on every snap
-Is a tough block one on one and wins the majority of those battles
Overview: It would not be a shock to see Geathers leave school early, but I hope he returns. I want to see him more with full time reps as opposed to backing up Jenkins. He’s still developing how to use his hands effectively and understanding how to play with leverage, but you can see his growth weekly and he could develop into a very good prospect for the 2014 draft.

DT John Jenkins 6
-Works down the line and makes a play on a run off tackle
-Gets good push into the pocket to flush Shaw
-Gets off block and makes tackle on Lattimore
-Seeing double teams now, when blocked one on one he’s getting push on every snap
-Blows up zone read, unblockable at this point in the game
-Starting to miss entire series now in favor of Geathers, conditioning issue
-Stays low off the snap and explodes into OL
-Uses his hands really well to get off blocks
-Tackles with a lot of force and power
-Power is generated from his lower body, he coils well pre-snap and explodes out with great leg push
Overview: We rank Jenkins as the top DT in this draft, he’s one of only a few true 3-4 zero gap NT’s available and is in our opinion a good bit above Star Lotulelei of Utah. Jenkins has the power and athleticism you crave in an interior lineman. The issue is that he’s still not in great or even good shape. He misses entire series and can get winded on longer drives.

ILB Alec Ogletree* 9
-Knifes under block to hit Lattimore after minimal game
-Was closing on out pattern, got a hand on the ball to knock it away but nearly picked it off
-Does well to evade blocks and make tackle on Shaw
-Cracks Shaw along the sideline, made the QB pay for trying to get greedy on his run
-Clean and legal shoulder to shoulder hit
-Forces fourth down
-Knifes through traffic well
-Attacks from his ILB position
-Still improving his instincts and reading ability, got caught taking false steps
Overview: Ogletree is one of UGA’s top prospect, this was only his second game back and you could see some definite rust. When Ogletree knows the read, he attacks it. He closes better than almost any LB prospect in the country and knows how to lay out some big hits. Ogletree displayed some coverage skills earlier in the game that limited SC’s passing attack but clearly is still developing a full feel for his responsibility at ILB.

OLB Jarvis Jones* 29
-Struggling to get off blocks early on, long arms of SC OT’s giving him trouble
-Trying to use speed rush but in getting upfield is leaving huge running lanes for Shaw
-Very slow developing stunt with DE, goes nowhere
-Not seeing the explosive first step Jones is known for
-Playing more contain now, not very aware of receiver who slips in behind him
-Gets chipped by FB and can’t get to rushing play
-Rushing from both sides
-Blocked one on one on the 2nd level
-Bites on zone read fake and loses outside contain, does give some backside pursuit
-Was in QB spy the whole time and when Shaw escaped the pocket Jones attacked and makes the sack
-Makes backside play to take down Shaw to force a 4th down
-Having much more success sitting back and waiting to make a play than attacking and getting swallowed up by blocks
-Good pressure off the edge, and forces a throw away on 3rd down
Overview: This was undoubtedly one of Jarvis Jones worst games of his UGA career and even he would say it was a struggle. What was exposed in this game is what many NFL team already know, Jones is small and his arms are short. Last year we saw prospects Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram both fall slightly over size concerns and you can expect Jones to probably suffer the same thing in April. USC’s OT continually got their arms extended v. Jones and he was completely neutralized.

SAF Bacarri Rambo 18
-Has great positioning a deep pass, but fails to finish the play
-Moves well laterally and watches the QB to know which side of the field to shade towards
-Has to high point the ball and not have the smaller WR out jump him
-Good tackle on Shaw on a QB run
-Not seeing the willingness to come up and make the big play in run defense that he showed last year
-Seems hesitant, could be rust after his suspension
Overview: Not many tests for Rambo in the passing attack but on his one chance to make a big play he gets the ball taken away from him. Rambo has to do a better job attacking the ball while in the air and he knows that. He’s still a strong tackler who wraps up well and takes proper angles.

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