2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: UGA v. South Carolina

QB Connor Shaw 14
-Badly underthrows WR (#3), but WR bails him out by going up and taking the ball away from DB
-Evades pressure in the pocket and then takes off up the field
-Executes great fake and delivers an easy TD pass to the back of the endzone for a TD
-Overthrows a deep route by a good five yards
-Takes off again for a first down, UGA is rushing up field and and leaving massive running lanes
-Lazy throw towards the sidelines is nearly picked off, was way late coming off primary read
-Stays patient in the pocket, also given tons of time, and delivers a nice touch pass to the pylon for a TD
-Good vision on the run, sees blocks well in the open field
-Takes off for the sideline, and when he tries to pick up a few extra yards to get first down he gets blown up by Ogletree
-Takes a bad sack from Jones, needs to throw the ball away
Overview: Well we saw the definition of what Connor Shaw was in this game, he’s an athletic QB who can make plays with his feet but has an erratic and inconsistent arm. His throws were rarely on target when thrown into coverage and his feet saved him a lot more than his ability to hit the tough throw in tight coverage. At this point I just don’t see a NFL caliber QB prospect.

RB Marcus Lattimore* 21
-Good hands to bring in the pass
-Shows some power on the next play, lowers his shoulder and runs right through first contact
-Quick feet allow him to shuffle through a closing hole and get up field
-Rolls with QB to present an open target for the completion
-Being used as a decoy in play action passing game to make the UGA LB’s pause
-Barely gets across the goal line to avoid a safety
-Heavy carry load in the 2nd half, not breaking a lot of runs
-Still looks a half step slower than he was prior to his injury
-Running with a low center of gravity allows him to absorb contact and keep on going
Overview: Lattimore is still not where he once was and it has to be frustrating for the once great RB. He’s become more of a power back who gets four yards and a cloud of dust rather than a dangerous combo back who has the quickness to break your ankles, the speed to pull away, and the power to run you over.

DE Devin Taylor 98
-Working against freshman RT
-Doesn’t seem to have any urgency to his rush
-No pressure at all early on
-Appears to have given up
-Not using his hands at all
-Running into OT looking to get engaged
-Slow off the snap
Overview: I had to literally stop focusing on Taylor because it was frustrating to see a player I know has a ton of talent just go through the motions. He really hurt himself in my mind and we’ll need to see an almost completely different player next week v. LSU.

LB Shaq Wilson 54
-Fills hole well and makes tackle on Marshall
-Aggressive in run defense, attacks holes and does a good job filling
-Seems to know where the hole is before the play even starts
-Tackles extremely well
-Classic read and react style, but shows plus awareness when it comes to pre-snap reads
-Helping out with positioning and calling out adjustments to his defense
-Tracks down RB outside of the box
-May be a bit limited athletically
Overview: Wilson is a LB who is going to fly under the radar all the way to April. He’s a smart player who studies his opponent and knows how to read their formations and tendencies. He’s aggressive when filling holes and does a good job wrapping up and tackling the ball carrier down. I didn’t see him in coverage a whole lot so I’d like to see that.

SAF DeVonte Holloman 21
-Stays home on reverse and beats block to meet Mitchell in the backfield for a loss
-Shows off proper tip drill technique, making a diving interception
-Stays off the block from OG and makes another tackle for short gain
-Playing downhill v. run, attacking without hesitation
-Times blitz nicely to force a quick throw
-Wraps up well in the open field
-Playing closer to the line with his SPUR position
-Closes well on outside run, showing off impressive athleticism
Overview: Holloman is a long and athletic in the box safety who is a great fit for this hybrid LB/SAF role. He runs well in the open field and has the ability to cover the TE, slot WR, or RB out of the backfield. He is a versatile defender who made a number of good stops in this game.

SAF DJ Swearinger 36
-Reads the screen pass and attacks the RB for the tackle
-Comes up to stuff the crossing route short of the endzone
-Great tackler in the open field
-Closes quickly on the ball carrier
-Looks the part playing CF, watching Murray’s eyes and shading his coverage towards where he is going to throw
Overview: Not the best game to watch Swearinger’s coverage skills as Murray struggled with his deep accuracy. When the ball was thrown deep however Swearinger was almost always in tight coverage with the WR. He’s a great tackler and is one of the best safety prospects in this senior class. Like Holloman he’s a versatile defender but his ability to read the QB and get a good break on the ball is what set his apart.

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