AFC East Report – Week 5

The defensive failures the last two weeks fall squarely on the shoulders of our Defensive Coordinator (Photo: US Presswire)

After back to back butt kickings it wasn’t hard to see where BBD Editor Mike Watkins was going to aim his displeasure when it came to this weeks AFC East Report. He hammers the Bills on a lack of creativity in their scheme along with the poor play of players like Ryan Fitzpatrick. He also shows some mercy on New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, and talk about how Cameron Wake seems to be finally turning it on.

Buffalo Bills Notes
-Its not so much that the Bills have lost the last two games, most realistic fans didn’t expect to win either of them, but it’s the way the Bills have gone about losing. Its one thing to lose its another to get your doors straight blown off. The Bills for a second straight week had a game with in reach at half time only to get completely blown out in the second half. It’s become pretty clear that the Bills are being straight outcoached in these games. Opposing teams are making in game adjustments that are working and the Bills are failing in countering these adjustments

-5 Games in its clear that Fitzpatrick is what he is. He’s a quality back up who can beat lesser teams in the league but really has no business being relied on to beat out the elite teams and defenses in the NFL

-Fans at this point are wasting their breath calling for the head of HC Chan Gailey. It will be a solid 6 weeks before this would even be considered. More than likely with out a turn around if they don’t want Gailey back they will let him coach out the string and not extend his deal that ends at the end of the year

-That said on Gailey, he is dangerously close to losing this team if he hasn’t already. The players are not dumb and they know Gailey is in the last year of his deal. One more blowout in the next couple weeks and he may lose the team in the locker room

-The third down conversions in this game were maddening. The defense had the 49ers pinned in favorable yard matchups multiple times and failed to shut the door on what is not exactly a great 49er offense.

-Don’t discount the offenses role in the Bills poor defenses performances. When you start compiling as many short drives and turnovers as this offense is your defense is going to get ground down over the course of the game. Its part of the reason why we have had second half collapses

-Everyone can say what they want about McKelvin’s coverage ability but no one should doubt his return ability. He can be downright explosive sometimes.

-One problem with the Bills DL that is really bugging me 5 weeks in is how sloppy they run stunts with the DL (when they run them at all which isn’t very much). Far to often the stunting DL run into each other leaving gapping holes in the defense and or slow and stop any pass rush happening

-I like K.Sheppard as a player but the reality is he isn’t a 3 down LB and he really should be in a ILB in a 3-4 defense. He’s you classic fill and kill LB who is really solid against the run but has problems in the passing game and sideline to sideline plays

-If the Bills fail to bring J.Byrd back A.Williams may be his replacement. Williams just fails to have the short area quickness to be a starting CB in the NFL and it’s becoming more apparent every week. It’s no secret which starting CB opposing teams target, and with the other one being a rookie that’s not a good sign

-Not that this game should be used as a very good indicator because the 49ers are so good against the run and the Bills were down two starting OL, but this whole splitting carries thing with Spiller and Jackson just isn’t working out. They are trying to do a 50/50 split when I think at this point in their respective careers it should be a 80/20 split to Spiller with Jackson getting the majority of the goal line and red zone carries. Neither RB looks like they are in any type of flow during the game

-I think Bradham should be starting at this point. Yes he had some common rookie LB mistakes but looked good in coverage and played an overall decent game. Moats to me just doesn’t look comfortable out there playing in space. Plus I find it odd that the Bills don’t use Moats in more Blitzes considering if he has one strength it would be getting to the passer

-Up next is a tougher than expected Cardinals team coming off there first loss. By the looks of it, it should be a much tighter game than the Bills have seen over the past couple weeks. However the Bills have never faired well on the West Coast and I’m sure the Cardinals will be chomping at the bit to get back on track at home

Rest of the AFC East
-The Dolphins are doing a very good job of playing to rookie QB Tannehills strengths by employing a short to mid passing game that relies on him getting the ball out early. Like most rookie QB’s the playbook will eventually have to be opened up down the road but for right now its working.

-C.Wake seems to be finally taking to the new defensive scheme as he has recorded sacks in back to back games

-The Dolphins coaching staff is doing a good job overall adapting to what they do well and trying to minimize and not force what they don’t do well.

-T.Brady is just a machine. There is not a better QB in the game that takes what a defense gives him and exploits and exploits it until you adjust then he moves on to taking what you give him in the adjustment.

-The running game has finally come alive in New England and it makes a very good offense nearly impossible to stop. Their OL has played a big part in that resurgence but also give Brady credit as defense have now come to expect so much passing that Brady doesn’t hesitate to check to a run at the line

-The whole theory of the Patriots trying to lesson their dependence on Wes Welker has officially been blown out of the water. Welker is still a hug part of what they do and will continue to be

-The defense for the Patriots continues to be a work in progress but they are improving each week. Mayo was all over the place Sunday and is looking like he is close to be considered one of the elite at his position in the game

-You cant give Sanchez all the blame for the Offensive struggle for the Jets against the Texans. A lot of his incompletion’s and INT’s hit the player in the hands. With a team heading in the wrong direction and a fed up fan base that really doesn’t mean anything because they want to see Tebow at this point and it may be coming soon with another loss or two

-The Jets DL was supposed to be much improved this year but it doesn’t look like the case. They are still getting gashed in the run game with gaping holes being opened up against them

-I think the Jets have the worst skill position players in the league right now and it’s not close. They don’t have a single WR you really have to worry about now that Holmes is done and they have been overrating S.Greene for a couple years now

-I think B.Scott is on his last leg in this league. He looks slow to the ball now and now to compound matters he is getting blocked out of plays, don’t be surprised if he’s an offseason cut

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