AFC East Report – Week 6

Spiller looked close to being 100% back after ripping off multiple big runs v. Arizona (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

It’s been a crazy first six weeks in the NFL and its gets no crazier than the AFC East where all four teams are in a relative tie for first place as all three teams currently sit at 3-3. As we head towards the seasons midway point begin to look towards the 2nd half the its quite clear this division is as wide open as it ever has been. Now let’s take a look back at last weekend’s action.

Buffalo Bills
-It wasn’t pretty but the Bills did pull out a victory against a 4-1 Cardinals team on their home field. It was good to see that the Bills still have some fight in them after two devastating losses
-What Bills fans witnessed Sunday against the Cardinals were the DL and the Mario Williams they thought they were getting this offseason. They were disruptive all day and pushed around an overmatched OL. Mario Williams finally looked like a 100 million dollar DE
-More on the DL, He didn’t record a sack but the Bills may have stumbled upon something with DE K.Moore. He was active for this game and he made the most of his opportunity. He was consistently beating his man and was an unexpected pain in the Cardinals offense all day. I like a lot of other Bills fans are eager to see if he can do it again next week against the Titans
-I think Gilmore had a solid game against one of the top WR’s in the game in Larry Fitzgerald. He was targeted 12 times and only caught half of them and was kept under 100 yards. He did have a TD but I wouldn’t even put that on Gilmore. For a rookie that is a very solid performance
-On the flip side however CB A.Williams continues to struggle. It cant be done in season but one of the top priority this offseason is to move A.Williams to S. He just fails to have the short area quickness to play the position. That isn’t as important at S however
-The coaches and GM will never say it but its clear as day the QB is what is holding this offense back. He didn’t throw a pick yesterday but he didn’t light the world on fire and once again left what should have been easy completions of the turf
-This is the first game I have seen where both Spiller and Jackson were effective. Yet with that said it still boggles my mind that Spiller is getting less carries than Jackson. Spiller is just electric and the Bills really should start doing what I said they should be doing since the preseason. Make Spiller the starter, give him the majority of carries, and make Fred the red zone/sometimes 3rd down RB. To me this would be the most effective way to utilize both best skill sets
-I hope to see one day what type of player WR S.Johnson can be with an accurate QB
-I thought Bradham played well in his first NFL start. Couple miscues here and there but I expect him to get better week by week. He always stood out in every game I saw him play in college and should be a solid starter for the Bills this season and down the road
-I hope the Bills can get J.Byrd extended before he hits FA’cy. He really does a lot of things at a high level that go unnoticed and then he’ll make clutch plays like we saw late in the game Sunday that everyone notices. Not only that but he’s a good guy on and off the field
-I like everyone else have no idea what Gailey was thinking with that Wild Cat pass with Brad Smith late in the game. Actually check that, I do know what he was thinking. He was thinking he could deliver the knockout punch to the Cardinals, however that is the type of play he needs to be reeled in on. The Bills have a good run blocking OL and two good RB’s. You know how many coaches in this league would kill for that combo at the end of games? You have those things so you can grind out a 3 point win on the road and to not utilize it is asinine at best. I can only hope he learned from this.
-Just when the “other WR’s” looked like they were starting to make progressive steps forward to be a part of this offense, they go out and have a no show.
-All in all this was a good win for the Buffalo Bills, On the road, against a team with a winning record, on a coast that the Bills have not had much luck on in a long time. The Bills next week have a game against a struggling Titans team before their bye. If the Bills can win that game they will head into the bye with a winning record and some momentum. After two embarrassing back to back losses this would be a very big positive for the Bills and hopefully propel them to make a second half run.

AFC East
-Its going to be a reoccurring theme all year for the Patriots, the Achilles heal of their team is their secondary. Even in wins they are winning despite them. I’m sure at this point the Patriots and their fans wish they spent a little more time trying to acquire quality DB’s rather then trying to add 3rd and 4th TE’s in the offseason
-That said as long as you have T.Brady at QB your team is going to be a playoff contender. He doesn’t look like he is going to slow down at all and the Patriots will ride his arm as far it will take them, and that usually is a pretty far
-B.Lloyd seems to be getting better and better each week. He is really taking to the system and developing into a really good number 2 WR
-The running game is still a work in progress for the Patriots. It has been real spotty this year, when it is clicking the Patriots offensive onslaught is almost to much for any defense to handle
-Rookie DE C.Jones keeps getting better and better every week. He is now close to drawing more attention than Wilfork. This is really important for the Patriots, because with a very suspect secondary you had better be able to apply pressure to lessen their burden
-What you saw from the Jets Sunday is likely how they drew it up in the offseason on how they wanted to run their offense. Sanchez was effective and they rode RB S.Greene legs for most of the day to a blowout victory over a young Colts team
-There was a lot to like about this game from a Jets fan standpoint but the passing game can’t be where they want it yet. Sanchez was efficient but he also didn’t clip the 100 yard mark in passing. You are not going to win many games with that type of production from the QB
-Rookie WR S.Hill seems to be coming along, and he is going to have to if the Jets plan on making a run in the playoffs.
-Cromartie has stepped up his game since the Revis injury. He is playing with a lot of confidence right now
-The Jets OL coach will be really happy with what he see’s on tape from this game, the Jets OL was blowing the Colts DL off the ball for the vast majority of the game
-Tannehill continues his efficient ways with the Miami coaching staff doing a great job of playing to his strengths
-The Miami running game was no where to be found Sunday but they were still able to grind out a win against a Ram team that has more talent than people give them credit for
-As noted above the running game wasn’t there but Bush was still able to make an impact in the passing game. That’s one of the bonuses of a guy like R.Bush, he is able to affect the game in a lot of different ways
-DE O.Vernon had a bit of a break out game against the Rams with the recording of a couple of sacks. This is important because if they can get another DE that can get some pressure across from Wake it will make Wake even that much better
-Bottom Line if you’re a Dolphins fan you have to be really happy with how they have looked, how Tannehill is developing, and the overall direction of the team through 6 games of the year

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