AFC East Report – Week 7

With Chris Johnson going for nearly 200 yards, BBD Editor Mike Watkins wonders Dave Wannstedt’s job status is no longer Chan Gailey’s decision (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

As the Bills head into the bye they suffered another soul crushing defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Titans. If you have seen the Bills through the first six weeks than you already know the story of how this game went down. To be a Bills fan right now is to be somebody with extreme patience, understanding, and very likely a very big bottle of alcohol near by. Here are my thoughts now on the Bills and the rest of the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills

-Just when I thought Fitzpatrick was going to have a good all around game he goes and throws a mind numbing end of the game interception. This is what it is with Fitzpatrick though, he’ll tease you now and again but always will revert back to a few costly decisions. Like I said before, he won’t be replaced this year but with each game he gets closer and closer to not being brought back next year

-That was about an embarrassing defensive performance as I have seen. Your getting gashed by a RB and an OL that was completely sub par until today and they let a washed up QB with marginal skill position players march up and down the field. They couldn’t stop the run and they were even worse on third downs. Coaching is an issue but the effort by the players is concerning

-I have no proof to back it up but it looks like the coaches have lost the locker room. No one outside of a handful of players seem to be giving max effort and why would they for a scheme that has been gashed 4 out of 7 weeks. With this loss Gailey who is a lame duck coach may not be able to dig his way out

-Chan can say till he is blue in the face that he wont dismiss DC Dave Wannstedt but the reality of the situation is it may not be his call to make anymore. I imagine that after the money and draft picks that have been invested in that side of the ball for the past three years the Bills are not happy about their returns. With the Bills, now on the bye week, if there were ever a time to make a move like that now would be the time. Gailey has stated his thoughts on it already but Nix, Whaley, and other top Bills brass may not care what he thinks at this point

-One bright spot on this defense is rookie CB S.Gilmore, It sounds crazy when you read down some of the names on this defense, but he already may be the Bills best player on defense. He is shutting down the WR’s he covers and opposing QB’s are now and have not been even testing him.

-Another bright spot is that DE K.Moore might actually be the Bills best pass rushing DL. Which is completely absurd when you look down the names on that list. Good for him however. Every time he gets on the field he may not always record the sack but he is the only DL who seems get pressure on a regular basis

-The Bills really miss rookie LT C.Glenn. Hairston has been good but had some issues with Tenn. DE’s this Sunday and still looks like more of a RT than a LT to me. Pears also really struggled Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised that if when Glenn returns Hairston isn’t flipped to RT.

-Really glad to see Brad Smith get that TD return Sunday. Fans give him a lot of grief because of what the Bills pay him and what he has produced thus far. I however to put it on him as much as I put it on the coaching staff. I think he should be seeing much more time at WR than he has been and less time with this Wild Cat that has become stale. He’s a much better WR than given credit for and get him in the open field and he has the speed and ability to make plays as shown on the kick off return

-Good to see Stevie Johnson have back to back good games.

-The Bills are starting to figure out how to use both Spiller and Jackson at the same time but the problem remains they for some reason have a fear of riding them to grind out the end of a game. Whether Fitzpatrick is having a good game or not you know at some point he will make a big mistake. One way to limit that is keep giving it to one of your two All Pro caliber RB’s and let them run behind one of the best run blocking OL’s in the NFL

-P S.Powell has to do better, plain and simple

-Going forward this is going to be a brutal loss for the Bills and really put a big dent in any type of playoff push. They had the lead and momentum with 4 minutes remaining and the chance to go into the bye with a winning record and a tie for the Div lead. Instead they are under .500 and are reeling at this point

AFC East

-As an opposing Bills fan I can only hope that the Patriots and him cannot work out another long term deal. The stats don’t look like much (6 for 66 yards and 0TD’s) but when the game hits the clutch moments he just starts clicking off first downs and there is nothing the opposing team can do about it

-Another player that doesn’t get a ton of credit but should is Danny Woodhead. Again the stats don’t look huge but the guy will make a play or two that will keep an important drive going

-Gronkowski once again left his stamp all over the game. The Jets didn’t seem to have an answer for him all day. He is a little less consistent this year but he still impact he game

-The Player that had the worst game for the Patriots is WR B.Lloyd. He only had 1 reception for 6 yards and had a lot of big drops that hit him right in the hands. Lloyd has to be better than that and I’m sure he knows it

-Once again the New England Secondary was their biggest issue. This is the issue that will prevent them from winning a Super Bowl. With the secondary they have ant team with an elite QB is going to slice them up. In years past the Patriots had the offense that could go punch for punch like that but they don’t have it as good as they used to on that side of the ball with a spotty at best running game

-The Jets and their fans have to be happy with WR J.Kerley. Every time I watched a Jets game this kid is making plays

-Dustin Keller after a 7 rec 93 yard 1 TD performance looks like he is finally back and healthy for the NY Jets. This is a big deal for them moving forward because he is easily starting QB Mark Sanchez favorite target

-You have to give credit where credit is due and Mark Sanchez put up big numbers on Sunday. Those numbers I’m sure will be lost on fans and media alike due to him forfeiting the game winning fumble

-I thought Jets LT D.Ferguson had his best game of the year vs a very impressive rookie in Chandler Jones.

-The more rookie LB D.Davis see’s the field for the Jets the better in my opinion. I thought he was the steal of their draft and will be the reason B.Scott will likely be released this offseason. He’s a fast instinctive young LB who has a real nose for the ball.

-The talent is there for rookie WR S.Hill but he is quickly gaining a reputation for making some big drops in big moments for the Jets

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