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John Jenkins is making life tough for every SEC QB this year (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

So thanks to our Editor in Chief going off and having to get married, I have not one by TWO weeks of college football thoughts and notes for your guys to devour this week. In this set of extra points I go over why Alabama may have a threat in South Carolina, how much I think of DE Jadaveon Clowney, and quick reports on Star Lotulelei, Tavon Austin, John Jenkins, and Denard Robinson.

Week 6 Thoughts
-Alabama keeps getting ranked #1 and now South Carolina is the new fashionable pick as the team that can threaten them. To me however, like I’ve said since week one, Oregon is the best team in the country and still the best team I’ve seen play this year. Oregon vs Alabama is the title game I want to see and I think it would be a fantastic one

-LSU finally ran out of time and a ranked team took them out. They hadn’t looked like a real national title contender all year. I still think they will make it to a BCS bowl and take down a top contender along the way.

-Notre Dame continues to roll in large part to the play of their front 7. I think the team is finally turning the corner and is becoming the team a lot of Fighting Irish fans though they would become after B.Kelly took over. It’s took a little longer than expected but its paying dividends

-Georgia was the toughest loss on Saturday. I thought that game would be much closer than it was.

-There was no more shocking loss however than Florida State to NC State, especially when it looked like the Florida State had the game well in hand.

-QB.C.Klein from Kansas State needs to be mentioned a lot more in the Heisman race then he has been

-DE J.Clowney from South Carolina is draft eligible this year but he looks like a straight man among boys sometimes. He’s got future top 3 pick written all over him

-QB A.Murray from Georgia is a tough prospect to peg. I like a lot of things about his game and he is a real tough kid. However I’m not really sure how well his game translates to the NFL level.

-QB M.Glennon from NC State finally added a key missing point on his resume and that is beating a top ranked team. He still has a lot of work to do on his game but he should be drafted somewhere in the second or third round as of now

-QB G.Smith notched another hole in his belt on his way to being the first overall pick in Aprils draft by beating a tough Texas team on the road. Did he blow them apart like he did Baylor? No, but he won a close game against a ranked opponent and that is always a big plus for a QB prospect

-At this point I don’t know how LB M.Te’o isn’t a top 10 pick in the draft. LB’s much like RB’s are becoming an increasingly devalued position but the kid has star and leader written all over him

-Really impressed with A.Okafor of Texas Saturday. He seemed to be the only player on the Texas defense that decided to show up for the entire game. He was a problem for W.Virginia for most of the game and harassed G.Smith on what seemed like every other play

-UConn’s LB Yawin Smallwood is a pretty impressive prospect. He doesn’t seem to have any big holes in his game. He reads the field well and can blitz. He is a three down LB that I’m sure has caught the eye of a lot of NFL scouts

-Arkansas RB K.Davis should really consider staying another year in college. His stock is straight plummeting

-Duke WR C.Vernon is not the most athletic WR in college but he has the makings of that slot WR in the NFL that annoys opposing teams by catching everything thrown at him and clicking off third conversion after third down conversion

-I really like Florida LB L.McCray. It seems like no mater where the Gators put him he just produces. I think he has the makings of a three down impact LB on the next level

Player that caught my eye: WR, C.Harper, Kansas St. For a while he has been much more athlete than football player but he has very good size and great deep speed for a WR. What has changed however is he seems to have developed a good set of hands over the course of the season.

Top 5’s:
Top 5 College teams
1. Oregon
2. Alabama
3. West Virginia
4. South Carolina
5. Florida

Top 5 NFL Draft QB’s
1. G.Smith, West Virginia
2. M.Barkley, USC
3. T.Wilson, Arkansas
4. T.Bray, Tennessee
5. M.Glennon, NC State
Favorite Sleeper: K.Browning, UL Monroe

Quick looks-
Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
-6’4 325, I think he is a little bigger than 325
-Moves extremely well for a guy his size
-Very fast off the snap and explodes off the ball
-Very good at anchoring against the run
-Cannot be handled one on one, must be doubled
-Technique is average right now
-Uses a lot of Power moves, relies mostly on this to make plays. Needs to add more
-Team leader with no off the field issue
-Scheme fluent, can play either DT spots in a 4-3 or Nose and or end in a 3-4
-I like Lotulelei a lot and to me is locked into the first round and will be in the fight to be the first DT off the board in what is shaping up to be a very deep position in the 2013 Draft

Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
-5’9 172, I expect him to come in at less than both those numbers
-He is both quick and fast
-Good hands
-Not afraid to go across the middle
-Has a knack for finding openings in defense
-Not much of a route runner right now. Relies on his speed and quickness to get open
-Small stature will hurt him in the draft
-Needs work on his released, can get bullied on the line
-Sometimes tries to make one move too many
-He right now is a 2nd day pick in the draft. He gets compared to D.Jackson a lot and while I don’t think he is going to be that type of player in the NFL he should make a name for himself as a returner and slot WR. Would really benefit from being drafted by a team with an innovative offensive Coach.

Week 5 Thoughts-
-Geno Smith is officially the Heisman front runner and also the odds on favorite to be the first overall pick in the 2013 draft. Even with Baylor’s suspect defense the kid put on an absolute amazing display of passes in that game. Many of which where NFL type throws

-Justin Hunter really is hurting his stock with his drops this year. Bray will get banged over the head for people just looking at stats, but many passes this year have hit Hunter right in the hands and he ends up dropping the ball.

-I don’t know what is going on with the Gholston family. They seem to be athletic freaks of nature with absolutely no fire in their belly. William should be a lock first rounder with his size and athletic ability but look for him to be available in the second and maybe even the third at this point

-A pass rusher more people should be talking about then they are is Demontre Moore from Texas A&M. Quick off the snap with good hand tech. He knows how to get to the QB and has been doing it on a regular basis this year. He declares, he’s a first rounder

-I don’t think anyone’s draft stock has taken a bigger hit than NC States CB David Amerson. Once thought of as a possible top 10 pick his really shaky start has dropped him in my opinion all the way towards the bottom of the first and on a path to the second round. In fact teams may start looking at him as a Safety more than a CB

-A player I have really come to enjoy watching play is Chris Borland LB from Wisconsin. A defensive play hardly goes by where #44 isn’t involved in it one way or another. He is all over the place and likes to play downhill always attacking the line of scrimmage

-Another LB that I like and saw his first game action of the season coming off an injury is Alec Ogletree from Georgia. He has very good coverage skills for a LB (he’s a converted Safety) and plays a good sideline to sideline game

-Really like RB Mike James from Miami. Every time I watch him play he runs hard and makes good cuts. He’s not the fastest or the biggest player but he always seems to be churning out those extra yards that keep drives going

-For a long time Ohio State used to churn out NFL quality CB’s on what seemed like a yearly basis. It has since slowed but Bradley Roby may change that trend. He’s a physical CB with good size and runs a reported 4.30 flat. He shows the speed and a physical toughness to support the run. He’s a redshirt sophomore so he is likely to stay but he should be moving up team’s draft board

-Player that caught my eye: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington. He had a heck of game against Stanford. In the 4th Quarter it seemed to make one clutch play after another in the passing game, including a very clutch interception that prevented a TD.

Quick Looks
John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
-Big DT at 6’3 350
-Thick player, with a stout lower half
-Able to hold the POA
-Weight control is likely to be an issue
-Good off the snap but not always consistent
-Better athlete than size would indicate
-Needs to play with better leverage
-Limited moves and below avg hand tech
-Doesn’t do well with double teams, never splits them
-Right now he’s a mid second rounder that will likely be higher up on 3-4 teams board than 4-3 teams board. He can improve that stock but showing he can keep his weight in control and becoming more consistent throughout the course of a game

Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan
-6’0 197, Ill be surprised if he comes in at those numbers. He looks shorter and smaller than his listed
-Electric player who can make game changing plays
-Runs a reported 4.42 and seeing him in the open field is believable
-Very erratic passer
-Has accuracy that comes and goes
-Good but not great arm strength
-Not a good drop back passer
-Poor decision maker
-Will not beat teams with his arm
-Great vision as an open field runner
-Very tough team oriented player
-Right now Robinson is in my opinion not a QB on the next level and teams drafting him to be one are wasting there time. As a QB I have an UDFA grade on him. However as a WR especially in the slot I have a third round grad on him. He is a very fluid athlete who can make people miss in the open field. It will take some time in the transition but it could pay dividends

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