Mike’s College Football Extra Points – Week 8

Keenan Allen is one of the top WR’s in the country (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Week 8 didn’t see a ton of action in terms of top teams getting upset but there was still plenty of statements made. Kansas State told the whole country that they are legit as they befuddled Geno Smith and a West Virginia that against Texas looked unstoppable. Colin Klein cemented himself as a Heisman contender, and ND for the 2nd consecutive week pulled off a come from behind victory.

-Florida made a big statement Saturday against South Carolina by stomping them at home. With that win Florida went a long way to validating themselves as the #2 team in the country. I personally still think its Oregon and Alabama at the top but if Florida wins out we may not get to see that game

-Geno Smith who I thought looked like the run away candidate for both the Heisman and the number 1 pick in the draft has allowed the field to catch back up to him. In the Heisman QB C.Klein and Kansas St trounced Geno Smith and West Virginia in a statement game of their own. Klein has firmly put himself into the Heisman talk and may have pulled even with Smith. Barkley has quietly caught up with Smith in terms of who will be the first QB and likely top pick in the 2013 draft. I’m all for this because it makes for good draft conversation when you can debate who should go number 1 when 2 QB’s are involved

-Alabama and Oregon keep rolling. Both teams completely dismantled their opponents this weekend and looked excellent in all phases

-Notre Dame won a squeaker against a hungry BYU team looking to pull off the upset. This should have been a wake up game for Notre Dame, they have to be at their best week in and week out. This weekend is the first of their two biggest test, they will play a now clicking on all cylinders Oklahoma team. Pull it off and it’s hard to imagine Notre Dame even with a USC loss not getting a BCS Bowl bid

-The team in the top 10 that no one seems to talk about is Oregon State. They however keep racking up win after win and are doing it in impressive fashion. They may be the only team that can end Oregon’s march to the title game

-I have been trying to sell myself on QB T.Bray being a first round franchise type QB but I just don’t see it. I think he is a 2nd or 3rd rounder and every time I watch him play I see Chad Henne

-The player that moved up the most for me this week was Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel. I didn’t think there was a top 10 OT in this draft but Joeckel and the way he handled Mingo and Montgomery from LSU has changed my mind. He had a very impressive game.

-RB G.Bernard from North Carolina needs to start getting mentioned a lot more when top RB’s are talked about.

-Oregon RB K.Barner isn’t ever going to carry the load for an NFL team at RB, but you cant deny that he is explosive. There will be a place for him in the NFL as a 3rd down RB or a D.Sproles type role

-Notre Dame TE T.Eifert continues to impress every week with the catches he is able to haul in. The only thing keeping him from putting up even bigger numbers is the suspect QB play from Notre Dame

-Every time I watch DE D.Jordan from Oregon I come away impressed. He is going to be a name to keep an eye on when they start playing their big games. A lot of teams will like him and look at him as an OLB in a 3-4

-You have to like the way Stanford LB C.Thomas plays the game. He always seems to be around the ball and is just as good rushing the passer as he is defending the run

-Wisconsin Center T.Frederick has had a steady climbing draft stock. He is a lot more athletic than he is giving credit for and in the running game I haven’t seen him lose a battle in weeks. He has been doing a terrific job moving his player off the ball. He has also been doing an excellent job getting to the second level.

-Player that Caught my eye: Justice Cunningham, TE, South Carolina- He’s not the fastest or the biggest player on the field but he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. He’s got a good feel on how to get to the soft spot in a defense and has better than advertised hands. He also has placed some key blocks on some big runs for a very potent ground game. Right now he’s a day 3 or an undrafted free agent but he could surprise in the NFL if given the chance. Would be a good addition to a team that uses an H-Back

Top 5’s
4.Kansas State
5.Notre Dame

Top 5 DE’s
1.D.Moore, Texas A&M
2.S.Montgomery, LSU
3.A.Okafor, Texas
4.B.Mingo, LSU
5.B.Werner, FSU
Favorite Sleeper: Q.Smith, Western Kentucky

1.S.Lotulelei, Utah
2.S.Richardson, Missouri
3.S.Floyd, Florida
4.M.Hunt, SMU
5.D.Square, Alabama
Favorite Sleeper: B.Steinkuhler, Nebraska

Quick Looks
Keenan Allen, WR, Cal
-A little shorter than teams would like at 6’2 but a good build at 215 pounds
-Very good hands, attacks the ball when its in the air
-Isn’t afraid to go over the middle
-Explosive player, really racks up YAC yards
-Physical WR who knows how to use his body against defenders
-He has really sharpened his routs this year, exploding in and out of cuts
-That said he will get lazy on the routes sometimes and start rounding them off. You see a lot less of that this year however
-Can and will make an impact in the return game
-Very Quick and sudden athlete
-Needs to be aware of ball security, gets lazy with it sometimes
-I think Allen is a lock top 15 player in the upcoming draft and will be one of if not the first WR taken off the board. The best thing I like about him is the bigger the game the better he played. To be honest it’s really hard to find a big hole in this kids game. His 40 will be important because some question his speed but he plays fast. The only other knock is teams may not like his height but I don’t think that will be enough to knock him down the board

Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
-Good size at 6’7 310
-Three year starter in the MAC and has been excellent through those 3 years
-Real tough kid, plays through the whistle
-Has experience at 3 positions along the OL (LT, RT, OG)
-Good athlete for his size
-Smooth kick step
-Plays well in space
-Very good run blocker
-Plays with good hand tech
-Does a good job of getting to the second level and can block moving targets
-Pad level is a concern because of height
-Has trouble anchoring sometimes
-Fisher right now is a fringe first rounder. A lot of places have him destined for the right side of the OL but I think he can play and stay on the left side. He is more of an athlete than he is given credit for. The biggest knock against him is going to be the level of competition. If he had done in say the SEC what he has done in the MAC we would be talking about him as a possible top 10 pick. Given the need of the position in the NFL however expect Fisher to work his way into the late first ro

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