Re-Ranking: Offensive and Defensive Trench Warriors

Offensive Guard

2013 OG Class-

It always seems like the any offensive line love automatically goes to the offensive tackles, or even the centers. For some reason the offensive guards consistently get overlooked when it comes to their important. The 2013 draft should finally get the guards some serious love and we expect five OG’s to go in the first two rounds.

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Most Intriguing Prospect: Oscar Johnson, Louisiana Tech, #9 2013 OG

Johnson actually plays LT currently at La Tech but we expect him to kick inside in the NFL. Johnson is the leader for a Bulldogs offensive line that is allowing only one sack a game. They are also the ones opening up holes and providing protection for the nation’s top scoring offense. Johnson’s brute strength and natural athleticism are going to be huge assets at the interior position.

Other 2013 OG Notes:

-Barrett Jones (Alabama, #2 2013 OG) may be the most versatile player of any offensive lineman in the draft. He’s play OG, OT, and OC at Alabama during the last four years and he excelled at all of them.

-Jonathan Cooper (North Carolina, #3 2013 OG) is a bad, bad man. When you’re scouting interior lineman one of the things you look for is a nasty demeanor and a willingness to finish blocks. Cooper not only has that trait it’s something he seems to pride himself on.

-Athleticism at the OG position is not always something people look for so it will be interesting to see how scouts grade out Omoregie Uzzi (Georgia Tech, #6 2013 OT). He’s as athletic as they come and slightly undersized because of all the pulling and trapping he has to do in this Triple Option system.

2014 OG Class-

For the first time the senior class far out performs the junior class but that doesn’t mean the juniors are without talent. It is interesting to note that 6 of our Top 10 2014 OT’s are from the SEC. When you combine that with the seniors that makes 11 of 30 OG’s we ranked from one conference.

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Most Intriguing Prospect: Kenarious Gates, Georgia, #8 2014 OG

UGA has Gates on the Cordy Glenn track or at least intended to. They had him play OG last year and then this year kicked him out to replace Glenn at LT. In the end I think Gates ends up back inside due to his struggles with speed rushers. He is a big kid with powerful hands, he does a nice job moving you once he gets his hands on you, but his footwork is below average and that will force him back inside.

Other 2014 OG Notes:

-We currently have Chris Burnette (UGA, #3 2014 OG) ranked ahead of the previous mentioned Gates.

-The top end talent of the 2014 class like Alvin Bailey (Arkansas, #1 2014 OG), and Gabe Jackson (Mississippi State, #2 2014 OG) pales in comparison to the 2013 class.

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