Re-Ranking: Offensive and Defensive Trench Warriors

Offensive Center

2013 OC Class-

I’m down on this center class as a whole, I just don’t see a truly dominant prospect and I worry that it lacks much depth. There are however a few prospects that I think could be pretty successful but otherwise I think it may be a scarce year for centers.

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Most Interesting Prospect: Matt Stankiewitch, Penn State, #2 2013 OC

I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I originally wanted to see Stankiewitch because of his name, but Im willing to bet that more draft analysts that care to admit it are guilty of the same thing. After watching him it quickly became clear that Stakiewitch follows the path of many previous Penn State pivots in the way that he plays with balance, athletic ability, and strength.

Other 2013 OC Notes:

-Despite some concern over his ability to handle some of the 34 NT’s he’ll see in the NFL, we left Khaled Holmes (USC, #1 2013 OC) at the top spot. To us he’s a clear level above the other prospects and he does a good job with his technique.

-Mario Benevides (Louisville, #3 2013 OC) is another interesting center option because he can move and get out in front of outside runs. However he’s also one of the lightest OC prospects so questions remain about his ability to move as well with added weight.

-James Ferentz (Iowa, #10 2013 OC) is the son of a football coach and that should be enough to at least get him into a camp but his career at Iowa has been marred with inconsistency and struggles. He’ll need to step it up at the next level.

2014 OC Class-

I do like the junior class of centers over the senior class, Im not sure this class has that one dominant elite level center but it does have more depth than the senior class. I have a good feeling about two or three of the senior prospects whereas I feel good about four to five of the juniors.

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Most Intriguing Prospect: Jonotthan Harrison, Florida, #3 2014 OC

Harrison comes in as the ‘next in line’ prospect from a Florida program that have been producing interior lineman like it was their job. Im not sure I’d put Harrison above a Maurkice Pouncey but I do think he’s a better prospect that Mike. He has good quickness to snap the ball and get into his stance and shows nice anchor skills against some of the biggest DT’s in the SEC.

Other 2014 OC Notes:

-This weekend when Gabe Ikard (Oklahoma, #5 2014 OC) takes on Louis Nix this weekend in Norman. Nix is a massive NT prospect who Ikard will need to control if they hope to establish a running game.

-Tyler Larsen (Utah State, #4 2014 OC) isn’t going to get the notoriety or coverage that other prospects do but he’s a technically sound prospect who uses his hands as well as any center in the country.

-Speaking of colleges that know how to produce OC prospects watch Bryan Stork (FSU, #8 2014 OC). He’s a bigger prospect but he’s coming from a program that knows how to develop interior line talent and get it ready for the NFL.

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