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FB Willie Carter is one of the best pass catching FB’s in the country (Photo: US Presswire)

2013 Class-
There is not much love for the FB position in today’s NFL. With less and less focus on trying to establish the run there is less need for a FB on the roster. Especially one whose only ability is blocking, if you can’t catch, run, and block you’re going to have a tough time finding a roster spot. 2013 has plenty of blocking backs but also a few guys who could be utilized in a variety of ways.

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Most Intriguing Prospect: Eric Breitenstein, Wofford, #10 2013 FB
Breitenstein is one of the most highly decorated and well known backs in the FCS. He has run for just under 5,000 yards in his career and scored 57 touchdowns. Breitenstein plays in Wofford’s vaunted triple option offense and is one their best runners. The issue is he’s not fast enough to play RB in the NFL, so he’ll need to switch over to FB and work on his blocking. If Breitenstein can get that down he has the ability to develop into a nice short yardage, lead back FB.

Game to Watch: November 17th, v. South Carolina
Wofford has played its two biggest FCS games the last two weeks as they took on Appalachian State and Georgia Southern, however it’s their final game v. South Carolina that could prove to be the most useful. South Carolina will be expecting to ease their way into a season ending game v. Clemson so Wofford could pull the surprise and if they do it will be because of the hard running of Breitenstein.

Other 2013 FB Notes-
-Devon Ramsey (UNC, #2 2013 FB) has bounced back nicely from injury, he’s a devastating lead blocker for 2015 RB Giovanni Bernard.
-Zach Line (SMU, #3 2013 FB) is similar to Breitenstein in that he’s a runner who will need to learn how to block. He’s going to be an interesting prospect because his burst is better than many think and he may have the quickest 10 yard spit of any FB in this class.
-Tulsa knows how to produce pass catching H-Back prospects and they have done it again with Willie Carter (#8 2013 FB). Carter is a more fluid athlete than their last prospect in Charles Clay and does a good job running routes and getting open. The question is can he learn to block?

2014 Class-
In what seems to be a carryover theme from RB, the 2014 FB class is loaded. We only ranked five FB’s due to the limited amount of players who get drafted annually but we expect all five of these guys to get drafted and a couple of them could go as high as Round 1.

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Most Intriguing Prospect: JC Copeland, LSU, #3 2014 FB
I have never had much of an affinity for scouting FB’s, it’s usually just something I had to do, but when I watch JC Copeland its nothing but pure pleasure. I have never scouted a FB who just blows up defenders as consistently as Copeland does. You can actually hear the contact he makes snap after snap and I bet you can feel it if you’re on the sideline. He’s not a pass catcher and he’s not a runner, but he may be able the only FB prospect who is not afraid to try and demolish Ray Lewis on any running play.

Other 2014 FB Notes:
-Trey Millard (Oklahoma, #1 2014 FB) and Trey Burton (#2 2014 FB) are similar prospects, both are ideal H-Backs with good athleticism and tremendous speed. They are a matchup nightmare in the NFL and teams will be drooling all over themselves to get either. Both face large tests this weekend with Millard taking on a stingy ND defense, and Burton having to deal with UGA’s LB’s that can run as well as he can. Both could make statements in national games.
-Similarly to Millard and Burton, both Ryan Hewitt (Stanford, #4 2014 FB) and Gator Hoskins (Marshall, #5 2014 FB) are tremendous pass catchers who could have more blocking ability than Millard and Burton but lack their athleticism. Hewitt may be the most complete FB option in this class due to his experience as a blocker but Hoskins is a better pass catcher.

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