5 Keys To Success – Colts

Stephon Gilmore has been very good recently but Reggie Wayne is the most savy veteran he will face all year long (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor: Mike Watkins

If the Bills are to start a winning streak today by beating the Colts they are five things they need to do in order to be successful. You might be surprised to see some of our keys which include actually wanting a team to run on us and encouraging Ryan Fitzpatrick to just chuck it all over the field. Can it work? We think so and here is why…

1. Under Pressure: Much like against Miami the Colts are starting a rookie QB so the goal of the Bills is to put him under as much pressure as possible to force him into mistakes. Unfortunately for the Bills Luck is not like Tannehill. Luck already plays this game like he has been in the league for a few years. He will force some throws but for the most part he is content just picking his way down the field. He also has a great feel for pressure and a quick release. The Bills DL has to be aware of this and if they are not going to get there in time they have to get their hands up

2. Run Away: The Colts running game isn’t as good as its advertised so this is what the Bills want to force the Colts to do. They are ranked 16th in the league but its inflated a bit due to Luck’s scrambling ability. The Colts split their carries between D.Brown and V.Ballard, neither one of them are anything more than average. If the Bills want to increase their chances on the road they would be smart to take away the pass and bet that neither of these two RB’s are going to be able to beat them

3. Waynes World: Gilmore has a tough matchup this week against one of the best intermediate and deep route runners in the NFL. Wayne loves going up against rookie CB’s because he has excellent double moves that overaggressive rookies bite on all the time. Gilmore will have to be patient against Wayne and give up some short routes to prevent the big gains Wayne has become to be known for

4. Feel Free to Pass: The Colts are banged up in the secondary and the Bills WR’s have an excellent matchup advantage that they should be able to exploit. The Colts without a doubt will roll their coverage towards Stevie but even then, they are young and their experience will hurt them in trying to cover an excellent route runner like Stevie. I expect Stevie to be in for a big day, as do I with Jones and possibly even Graham.

5. Maulers: The Bills have a big advantage in the fact that the Colts are in the first year of a 3-4 D and don’t exactly have all the right pieces yet, because of that they are a little undersized in a lot of areas. The Bills on the other hand have a big OL that excels at run blocking and has a big time size advantage against the Colts front 7. Now in turn the Colts have sacrificed size for speed so the Bills need to grind the Colts down early to try and negate their speed. Screens in the early part of this game likely won’t work as well as they will in the later parts of the game. The Bills would be wise to go to Spiller and Jackson early and often then increase the pass attempts as the game goes along to keep them off balance

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