AFC East Report – Week 10

The Bills fanbase deserves more than what this team has shown (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins
Well it was an all too familiar swift quick in the groin feeling as the Bills kept our spirits up to the very end just to have throw a late INT and seal the game for the hated Patriots. Im not sure there is much else to say as this season has felt way too much like the past dozen. As we prepare for National TV on Thursday this team better come to play because the jobs of the players, coaches, and front office are all on the line.

Buffalo Bills
-I really don’t know how anyone from the owner, to the front office, to players down to the fans can have faith in this coaching staff anymore. Its been blatantly obvious that they are horrible at making in game adjustments and have fully admitted that if you take something away from them they will just bag it and not attempt to dictate game strategies. We can now add lacking discipline to the growing list of failures to this coaching staff and team. 14 for 148 yards are completely and utterly unacceptable and that is even if they had managed to pull this game out.

-Chan Gailey should be fired on his misuse of CJ Spiller alone. He was on the field for 34 of the 74 snaps. He ended the game with 13 touches for 131 total yards. For me there are no longer any excuses to give to the lack of use of one of the most explosive players in the league other than Gailey has no business being a head coach in this league. There is no excuse for him not to be consistently over 20 touches a game

-So TJ ran the wrong route and is trying to take the blame for the INT and Fitzpatrick. Honestly I don’t want to hear it because once you saw that CB sitting on the route Fitzpatrick should have looked it off, and if he had he would have found a wide open CJ Spiller

-Overall did Fitzpatrick have a bad game? No, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a great game either. He made a number of throws he hadn’t been making in weeks past but key mistakes still washed them away. One thing he did a really good job of this week was spraying the ball around to different players

-WR D.Jones the past two weeks looks like he is finally coming on as the #2 WR on this team. The numbers don’t jump off the page but at least he is getting numbers on the page now. He is heading in the right direction and hopefully can keep it going.

-This was not Gilmores best game but that will happen as a rookie and at the hands of one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game in T.Brady

-J.Rogers play has really leveled off and teams are starting to pick on him now that opposing teams favorite CB, A.Williams, is injured. To me I would just insert R.Brooks right into his spot

-The Bills defense while better this time against New England still has a long way to go. The Patriots did nearly anything they wanted to in the first half. In the second half the effort was better overall but still not nearly enough to be able to compete with an elite offense

- I will hand it to them though this is the first time the Bills defense kept an elite TE mostly in check for the most part. They held Gronkowski to 3 for 31 yards with the only blemish being a TD.

-The Bills had a few opportunities for turnovers in this game and most were missed because of dropped INT’s. Lack of turnovers have been an issue for this team all year and they haven’t had one in 3 games

-The defense went 7 of 12 on third downs and again just could not find a way to get off the field

-Chandler really made some nice catches in this game. He still needs to do a better job of being consistent week to week. When he does produce in a game the Bills offense, in general, looks better.

-The stats don’t nearly reflect what a good game DT K.Williams had. He was the only player that was able to get Brady to move off his spot on a regular basis all day.

-If Bills fans are looking for a silver lining they can come away from this game with that despite the penalties and horrendous coaching they went toe to toe with a team that will be playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl in January. I firmly believe this roster is far more talented than it was 3 years ago. It just needs someone to get the most out of the talent.

-I can’t believe I’m even going to mention the word playoffs but it is that time of year. Realistically the Bills have room for one more loss if they want to have a shot at the playoffs. However that one loss cannot come from an AFC opponent.

AFC East
-New England did a good job of keeping Buffalos impact on special teams to a minimum by only allowing 2 returns all day

-Mayo and Spikes were straight enforcers all day in the middle of the Patriots defense. They combined had numerous “wow” hits

-S.Ridley didn’t kill the Bills the way he did the last time they played but he was effective enough to keep the Bills off balance most of the game. I’m not sure if I consider him their RB of the future but he has improved a lot over the coarse of this year

-D.Woodhead is becoming more of a clutch player week after week. He doesn’t put up huge numbers but he continues to make key plays at key times that keep drives going or ends them by scoring.

-I would call this Tannehills worst game to date. He failed to find any type of rhythm and had 3 picks on the day. He is a rookie QB so there are going to be days like this where it’s just going to seem like too much for him.

-The Dolphins just couldn’t get out of their own way on Sunday. You can add a fumble turnover to the 3 picks and numerous times Dolphins were out of place on defense that led to a blowout by the Titans

-The Dolphins could not get anything going on the ground either. They totaled 54 yards and R.Bush not returning to the game after his fumble in the 1st Quarter was a big part of the reason why. Still part of the reason to this lack of production is they fell behind early and they had to abandon the run game

-To put it bluntly the Jets were horrible on Sunday. The only reason Seattle didn’t blank them was due to a fumble TD scored by their defense

-Mark Sanchez was once again horrible but I’m not even sure how much I can blame him anymore considering that he has little talent at the skill positions to make his job even remotely easier. Still he still makes a lot of questionable decisions that once they start just seem to pile up real fast. The pick he threw was an absolutely horrendous pass

-On Tebow, I, like a lot of people, are wondering why on earth the Jets even traded for him. He plays little to no role in the offense, no team in their right mind is game planning to face both of them as the Jets arrogantly kept saying opposing teams would have too time and time again in the offseason, and is the distraction everyone told them he would be. If they don’t put him in this week they may never put him in barring a mandate from the owner himself

-You might see some people say that the defense didn’t show up with Lynch running all over them and the 4 TD’s given up. However what type of performance do you expect when the offense cannot keep a drive going and are consistently put in bad field position?

-The Jets actually had a good day from a pressure standpoint. They kept Wilson uncomfortable for a good part of the game.

-The Jets had real issue with Irvin off the edge. If he didn’t make the play he changed the play.

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