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This is what remains all over the northeastern seaboard after Hurricane Sandy. (Photo: US Presswire)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we here at would like to call upon not only Bills fans, but also all NFL fans to make a donation this week to Red Cross for help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The way we would like to go about doing this is to ask you as a fan during week 12 of the NFL Season (Starting on Thanksgiving, November 22nd through Monday November 26th) to match a dollar to every point your favorite teams scores and donate that amount to charity. For example, if the Buffalo Bills score 20 points against the Indianapolis Colts each of us will be making a donation of $20 to the Red Cross.

As you all know Hurricane Sandy ravished the northeastern seaboard just a couple of weeks ago and many who live there have had their lives turned upside down. The storm’s damage will soon make it the most costly storm in the history of our country and we wanted to do our part this holiday season.

We ask that you not only participate but also help to spread the word among your fellow fans. For example if you are reading this via a Twitter acct please take the time to retweet or tweet this link and ask that your followers participate by using the hashtag ‘#BBDGiveBack’ to pledge their willingness to join us in this effort. This is a chance to help people that are in serious need and show why we believe that the NFL and its fans are second to no other league in this world. No amount is too small and every little bit helps.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and for your participation in this event. Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

To donate please click here.

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