Five Keys To Success – Dolphins

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

First off with the Dolphins coming to town its important to start every post off with a Squish The Fish! The Fish enter 4-5 but appear to be on the upswing while our 3-6 Bills have us already looking towards next April and maybe to a new regime. The Bills need to show the same heart and determination they did last week when they took New England to the wire and the best way to do that is to feature CJ Spiller. It’s Spiller Time!

1.Welcome: With any rookie QB in the NFL the goal is and always should be to put as much pressure on him as possible. The Dolphins have been doing a decent job of countering this by giving Tannehill quick reads and short to intermediate drops. The Bills have to be ready for this and counter it by turning up the pressure and having the CB’s jump routes. The key is to not let Tannehill gain any type of confidence early, get him to thinking a lot more than just reacting

2.Its Spiller Time!: Seriously enough is enough. With Fred Jackson out due to a concussion there is no reason what so ever that Spiller should not get at least 25 touches in this game and that is low-balling it. There is not a S or LB on their roster that can cover him one on one in the passing game and the Bills OL has a good matchup against the Dolphins DL in run blocking. Spiller should be the workhorse in this game and if he turns out not to be Gailey should be fired immediately following the game

3.Jamming: You, in theory anyways, should see the Bills CB’s up on the line of scrimmage jamming the Dolphins WR in this game. The Dolphins passing game is structured around the precise routes and timing. The best way to disrupt this is to jam them at the line of scrimmage, which throws off both the timing and the structure of the routes. When this is done the passing game has a really tough time of getting into any type of rhythm

4.Wake up: C.Wake is by far their best defensive player and to put it bluntly, the guy is a straight beast. A lot of what they do on defense revolves around the havoc Wake creates on nearly every play, especially passes. LT C.Glenn is in for a long day trying to keep him at bay in the passing game. However Wake does have a weakness, he’s avg to below average at best when you run right at him. Glenn may have trouble pass blocking him, but he should have no issue run blocking him and has a clear advantage in this area. The Bills need to run at Wake for a good portion of the game and grind him down. The more you run at him the less effective he becomes overall as a player.

5.Short Memory: The nice part about this being the short week for the Bills is they have a chance to get right back on the field after almost upsetting the Patriots in the last minute this past Sunday. Fitzpatrick and the Bills should have a few favorable matchups that they can exploit versus an average Dolphins secondary. S.Smith is their best CB and S.Johnson is not a very good matchup for him. When they take a break from running Spiller (which they should be doing often) The Bills should spread the Dolphins out and look to attack the depth in Miami’s secondary.

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