Mike’s College Football Extra Points – Week 9 & 10

Terrance Williams has been impressing scouts all year long (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Well we made a mistake last week and thought we had posted Mike’s Extra Points and then today realized we haven’t. So you the reader have two weeks worth of notes, thoughts, and scouting to comb through today while you try and do anything avoid doing actual work on a Friday. Make sure you check out who Mike ranks as the top DT’s in this coming draft and also see his intial thoughts on USC QB Matt Barkley.

Week 10
-Alabama escaped LSU this weekend to keep their ranking at #1 in the BCS. Its going to be interesting to see if Alabama can get out of the SEC with a clean record. Even with one loss they still may have enough of a resume to be ranked 1 or 2

-Oregon has reached the part of their schedule where they are going to start gathering quality wins to be ranked where they should. They beat a USC team that gave them everything they had and are built to knock off Oregon. Still Oregon did what they do and just out ran USC

-I still contend Oregon is the number 1 team in the nation. I have said it since summer that there is not a team in the country that can match their explosiveness. I believe in a head to head they would beat Alabama because Alabama does not have the athletic edge in the skill position players that they usually do against a team like Oregon. Plus despite some of the scores Alabama is putting up they are not built to get into a shoot out with Oregon

-Notre Dame won Saturday but in the eyes of many voters they should not have. They are going to get killed on style points for the game. Outside Oregon, Alabama, or K-State losing or them blowing out USC on the road they will not make a national title appearance. They should make a BCS game though, even if they lose on the road to USC

-I have not been high on K-State all year but I’ll give them credit they continue to roll right along. They still have two tougher than they look games against Baylor and TCU but they should be able to handle both. Then on the final game of the year they have a showdown with Texas, which will be a tough game despite Texas struggles this year. Get out of those games unscathed and into the Big 12 championship game and they have a legit resume to be in the BCS title game

-The QB’s continue to get all the Heisman hype with a small ground swell for Te’o but for me the Heisman front runner should be RB K.Barner from Oregon. He is putting up absurd numbers right now

-I keep seeing Alabama OT DJ Fluker ranked as a first rounder in some spots but I think he is not nearly the pass blocker you need to be to garner that ranking. Devastating run blocker but has real issues with speed and LSU exposed it Saturday night at times

-However Alabama’s Warmack and Jones continue their dominate performance this year and both IOL’s are without a doubt first round talents

-Every time I see LSU DE Mingo play I expect to be wowed but I never am. He’s good player without a doubt but he should have had a better game than he did. He was giving Fluker real fits at times then for no reason just seemed to dial it back a notch

-No player has dropped farther down the board for me then LSU S E.Reid. I had him as a first rounder and now I think he is a late second early third. He has had some real issues with coverage this year

-Florida LB J.Bostic continues to move up draft boards. He has always been a good run stuffer but has also now shored up his pass defense

-Texas A&M DE D.Moore continues to be one of my favorite players for this upcoming draft. He had another good game against Mississippi State. He’s worked his way into the top 10 players in this draft.

-Player that caught my eye: Kiko Alonso, LB, Oregon- When I watch Oregon play, and I watch a lot of Oregon games, Alonso consistently stands out on defense. He takes great angles and is consistently around the ball. Oregon’s offense gets most of the pub but there will be more than a few players on that defense that will make an impact on the NFL level

Top 5’s
3.Kansas State
4.Notre Dame

1.K.Allen, Cal
2.R.Woods, USC
3.D.Hopkins, Clemson
4.T.Williams, Baylor
5.M.Wilson, Washington St
Favorite Sleeper: Q.Patton, Louisiana Tech

Quick Looks
Matt Barkley, QB, USC
-At 6’2 220 he has good size but when you see him I wouldn’t be surprise if he comes in shorter and lighter than those numbers
-Above average but not great arm
-Very good accuracy on short throws but he can get spotty at times in the intermediate
-Piles up numbers but a good amount are due to the skill position players making plays with the ball in their hands
-Good sense in the pocket
-Will not hurt you with his legs
-Very high football IQ, knows and loves the game
-Hard working off the field
-Polished throwing motion
-Keeps a great demeanor on the football field
-He needs to take a few more risk than he does, often takes the safe route instead of taking a chance on the big play.
-Barkley is locked into the first round and will be in a competition to be the first QB off the board in the 2013 NFL draft. The biggest issue with Barkley now is he seems to have leveled off a bit. He was said to have improved arm strength but he really hasn’t shown it this year. Still he has a lot of what you look for in a franchise QB and will be a top 10 pick in the Draft

Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma
-A little shorter than you would like at 5’10 for a S but by no mean a deterrent. He also has a good build at a listed 212
-Very active in run support, attacks downhill and is always around the ball
-Plays well in traffic
-Effective blitzer
-Moves well in traffic
-Good speed
-Fluid Hips
-A lot of starts under his belt at a multitude of positions including LB
-Equally effective at SS or FS
-Can play zone and man at a high level
-Athletic enough to cover RB’s or TE’s, size may be an issue with TE’s on the NFL level
-Great football IQ
-Very instinctive
-He has good tackling tech but sometimes puts it on the back burner to try and make the big hit
-Will be over aggressive at times
-I like Jefferson a lot and have him as the top S on my board. He is great in both the run and the pass. What I like most about Jefferson is the brighter the lights the better he plays which is a key attribute I look for in prospects. He should be a first rounder in the upcoming draft and the first S off the board

Week 9
-Welcome to relevance Notre Dame. Even though it should have been said a lot sooner than after a big win on the road against a top 10 opponent. That may have been the biggest Notre Dame victory in the last decade. They are now in the top 3 and if they run the table it will be really hard to keep them out of the national title game.

-That said the game I still want to see is Alabama and Oregon. No disrespect to K-State and Notre Dame but Oregon and Alabama are the two best teams I have seen this year and no one is close to them.

-I don’t agree with LSU being in the top 5. I still don’t trust their QB play and offense as a whole.

-I have Georgia 5 right now but I really went back and forth between them and Florida. Even with the loss I think Florida should still be ranked ahead of LSU and I still don’t trust Georgia all that much.

-That was a horrific injury to South Carolinas RB M.Lattimore. He was in the middle of putting up good stats on his way to being a top 20 pick. Now this is myself putting the cart WAY before the horse, but if I were him I’d enter the NFL draft if its determined that he will make a full recovery. To me it doesn’t make sense to go back and risk another injury. He has proven when healthy that he can be a very good back and I’m almost willing to bet that some team will take a flier on him, give him a contract, and wait it out to see how the knee pans out.

-The only way Te’o isn’t selected in the top 10 in the 2013 NFL draft is if he goes out and runs a 4.8 in the 40

-Jarvis Jones was all over the field Saturday against Florida. Recording 12 tackles and 4 TFL’s that included 3 sacks. Great game for him

-Saturday night is yet another example of why drafting L.Jones to be your franchise QB is an extremely risky proposition. He’ll look good for stretches but then he and the offense will stall with bad plays or turnovers

-The most impressive player I saw on the field for Oklahoma was S T.Jefferson. The Kid was all over the place making plays in the run game and the pass

-AJ McCarren isn’t flashy but he gets the job. It still looks like 50/50 if he’ll declare

-I’ve mentioned him in previous reports but Clemson WR D.Hopkins doesn’t get nearly the hype that he should be getting. He has first round talent

-Florida Safety J.Evans has a reputation of being a hard-hitting player but I don’t really see his game translating well to the NFL. He makes a good amount of coverage mistakes and far to often goes for the big hit instead of the sound tackle

-A player to keep an eye on in the middle rounds of the upcoming draft is SMU LB T.Reed. When you watch SMU play there is rarely a play where he isn’t making the tackle or around the ball

-After watching them both on Saturday both QB’s Murray (Georgia) and Bray (Tennessee) should return for their senior seasons.

-There is going to be a good battle for first RB off the board in the 2013 draft. I like J.Randle from Oklahoma State but G.Bernard from North Carolina is really going to push him.

-Player that caught my eye: Herman Lathers, LB, Tennessee- He is a little small at 6’0 225 pounds but he played much bigger than that against South Carolina. He seemed to make or be around every play that Tennessee made on defense.

Top 5’s
3.Notre Dame
4.Kansas State

DT’s (4-3)
1.S.Lotulelei, Utah
2.J.Hankins, Ohio State
3.L.Nix, Notre Dame
4.K.Short, Purdue
5.J.Jenkins, Georgia
Favorite Sleeper: Montori Hughes, Tennessee-Martin

NT 3-4
1.S.Lotulelei, Utah
2.J.Hankins, Ohio State
3.L.Nix, Notre Dame
4.J.Jenkins, Georgia
5.K.Geathers, Georgia
Favorite Sleeper: Mister Cobble, Kentucky

Quick Looks
Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor
-Good size at his listed 6’3 205
-Has a lanky but solid build
-His best asset is his straight-line speed
-His best route is just a straight go route
-Uses his body well to shield the defender on slant routes
-Willing to go over the middle but not strong suit
-More fast than Quick
-Slower than you would like cutting
-Ok route runner who relies more on his speed advantage to get open
-Sometimes to much of a body catcher
-Release off the line is avg, most DB’s play off him
-Good hands
-Has a real knack in the red-zone for finding the soft spots in defenses, run a really good fade route
-He had always the number 2 WR in Baylor’s offense and this year he had a chance to show what he could do being the number 1 WR in an offense and so far he is doing well. I would stick a fringe first rounder on him right now and where he goes will have a lot to do with who declares as the WR class this year could be very deep

Chase Thomas, LB, Stanford
-Very good size at 6’4 245
-Very good blitzer, if he doesn’t get the sack he gets the QB to move off his spot
-Makes a lot of big plays, clutch player
-High football IQ
-Plays well down hill
-Needs to improve his coverage skills, does not look comfortable
-Good tackler near the LOS but really is not in open space
-Is really aggressive and this works against him sometimes, over pursues a lot
-Not the sideline to sideline player you want LB’s to be
-I like Thomas but there are some holes in his game that will likely keep him out of the first round. He is likely a 2nd round pick in my opinion and will get more attention from 3-4 teams then he will from 4-3 teams though he can play OLB in either

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